Work management can be a very challenging task, especially when you are working with a remote team. However, there are several employee management software available in the market using which you can keep the record maintenance of employees in your organisation. 

Employees are the strength of an organisation. And if you are expecting better performance from your employees, then you need to invest in the employee management system which keeps track of the efficiency at your workplace. Having a reliable working employee management system could make a big difference in your workplace. And it would help you to monitor the work productivity of your staff members. 

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What is Employee Management Software?

It is a software which tracks the work performance of your employees. It is a useful tool for the company which is working on the digital platform. Such systems can help you to streamline your work process and also track the time efficiency of your employees. 


Working with such a system not only helps you with monitoring your remote team, but it can help you to save your time and money. While many of the companies still make use of emails and messaging communication for work management. However, the process of manually checking the messages and emails can be a very messy and cumbersome task. 


Instead, it is better to optimize your workforce management system with the best employee monitoring software- i.e. EmpMonitor. 

About EmpMonitor:

EmpMonitor is one of the leading most employee monitoring tools which help you to monitor and track the work progress of your employees in a hassle less way. It has a feature which lets you observe the activities of your employees remotely in an invisible mode. 


Here are shown some of the best qualities of EmpMonitor software:

  • EmpMonitor saves all the collected data into cloud memory without any leakage. This software focuses on providing you with complete visibility to observe the work progress of the employee. That way, you can also make sure to save and secure data without any fizzle. 
  • It also tracks the record of the browsing history of your employees. Which also lets you examine the top web pages and application used by an employee in real-time. By analyzing the work of employees based on their working and not working hours, you can track their potential and performance. 
  • The pricing of EmpMonitor software is quite budget-friendly. It doesn’t put a heavy load on the pocket of the SMEs. It provides an accurate and efficient service with limited budget pricing. 
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Reasons to Opt for The Employee Monitoring Software-

With the above context, you might have understood that using employee management or monitoring software can help you to boost efficiency with quality and time management at your workplace.That way, you can ensure that your team manages the repetitive and administrative tasks without any fiaschi. 


Time Management and Employee Engagement-

Tracking the time that your employees are spending on their tasks, you could be able to manage the activities at your workplace. That way, you could have a clear look at the capabilities of your employees. Based on this, you can optimise the working hours to get the best results for your company. 

For example: 

Suppose that two employees are doing the same job while one of the employees is taking twice the amount of time for the task. In such a case, you can monitor and get an insight into the reasons behind it, using employee monitoring software. 


EmpMonitor has a feature which lets your sneak on the activities of your employee while being in a stealth mode. It takes screenshots of employees’ activities in every 15 seconds, and it also makes a record of every keystroke of your employees’ keyboard. While it’s obvious that measuring employee engagement can’t be up to 100% all the time. Based on the type of tasks, the time of working hours and break hours work engagement of your employees can change. 

While having such information, help you to learn about how your remote team is spending working hours. That way, you can assist them with the best possible action to boost the quality and productivity in their work

Managing Administrative tasks-

Using the best employee monitoring system, you could be able to track the performance of your team in limited working hours. That way, you and your clients could be able to determine the time and budget requirements of tasks. 


Compatibility and Integration With Other Application-

With the integration of several workforce management systems, you could be able to get a better understanding of the functionality in your organisation. Based on the features of different workforce management software, you can implement them in your workplace. 


Benefits of Using Employee Management System-

  • The employee management system allows you to have a better understanding of the workflow of your company. Based on that, you can judge the workload while you can efficiently streamline the tasks to your employees. 
  • In the working organisation, you need to deal with lots of data handling. There is always a possibility of accidents that can make you lose your data. In such a case, the employee management system keeps a record of the data in cloud storage. 
  • Employee management or monitoring system also has the feature which let you check the efficiency of your employees. That way, you can also check their engagement and progress of the work. It would help you to manage tasks in your company more efficiently. 

Types of Employee Management Software To Opt For Your Organisation

Time Management Software:

These are the software which the main feature is to track the working hours of your employees. While it will also let you know the absentees or those who are late for work. As you can track the log-in and log-out time of your employees at your workplace. 

Time Management

Performance Management Software:

To improve the quality and performance of your employees, you need to motivate them by encouraging their contribution. You can make use of the performance management tool to check the work productivity of each of your employees. While you can encourage their efforts and try to enhance their work engagement. 

How to Check the Performance of Your Employees Using EmpMonitor?

Here are shown 10 steps following which you can check the performance of your employees using EmpMonitor –

Step 1:

Log in to EmpMonitor dashboard with your registered Email-id and password. 


Step 2:

On the top of the page, you can check the count of employees working in your company. It also shows you the number of employees working online and those who are offline. 


Step 3:

Just below that section, there is another section which shows the overall productivity of the company. From here, you can check the total productive and non-productive hours of your employees. Alongside, it also shows the total working hours of your company in a week. 

Step 4:

After that, you have the option to check the production of the company which shows you the Top 10 employees based on the work-production per hour in your organisation. From here, you can set the duration (Month/Week), to check the top 10 most productive employees in your company. 

Step 5:

If you have your organisation working in different places, it also has the option to set the location and department for which you want to check productivity. Based on that, you can find the Top 10 working employees of that particular location and department.


Step 6:

Besides that, you have other options-

Location: It shows the production hours of the company, based on the particular location and department.

Active Days: By selecting this option, you can check the working days of the company in a location/department.

Presence: From here, you can track the presence of employees for a particular duration (Month/Week). Based on their respective department/location.

Step 7:

On the left side below the home page option of the dashboard, you have the option of Employee Details. Click on that.


Step 8:

From here, you can check the activities of each of your employees. Online employees will show you in green colour, offline employees will show you in red colour, and employees which show in yellow colours are absentees.


Step 9: 

There, you have the detail option in each employee section. It will show you the information about that employee, and alongside that, you can also check the work activities of that employee.


Step 10: 

Here, you can check the screenshots, top websites visited, top apps used, browsing-history, keystrokes, applications used and log details of that employee.

These are the steps following which you can check the work performance of employees in your company. If you really want to use EmpMonitor to analyse and improve the work-performance of your employees, then why to wait any longer. Just click on the link shown below.


Performance Management Using EmpMonitor


Human Resources Management Software:

To manage a company successfully, you need the effort of many people. Hiring is a process that can be a very hectic job for employers.

In such a case, you need to have a proper HR management system that manages the information about the applicants you are going to hire for your company. You can use onboarding software for small business for this purpose.


Wrapping Words:

It is nearly impossible for any company to check the work progress of their employees manually. In such a case, using the employee management software, you could be able to keep track of the work efficiency and performance of your employees remotely.

What about you? Have you been using an employee management system in your workplace?

If yes, then you can share your experience with us in the comment section shown below.


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