The very first thing that comes to mind whenever we see or hear about Employee monitoring software is surveillance. Employees were afraid that monitoring their work by managers will invade their privacy. But in recent years, employee monitoring has become so evident and accepted that it doesn’t shock anyone. It is used solely for the purpose of increasing productivity and intensifying the work process.

In earlier times, employee monitoring was limited. Usually, it only involved camera taking care of the place of work. But along with the technological advancement, many tools, and ways emerged, allowing for implementing of advanced tools into daily work. Today it is possible to monitor employees work in various ways such as –

Video surveillance – Keep an eye on employees through cameras in a particular location.

Telephone Tapping – Monitoring employees Internet and phone communication, For example – messages and calls.

Employee monitoring software – Software which tracks and records every single employee activity during working hours.

Keylogger – Recording the keystrokes in the keyboard.

Location Monitoring – Used basically for the employees often changing their location.

Email Monitoring –  Allow employers to keep a check on employees emails.

Today, the most popular is employee monitoring software. It has been used regularly by many companies (big as well as small) & its usage keeps on growing. The monitoring tools not only help to keep an eye on how the employee works but can be further used as an instrument for collecting and analyzing valuable data.

What Are The Benefits Of Employee Monitoring?

People might be queasy in using employee monitoring software. It can make them jittery and troubled, but if it is utilized properly, an entire organization and the employees can extensively take benefit from it.

#1. Enhanced Productivity

Enhanced Productivity

According to statistics, “64% of employees say that they visit non-work related websites every day on the job.  Of these people, 39% spend one hour or less, 29% spend 2 hours, 21% spend 5 hours, and 3% spend 10 hours or more… per day.”

Employee monitoring helps to understand how people work. Employers can keep an eye on every activity of employees and can see where they are investing their time. Also, employers can know the productive and non-productive hours in their company. This software will allow employers to look at where the employees are wasting their time. It will eliminate unproductive activities and get more things done.

#2. Real-Time Monitoring

Real Time Monitoring

When you are operating remote employees or a large team, it is very crucial to have a constant eye on them to have a clear understanding of their job. After all, you are not paying them for surfing the net or watching movies. With great software, you can quickly investigate every employee’s activities, even those who work in the workplace.

It will likewise give them the inclination that their work is seen all the time and will force discipline. This will prompt a better outcome and higher proficiency.

#3. Detailed Reports

Detailed Reports

After you start monitoring employees in real time, you will begin receiving detailed and accurate reports.

Firstly these reports will be served as proof of employees work. Secondly, they can be a source of invaluable information about the progress of work, budget, resources, or the workforce. Moreover, if you work for the government, you will need the reports for the auditing.

#4. Automization


If you select the right software, it will automatically monitor your employees. It will offer a desktop app that quietly and automatically follows employees and records their activities in the background. It does not interrupt your employees’ tasks, and there will be no pop-ups.

How Much Employee Monitoring Is Too Much?

According to a survey performed by the American Management Association (AMA), “75% of those surveyed already monitor employee Website surfing. A majority of this group is also using content proxy systems to block inappropriate surfing. More than 50% review and retain emails, while approximately 30% track keystrokes. And more than 80% of these employers surveyed disclose their monitoring policies and practices to their employees.”

Today at the present age, Employee monitoring has already become a common thing, and now it is becoming even more natural. It is 100% compulsory for many companies, especially if they are government contractors. So what about the legal aspects?

The American government law does not deny or ban employee monitoring. Every state has its own different rules and regulations. All in all, you can monitor your employees, but to a particular limit. Here is what you need to do to do it legitimately –

  • You must inform your employees about the monitoring process. Clearly talk about its implementation, the regulations, and whenever they have any questions or doubts, be available for them.
  • Monitoring of personal items like phones, laptops of your employees must be prohibited.
  • Make sure you update yourself and your company about the law rules so that it does not get intervene. 

Use the right tool that fits well with your business. Some software seems to be sophisticated and may not be appropriate for your organization.

Wrapping Words

Employee monitoring software can bring various advantages to business organizations and its respective employees if used with the right approach. All you need to do is to inform and discuss with your organization people about the privacy laws.

Also selecting the right software is the fundamental thing that has to be kept in consideration. With the right employee monitoring software, your company, as well as your employees, will get huge benefits.


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