Nowadays, one of the major concerns of many organizations is how to keep an eye on employee attendance, work engagement,  and productivity details. And the simple solution to that is by utilizing employee monitoring software.

While talking about employee monitoring, the first thing that comes to mind is surveillance! It is also the reason why employees may feel menaced about their privacy invasion. And that is why some organizations are still skeptical about using employee monitoring services to manage their business.

But in recent years, employee monitoring has become so evident and accepted that it doesn’t shock anyone. Seeing the fact that about 30-40% percent of employees indulge in checking their social media or doing shopping during their working hours. That causes lower productivity in the organization.

In the current world scenario, remote working seems advantageous for both organizations and employees. Remote employee monitoring software is the best solution for the management to ensure organization compliances and productivity standards are in check.

So let’s first know about:-

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What Is Employee Monitoring Software?

Well! A workforce monitoring software is a workplace surveillance system that allows you to gather employees’ work data, like their work engagement, productivity, location, system usage, etc. This software not only allows you to detect the activities of in-premises working employees but also employees who are on hybrid work schedule.


One of the most common reasons why companies are considering investing in employee monitoring is because they want to boost productivity in their business. As we know, there can be many work distractions in the workplace, like using cell phones, social media, and chatty conversations. These distractions may cause lower work engagement and reduce productivity in the organization.

That is the reason you should opt for the best employee monitoring software to surveil the computer activities of employees.

Here are the reasons why you should consider getting reliable employee management software to keep a check on your workforce’s productivity.

Reasons Why You Should Use Employee Monitoring Tool

Even though you may think your employees are actively engaged in their work, that may really not be the case. Based on what we have experienced, most employees are not actively engaged in their work. In comparison, the majority of the workforce tries their bare minimum effort to complete their projects on time since they don’t feel emotionally connected with the organization’s growth.


However, you can change this mentality of employees by utilizing the right workforce management system for your firm. So let’s look at some of the reasons showing why you should consider using employee monitoring software:-


#1. Enhanced Productivity:

It has been noticed that every third employee checks on the phone, social media, and other unproductive websites that are not work-related. While using a workforce monitoring system, managers can block websites that may become a nuance to their workforce productivity.


That’s why the demand for employee surveillance systems has grown by 60% globally since the pandemic. And from various studies, we discovered that by utilizing employee monitoring software, companies have 40% better production rate than those who are not using it.

#2. Real-Time Monitoring

When managing remote employees or a large workforce, it becomes quite crucial to have a constant eye on them to have a clear understanding of their job. After all, you are not paying them for browsing unproductive websites, checking social media, or online streaming using the office Internet.

By implementing the best employee monitoring software, you can quickly investigate every employee’s activities who are working in-office premises or working remotely. It will likewise give them the inclination to put more effort into their work. They would know that their work activities are getting watched by their managers and will force discipline accordingly. That will prompt a better work outcome and higher proficiency.


#3. Detailed Reports

After using the employee monitoring solution for some time, you will start receiving employees’ work engagement, time, and attendance records in your system. Firstly these reports will be served as proof of employees’ work. Secondly, they can be a source of invaluable information about the progress of work, budget, resources, or the workforce.


Moreover, using these reports, you can ensure whether the employees comply with organizational policies or not. It will also help you learn about top performers in your firm. So you can recognize their best efforts and boost their morale by appreciating their work.


#4. Prevent Insider Threats

As we know, that workforce surveillance system enables you to keep track of employee computer activities. So you could be able to know about any of the employees’ questionable behavior and thereby spot any potential red flags in your workforce.


Employee monitoring not only helps you detect unusual employee work behavior, but it can also let you learn about unusual activities like excessive data downloads, unauthorized access attempts, suspicious communication with external parties, etc. One of the best employee monitoring software is EmpMonitor, which has all the essential features that allow employers to observe illicit work behavior committed by employees. It has an alert notification system, which you can set to get triggered on suspicious employee behavior. Whenever someone in your organization executes wrongful actions, the employer or manager receives an alert notification on their dashboard.


EmpMonitor Helps You With Complying Work Ethics

EmpMonitor is a powerful workforce management system that allows employers to monitor employees’ computer activities. It has several features using which employers can know about the real-time work activities of their employees. Whether they are working on ongoing tasks/projects or just passing the time on some unproductive websites, it simply notifies you about any suspicious activities.


Moreover, it can also let you check the work hours of employees.  Its timesheet feature can track the active time, productive time, and idle hours spent by each and every employee during office work hours. Also, it has an intelligent alert base mechanism, where you can create organization compliance rules for employees.

In case, there has been any activity from employees that do not follow the organization’s norms, it automatically triggers the notification to the employers’ system. Employers can check the  risk factors and accordingly take action against employees who don’t abide by the company’s rules. Also, it allows you to check the screenshots of employees’ screens where can pinpoint any suspicious activity.

Along with that, EmpMonitor has also introduced new features- Geo Location Tracker, and Data Loss Prevention in their list, which further ensures the data security threats or any other concerns for employers.


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EmpMontior Geo Location Tracker

EmpMonitor Geo Location Tracker helps you dive deep into employee insight to let you know about the location from where the employee has logged into their system.

EmpMonitor Data Loss Prevention

Under this feature, the employer has the authority to block any unproductive sites from employees’ computers that may harm the productivity of the firm. Moreover, it also notifies you about USB connections inserted by employees. So you can ensure the integrity of your data that is safe.


Wrapping Words:

Employee monitoring software can bring various advantages to business organizations and their respective employees if used with the right approach. All you need to do is to inform and discuss with your organization’s people about the privacy laws.

Also selecting the right software is the fundamental thing that has to be kept in consideration. With the right employee monitoring software, your company, as well as your employees, will get huge benefits.