The term “employee monitoring” reached new levels of popularity in 2020.

As working from home has become the norm, many businesses are becoming concerned about how much work their workers are actually completing. Employers were stepping up their attempts to monitor employee productivity with PC monitoring software even before Covid-19 dispatched an unprecedented number of workers to work from home.

Interest in monitoring grew — as did concerns from employees.

Some businesses have even questioned themselves whether it is worthwhile to monitor their employees. For the most part, the answer is no – monitoring may undermine trust, impair work satisfaction, and add stress to an already tense environment.

Employee monitoring took center stage, overshadowing the effort to carve off parts of their houses for remote workplaces. So, for both employees and managers who are uncertain about monitoring, let us clear things up and reveal every aspect of monitoring.

What Is Employee Monitoring?

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Employee monitoring is a growing practice where businesses utilize digital technologies to track work, employee performance, and work in progress. To evaluate productivity, check attendance, analyze conduct, guarantee security, and gather proof of hours worked, businesses employ a variety of monitoring techniques. Employee monitoring can take several forms, ranging from evidence of work capture to blatant spying.

Employee monitoring can be tricky. It is not easy to keep track of your employees. You have to maintain a balance between your company’s need to monitor employee behavior and an employee’s right to privacy. Employee monitoring is an empowering approach to increase workforce efficiency, as it offers more visibility into not just when but also how people work, whether your workforce is remote, hybrid, or office-first.

Must have qualities of PC monitoring software


Are you wondering what pc monitoring software to use?

Well! Employee monitoring varies considerably depending on the software used and the sector in which you work. Free Pc monitoring software comes with a variety of features and data.

Let’s have a look at the features you should seek in monitoring software before spending your time and money on it.

Internet & Email Monitoring

These are the two most important aspects of employee work and, as a result, employee monitoring.

We all know how important the internet is for productivity, as long as the utilization is correct and efficient. The goal is to figure out how the team uses the internet and determine if there is any way to enhance it.

Although the use of email has decreased as a result of alternative communication methods, knowing email communication and usage may still help with worker productivity and efficiency.

App usage

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Knowing the URLs your staff visits while on the clock might help onboarding new team members and resolve possible productivity issues.

For example, if an employee spends a lot of time on the internet shopping and fails to react to a colleague in a timely manner, they are most likely not working.

Whether you see team members consistently missing deadlines or failing to communicate, you may examine applications and URLs to see if they are stuck. You may also check whether they lack the necessary tools or training they need to get the job done.

Data safety

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Employee monitoring software captures a lot of data & information, so it must be stored, maintained, encrypted, password-protected, and archived in a secured manner. It is also mandatory to have various degrees of access to monitoring data (e.g. administrator, user, etc.). The best option is to use HIPAA-compliant employee monitoring software. This feature ensures data security in a very genuine way.

Keystroke Logging

Keystroke logging (keylogging) is a contentious employee monitoring technique. Keyloggers record each employee’s keyboard inputs and preserve the data for later review. Keyloggers can be either hardware or software. Businesses can leverage keystroke logging software to keep a track of their employees if there is any mishandling of sensitive company assets.

Some tools let you view the records of employees for one week & even for a month. This feature is a sure-shot way to enhance productivity. And make sure nothing goes wrong with the confidential data of the company. It maintains a professional work environment and maximizes employee productivity.

Time tracking and file tracking

Team members can clock in and out at the press of a button thanks to time monitoring capabilities. They have complete control over when they work and may pause the timer at any point if they need to take a break.

Employees may keep track of how much time they spend working each day. And how long they worked on a project or job, depending on the tool.

It presents employers with a detailed write-up of the tasks. Managers may utilize time tracking data in the future to develop more accurate forecasts and budgets.

Productivity monitoring, not spying

Various tools display aggregate data about how teams work during their office hours, along with a few more details such as how much time a team- spends on specific apps or collaboration trends based on who has accessed shared documents. However, some tools surpass the limits of employees’ privacy.

 Whether it is anonymized or not, the data of what an employee does throughout the day exposes a few privacy concerns. Furthermore, it is easier for employers to use the data in an impractical or unethical manner. Suppose your goal is to increase and sustain high productivity levels among your staff- rather than probe or spy on them. In this case, you must realize that obtrusive monitoring features are ineffective.

Comprehensive reports

One of the most crucial elements of employee tracking software is reports. Detailed reports are suitable and indispensable solutions for any organization regardless of size or industry. They provide a means to track and analyze the performance and overall progress of the employees while identifying areas for improvement and opportunities for growth. 

The goal of comprehensive reports is to present organizations with a critical analysis to guide decision-making and to allow business owners and senior managers the opportunity to examine and resolve any classified issues.

What Are The Benefits Of Monitoring software?

Employee productivity – Real picture

Employee monitoring software provides reports on employee productivity. Pc Monitoring software offers a real picture of employees’ productivity with detailed reports. Monitoring reports depict how employees utilize computers in real-time. This way, instead of having team members tune into a meeting they may or may not need to attend, you can offer them more time to focus on serious work:

Recognize Top performers

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Your best employees, your top performers — remote PC monitoring software can assist you to figure out who they are! You can then recognize high-performing employees as well as provide failing team members with the resources they need to get back on track.

No More Micromanaging 

You will have to continually oversee your staff if you do not have a sound employee monitoring system. Micromanagement may result as a result of this. Instead, you will always know what your employee is up to with a complete employee monitoring system – without succumbing to micromanagement.

Decreases Data Breaches

Insiders are responsible for 58 percent of data loss incidents in the workplace, making insider attacks the most serious cybersecurity concern in that business. Monitoring activity on egress points like USB storage devices and file-sharing websites reduces the likelihood of data breaches.

What Is The Best PC Monitoring Software?

The answer is EmpMonitor!!!

EmpMonitor is a cloud-based employee monitoring solution that lets you track all of your employees’ activities from a single dashboard. You may track every activity of your employees during office hours with the aid of the EmpMonitor. It will assist you in measuring and ensuring that they are meeting the productivity goals.

EmpMonitor is committed to providing intelligently designed employee monitoring tools to help companies manage their workforce. It enables you to efficiently manage all duties in order to lead teams, build enterprises, and increase employee productivity.

Here’s just a brief feature of EmpMonitor.

Time Management

  • Tracking the presence of employees
  • Keep track of your employees’ log-in and log-out times.
  • Enhance your group performance

User Management

  • Manage numerous systems and users efficiently.
  • Centralized network monitoring
  • Deputize your Peers

Get Real-Time Insights

  • Progressively observe what your employees are doing.
  • Office level administration

Manage attendance

  • Log hours from any place (Flexible user-based settings) 
  • Exact work hours 
  • Department insightful participation 

Auto screenshots

  • Take screen captures at regular stretches 
  • Modified monitoring parameters 
  • Ensure Employees keeps focused

Productivity reports

  • Get in-depth reports of employee productivity matrix based on various filters and algorithms.
  • Get an ultimate report on the activities of your employees during working hours and measure their performances accordingly.

Preparing for Success

The finest PC monitoring software will depend on your requirements and specifications. Time tracking, insider threat detection, keystroke logging, stealth mode, GPS tracking, and internet tracking are just a few of the monitoring tools available to business owners.

This is where EmpMonitor can play its card and foster your employee’s productivity. Using employee monitoring software such as EmpMonitor- is the ideal solution for any organization since it strikes the right mix between efficiency and employee privacy.

Why not sign up for EmpMonitor today and start monitoring your employees the right way?