When you work in an organization, productivity is your prime concern to check with your inputs and outputs. It’s necessary to keep an eye on your employees and the work they perform to finish the tasks on time. 

Managing employees and tracking their productivity is quite challenging. So, robust tools are available online which can guide the management to balance the firm’s productivity. Through this software, employers can analyze the worker’s output to work professionally in the future. 

Apart from productivity tracking, employers can even keep a check on maintaining their attendance and time records. There are several reasons for using productivity software

What Is Productivity Software?

Such software assists management in distinguishing between productive and non-productive employees. The software determines the employers to reward the hardworking employees and take strict actions against the non-working ones. 

Let’s have a quick look at them: 

Project Management: 


Projects are one of the most significant aspects of generating more profits for your firm. But, with the help of software, the management can be aware of the projects and progress of the employees. 

Time Tracking:

Every primary concern of the management is to track the time. The administration has to be aware of the time logs of every employee. The software records the log-ins/outs of the people who work in the organization. 

Employee Monitoring:

When the employer cannot be around their staff, productivity software helps the management to keep an eye on the employees. This software is known pretty well for balancing the workload between the employees. 

Moving further, 

We have also found that many managers and organizations deal with choosing the best productivity tracker for managing their staff. As a solution, we have come up with some positive and negative points to consider while selecting the best productivity monitoring software. 

Here we are mentioning some points every employer should keep in mind:

Do’s & Don’ts For Selecting The Best Productivity Software


The Dos:


#1 Cloud Storage: 


The best part about any software is cloud storage. The productivity software you choose should constantly save your work without human interference. With the help of cloud storage, you can access the records whenever you prefer and have a look at them. 

#2 Employee Management:

Keeping an eye on your staff is mandatory to maintain productivity levels in the organization. Managing the employees while they work from the office can be possible. But, when your workers operate remotely, keep in mind to track your employee because it is a must! 

#3 Productivity Software Compatibility: 

The systems and devices of every employee differ. So, keeping the employee habits in mind, the management must consider and should go for software compatible with every device, like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, etc. If you fail to find this feature, skip yourself from the software. 

#4 Time Management: 


The productivity software you choose should have robust features to manage your staff. The time management feature will help the management track every time of the employees. Go for the software that can calculate the time of the workers to balance productivity. They can even examine the total time taken by your employees to finish any task.

EmpMonitor is one of the best time tracking software which helps its users maintain time records of their employees. The software comes up with robust features and makes it worth subscribing to the product. Apart from time management, some other privileges of EmpMonitor are: 

  • It tracks the exact location of your employees via company-issued devices.
  • EmpMonitor automates the payroll processes and billings with the clients.
  • The software tracks and analyzes the websites and application usage by every employee. 
  • It captures the system screen of the employees every second without any notification. 
  • EmpMonitor monitors the chats between employees in your department or outside your team. 

EmpMonitor offers the best pricing plans to its users. Along with this, the software even guides its users to maintain productivity and manage their employees professionally.

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#5 App Collaboration: 

When the software collaborates with different applications, it makes it worthy for the management to choose the particular productivity software. The affiliation for the best productivity trackers can be document sharing, payroll management, etc. Go for software that offers app collaboration. 

#6 Stealth Mode:


Stealth mode helps you to monitor the employees without letting them know about the software. So, make sure the software you choose should have a stealth mode feature. It will work behind the screen, and you can find it in the task manager. But, never forget to inform your employees. 

#7 Insider Threats:

Hundreds of employees work in an organization, and you cannot trust everyone. Many employees ignore the same. So, they should choose software that can examine insider threats and alert the management if there’s any chance of provoking confidentiality. 

Now, moving further, we will discuss the points that most employers ignore while opting for the business productivity software: 



#1 No Objectives:


The most common mistake employers make while opting a productivity software is setting zero objectives. Your goals should be clear when you opt for any employee management software. So, clear your goals and decide whether your requirement is time management, insider threats, etc. 

#2 Features Are Important:

Never focus on the functions of the software more than its features. If you look for any employee management solution, make sure not to avoid the tool if the software offers different functions. The tool features make the software much better instead of its functions.

#3 Free Plans: 

Many employers run for free productivity tracking software. But, they forget that free plans never offer you premium privileges. So, as a solution, the management must try to go for software with premium plans and offer the most exclusive features to you. 

#4 Overtime Calculation: 


Many employers ignore that not every software has the feature of overtime work calculation. The most crucial part is considering your work and overtime of the employees, and the hard work and time of the employee’s matter. Being a responsible employer, choose software that analyzes the extra work hours of the employees. 

#5 Productivity Software Budget:

Budget plays a huge role in your life. When you select productivity software, keep your appropriation in mind. Many management forgets to focus on the pricing plans. Look for software that offers the users a free trial and then get a subscription accordingly. 

#6 Employee Onboarding:

An employee productivity tracking software should have onboarding features that can become an all-in-one tool for the firm. With the help of employee onboarding software, the management can track productivity and onboard any new recruitment smoothly and hassle-free.

#7 Ignoring Free Trials: 


Almost every software offers free trials to its users. But, ignoring the same will lead the management to make wrong decisions when choosing the software. So, go for the software, which suggests a free trial to the users and helps you understand the software mechanism much better. 


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Mesmerizing Words: 

Even though the management cannot keep an eye on their employees 24/7, opting for the most prominent productivity software will help them higher their output. Balancing the productivity levels is significant for every organization. Every management should opt for the most-prominent software to analyze the best employees. 

In such cases, EmpMonitor can be the best business and productivity software to assist the employees and manage every process in the organization professionally and hassle-free.