A timecard, in technical terms, is the method of recording and tracking the quantity of productive time employed on each job. According to the extra definition, it is a report or presentation to track and record productive hours of the work done in a week or on a particular project. 

Organizations are more keenly attracted to accurate time measurements manifesting the most integral part of it. Whether a large organization or small business, everyone desires to evaluate how productive and non-productive hours are invested.

Time clocks are estimated to be full of human errors and miscalculations. Streamlining smooth processing of payroll process, documentation, and tracking is critical for payroll audits assurance against legalities.

Managing time and handling can also be a daunting task for the management and sometimes comes with extra ads. A see-saw-like circumstance, a tumble in time management will destroy the balance, while if you add, managing balance will be challenging.

We have a solution for this circumstance, so time punching will not consume a lot of the time and will equally manage on autopilot mode. But let us witness the significance of time cards and metrics related to it for any business.

How Does a Timecard Play a Requisite Role For Businesses?


05 Significant Ones For Your Business

Here are the 05 benefits of the time clock that plays a significant role in businesses and organizations. Some of the factors are;

 Reliable Payroll

Calculation of payroll for the employees manages the betterment of the employee’s compensation. Since its capabilities, the accurate payrolls using time cards cut off the cords of complexity, human failures, or banking concerns. 

Clock in and clock out program provides the payroll schemes to machine itself so restrict the obligation to track and other factors which are the most common reasons of miscalculations;

  • Paid time off 
  • No call, no show absences
  • Shift work 
  • Part-time versus full time

Determine Attendance Issues 

One of the daunting yet troublesome situations for any organization’s management and the employee are the punching of the attendance, which sometimes gets full of errors and complexities.

The Timecard system retains these errors at bay, furnishing comprehensive summaries of the attendance issues such as;

  • Frequently repeated absenteeism 
  • Long breaks
  • Early clock-ins 
  • Late clock out 
  • Unapproved overtime hours 

A time card software streamlines the process manner-wise even for the team members when they are absent and helps the team accordingly.

Hence, an employee timecard can help to restrict attendance concerns that can affect employee assurance.

 Save Time and Money 

Timecard is essential for businesses of all sizes because it will assist save time and money. It will reduce the time and measure the payroll. The time released from the payrolls and others spent on the activities that develop the business bottom line.

Timecards also save the business money. They do this by :

  • Automating collection and calculations 
  • Eliminating errors 
  • Preventing time fraud 

Additionally, it lets retain the need for valuable consumable items to limits.

Real-Time Data About Labor Expenses 

Employee timecard is called the functional approach towards the insights of attendance insights and labor costs. It provides real-time information about the labor costs and tracks the exact ways for the growth of the business. 

With the accurate time clock, analyzing the detailed labor is surprising;

  • The expense of the overtime 
  • Time used to complete a task by the different departments, employees, and positions. It will prevent guessing games and provide tighter control over the production and labor costs.
  • Labor time and cost per hour compared to the norms in the industry. 
  • Production as compared to time spent on the job

Sustains Righteousness Among All Employees

Being fair is a significant business concern even when the employees are not addressing it, they still notice it. If there is a neutral environment in the workplace or businesses and everyone is treated fairly and not prejudiced, productivity will surely increase.

04 Proven Privileges of Cloud Based Time Clock Software for Any Organizations;


Privileges of Cloud Based Time Clock Software for Any Businesses or Organizations

Enhance productivity 

Investing in cloud-based timecard software allows businesses to track and calculate team work hours. It assists in collecting the timecards and enters all the data into the payroll system, which wastes several hours every pay period. 

High quality, cloud-based and integrated time tracking system eases tasks that usually take hours to complete.

Cut the Cords of Human Error


Human errors for both organizations and employees are omnipresent when it arises to clocking in, clocking out, and calculating those numbers for payroll.

Manual tracking the times do have implied errors like typing glitches, math miscalculation, and reading which can mess up with the counts.

Potential clock in and clock out errors can happen in everyday life in organizations and cause much more damage to them, such as; 

  • Neglecting log in 
  • Overlooking log out
  • using the wrong card 
  • Punching substitute

With a timecard, cloud-based software time clock and time management systems can eliminate the time errors and assure no more mistakes with false clock-ins.

Secure the Employee’s Data 

When organizations and businesses entrust with the software-based time clock, it guarantees the security of the data and keeps cyber threats and breaches at bay. A cloud-based program ensures to preserve the sensitive information in a digital format rather than a physically filing cabinet.

All the crucial information needed to process payroll can be stored in one place, chopping off the searching time activities to find it. 

Manage All Remote Work Efficiently

A digital program gives you the ability to manage the remote workforce expeditiously. With the contemporary approaches, management ensures the team member retains the productivity levels and keeps track of the progress remotely.

With countless flooded options for the cloud-based timecard software in the market available to the one of them which serve the purpose is a puzzling circumstance, but among all EmpMonitor, is trusted by several organizations and users with the easy user interface with a centralized location.

EmpMonitor – Manage and Monitor Employee from Distant Locations

EmpMonitor-DashboardEmpMonitor is a cloud-based monitoring software launched in 2014 as an early entrant of employee monitoring that ensures the experience of tracking and monitoring numerous devices with effortlessness.

Assist in providing organizations with complete insights into employee computer working activities, insider breaches and threats, data loss preventions making the workplace secure and sounding. 

Modern Approaches that EmpMonitor serves; 

  • Automated screenshots at regular intervals and records all the activities of the system. Like keylogger recording, browser history, application and website history, and many more. 
  • Blocking insider threats while reviewing, recording, analyzing, alerting before a breach or suspicious activity can turn into an irreversible loss. 
  • Time tracking and automating clock in and clock out features can record exact productive and non-productive hours.
  • Keep all the crucial and recorded data on the cloud to keep the storage at bay and ensure safety and preservation for future solutions.
  • Automate and simplify the process of payroll and billing with clients with simple clicks.

Bonus Point: Free Time Card Calculator


Bonus point: Free time card calculator

The free timecard calculator keeps track of work hours, breaks, and pay daily, weekly, or monthly basis. It allows multiple breaks per day and can auto deduct breaks from total hours worked. 

Enter clock in and clock out for each work period. Put a colon between hours and minutes, but it is not necessary. The calculator apprehends that an entry like 655 means 6:55.

Settings available include;

  • Clock format: 12 hours and 24 hour time 
  • Show or hide Am/Pm,
  • Weeks per pay period: 1, 2, 3, or month
  • Days per workweek 
  • Number of work and break/ lunch period per day 
  • Pay rate per hour 

A free time card calculator can be hassle-free with an easy user interface and an automatic clock in and clock out system. EmpMonitor’s time in and time out feature lets the employee data automatically clocked in as soon as the user administrator gets activated.

Let us witness the EmpMonitor’s time feature in the upcoming section;

▶️ Login to the EmpMonitor dashboard with the respective credentials


▶️ In the timesheet, there are the options from; clock in, clock out, total hours, office, active, productive, and unproductive. The area highlighted depicts the mentioned factors.


▶️ The area highlighted in the black depicts graphical representations, timesheets, screenshots, video screening, website history, application history, and keylogger history.


▶️ On the right side, there is the option to view the insights date-wise and month-wise. For example, today, yesterday, last 07 days, 30 days, current month, last month, and custom range.


EmpMonitor characteristics let track and monitor each productive factor in the detailed insight that eases the working aptitudes in remote work circumstances.

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Timecard: Turn it As An Ace Card for Organizations & Businesses

In this world, with the advancing technologies progressing rapidly than ever, and time arises the most significant resource for the business. Time monitoring and tracking become vital elements for the growth of businesses and organizations.

A more salutary timecard software secures customer payments, maintains the project thoroughly, and sustains the payroll process. However, investing in better and viable cloud-based software improves time management and can assist in business growth and employee satisfaction. Say no paper! Say no to paper wastage! As it’s an environmental crisis, Yes! We all understand and accept it too. Transform the workplace into a digital time tracking solution. Say howdy to EmpMonitor!