In the words of Sybil F.Stershic (Popular author of the book- Taking Care of the People Who Matter Most: A Guide to Employee-Customer Care), “The way your employees feel, the way your customers will feel. So, if your customers don’t feel needed, then the same goes with your customers”. Hence, all the related aspects of personnel like employee tracking software features play a leading role in the success of every business venture. Thus, never underestimate their importance for your organization in any manner. 

Looking after employee’s performance, productivity, and improvement is the need of the moment for business growth. However, there are pretty limited tactics that able to do these functions profoundly. Earlier, there were some methods to implement employee monitoring, but they were quite tacky in essence. That’s why professionals have been looking for something extraordinary regarding employee monitoring for a very long time. And then Employee tracking software comes into action. 


What’s The Aim Of Employee Monitoring? 

This technological advancement is solely developed to foster the growth of enterprises by tracking the activities of employees in the workplace. Although many times, people perceive it as a spying approach of businesses against employees that’s not true. That’s why the more responsibilities lie on the shoulders of organizations to use employee tracking software features according to bona fide protocols. So that employees don’t feel offended at any point in time. 


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So, are you looking for an employee monitoring software for your company? And don’t have any idea what to expect and look for. Then, this blog is something you shouldn’t ignore. These are some of the features you should check before purchasing any employee tracking software for your business firm. Let’s read them aloud!


1. Keep Your Needs In To Check: 


As a matter of fact, different employee monitoring software offers different functionalities and features. So, you cannot buy any random employee tracking application out of the blue. There should be some plan regarding its purchasing. And the biggest one of them is specificity. The software you wind-up buying must match the requirements of your business. Else, there is no need in spending money on it. Got it!

Now, you may wonder how to do this. 

First, start from the ground necessities of your workplace. It very much depends on the work culture of your company. Do you allow telecommuting in your organization? If yes, then you must look for remote monitoring feature in the software.

If some job profiles of your enterprise involve traveling from one location to another, so there should be a GPS monitoring system in the monitoring tool you’re about to buy. On the other hand, if most of your organization tasks get done on the computer, then you must look for online website tracking and snapshot capturing features.

Extra Dose:- 

You might get intimidated by the vast number of options available in the market regarding employee monitoring tool. So, I want to make it a little easier for you. Hence, I am going to suggest you an all-in-one employee tracking software for your business- Empmonitor. It is no less than an army when it comes to features of employee monitoring. Some of them are

employee-tracking-softwareDetailed Report Management- 

Empmonitor provides 360-degree monitoring of employees’ workflow. It caters you with detailed report sheets analyzing the work activities of your employees. By examining them, you can improve their productivity from the ground level. 

Filter Out The Most Productive day- 

Do you want to know the highest productive days of your company? Then, Empmonitor can help you in a big way. It allows you to access insights about the most fertile days of your firm according to aspects like location and department. You can also grab extra information regarding this topic by adjusting different dates. 

Employees Browser History Tracking-

With this tool, you can also track the employee’s browser history then and there. Also, you can maintain records including all of their visited website address, web page title, and even the number of times the particular web page has accessed by them.

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2. Excellent Integrating Property: 


As we all aware that organizations embody the multiple numbers of applications in their office. Therefore, you should choose a monitoring tool that gets easily integrated with other software without much complex setting errands. It not only saves your money but time as well. Some of the essential systems that should get perfectly integrated with the employee tracking software of your company are tax accounting tools, scheduling software, payment, and accounts payable systems.

Thereupon, you should only purchase an employee monitoring software that possesses great integral functions. Otherwise, later you can come across expenses regarding setting each software of your firm in alignment with the tracking software. 


3. Geofencing Attribute  Is A Must: 


The head of a company should always walk the line when it comes to providing employees freedom and comfort regarding their work. After all, you cannot boss them around after a certain extent. That’s why geofencing is something that provides liberty to employees as well as enhances the growth of your company grandly.  

Basically, geofencing is a process according to which employees can clock-in at their office timing from multiple locations. However, restrict them from doing so, if they are not in one of those locations that lie in the boundary of geofencing. For example, employees of some organization are allowed to work either from their home or office. So, if they are not in either of the two locations at their office time, then they cannot clock in using geofencing. 

Also, if one of your employees are not able to visit the office regularly or prefer to work from some random place like a restaurant or coffee shop, then that place can be geofenced to allow them to clock in at the office time. 


4. Mobile-Compatible Facets: 


No doubt, the craze of mobile phones is growing from the past many years. The use of cellphones is here to stay forever. So, we cannot ignore the mobile-friendly aspect of an employee monitoring software vis-a-vis fostering our businesses exceptionally. Nowadays, the use of tablets has also become quite popular in the workplace. As it provides employees the feature of mobile with the traits of laptops. It’s like a two-in-one phenomenon. 

So, you should purchase an employee monitoring application that works well on mobile devices also. It becomes even more significant when most of your employees travel from one place to another regarding work. 

Besides all this, BYOD (bring your own device) is getting prevalent outrightly these days in various organizations. It makes employees happier as well as somewhat reduces the production costs of small businesses.

Having said that, however, if you want to track your employee’s activities like thoroughly whenever they work from their laptop or mobile phones, then you should have an employee monitoring system that supports all the mobile applications. Unless this whole process can go against your business productivity as well. 


5. User-Friendly Nature: 


It is a gospel truth that not all of your employees are going to be well-versed with aspects of technology like savvy. Right? Some of them might be mediocre when it comes to handling applications and software. So, you should opt for an employee monitoring tool that’s quite simple to use. Hence, employees from a non-technical background can also operate them with normalcy. 

That being said, I am not asking you to compromise with the robustness of the software. Well, not necessarily, a powerful software cannot be easier to use. Most of the businesses that give other competitors, a run for their money always try to develop something handy to use. 

So, if you pick an employee tracking software according to this perspective, then it saves you a lot of time that might get wasted fooling around in teaching employees how to use it. The fundamental motive of an employee monitoring tool is to better the productivity of your workforce, not to reduce it. Right!



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6. Solid Analytical Feature: 


A prevailing employee tracking software is not only the one that monitors the activities of personnel. But, the one which also analyzes what’s right, what’s wrong, and most importantly, how it can be improved. It does not mean that your employees are not doing what they should. Sometimes, employees don’t get successful when it comes to prioritizing their duties. By complete analyses of their work, you can help them out in figuring on which task they should invest their considerable time.

It happens several times that employees invest their time in cracking a single deal. That’s good! But, this might be possible that it wasn’t worth their whole time. Thus, choose software that not only tracks the work performance of your employees but also provides analysis reports, so they can improve it from scratch. 


7. Time Management Characteristics: 


In the way, I have articulated the things above regarding the analysis feature, the same I want to say here. A robust employee monitoring system not only assists the time of employees but also push them to manage it like a professional. 

So, if you choose an employee monitoring system that can provide your workforce with this trait, then trust me, this not only improves their time-management in the workplace but also motivates them to balance their personal life. 

Hence, look around enough to pick the best monitoring tool for your employees. That can offer them everything from integral features to time management in one frame.

These were the top 07 features an employee monitoring software should have. However, these features can change according to the priorities of different business respective of their scale and vision. 

Do you know more features that should include in this blog? If yes, then let me know it in the comment section below. I am waiting for your response. 


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