Time is money, as is widely said in the work-business industry, holds the most honesty in any statement made by man. Work time of the employees is a resource very precious to any organization, no matter its motive. The time taken for an employee to do a task the longer way costs more money and time for the organization and is money wasted.

It is the exact reason why work time management is necessary for an organization. It is required to ensure the optimum utilization of the resources available to the organization. To monitor this utilization and apply any cutbacks, if needed.

Without productive time management, it would be hard to keep track of the small windows of time we waste browsing the web, checking our emails, etc. A Work time tracker helps us be wary about our time and ensures proper utilization to achieve our goals faster.

Work time software is beneficial for employees too. It tells them specifics about the time taken to accomplish a task before they feel burnt out. Employees need to take certain breaks between their work hours, and time management ensures the same for all employees.



Work Time calculator ensures that every task which is in the hands of the organization gets done on time. It enforces discipline and saves money in terms of time. It also reduces stress in the employees’ minds by ensuring that the work gets delivered on time, as per schedule.


Time Tracking: Utilizing Time Properly

Time tracking is crucial for an organization because time is a valuable resource. It is required by employees to make proper use of the time allotted to them and to give their best. Furthermore, a work time tracker provides the employees with the following, highlighted for further evaluation:

  • Any deadlines or appointments missed.
  • Procrastination in completing a task
  • Unnecessary stress points
  • Lack of focus on employees
  • Indiscipline or lack of time punctuation in employees
  • Lack of motivation
  • Burnout in employees

Benefits of Time Tracking

Time, being such a vital resource to any organization, when rightly managed, has numerous benefits in the work-time of employees. It ensures discipline and punctuation and highlights any lack of motivation or focus in the employees. Some other benefits are:

  • Meeting Deadlines: Every organization and its employees work on deadlines. These deadlines serve the purpose of ensuring proper time utilization amongst the employees.
  • No compromise in quality: Time management ensures that the work-time allotted to the employees is enough for the employees to deliver their tasks efficiently. It makes sure that the quality is maintained and there is no compromise.
  • Improvement in Career Opportunities: Time management inculcates discipline in employees that enables them to peak at their workspace by submitting high-quality work within deadlines. It makes them valuable as a worker and improves their reputation in the workplace.
  • Improve Efficiency At Work: Once you understand how to manage time efficiently, employees tend to be more focused and meet deadlines ahead of time.

Work time tracking has numerous benefits when practiced religiously, but tracking time efficiently comes naturally to others. There are a few things to keep in mind when managing work time. They are:

Secrets of Tracking Productive Time Efficiently


  • Prioritizing Tasks: It is vital for an organization or an individual to decide and prioritize the more important tasks and finish them first. It ensures that the more crucial tasks get dealt with first to have more time to relax later.
    1. Scheduling: It would be hard to manage time properly without scheduling all the tasks that need completion. Knowing and writing down what and when exactly something needs accomplishment is crucial. It ensures spending little work time wondering whether or not you forgot something.
    2. Avoid Distractions: Small things like notifications from our social media and friends take up huge chunks of our life. Every one text message turns into a full-blown conversation which is an example of bad time management. Avoiding distractions is vital to manage your work time.
  • Make a habit of saying “No”: Prioritizing yourself, apart from all the prioritization, is key to time management. It is crucial to prioritize your work time from things that waste our time daily.
  • Learn when to multitask: Multitasking often leads to more work time wasted than the time saved. It is because it is easier to focus on one task and finish it before starting another. Knowing when to multitask, and when not to will ensure efficient management of work time.

These secrets might seem simple but are effective when applied in an organization or an individual’s work time management. But when it comes to productivity, is it the same as employees’ work time, or is there something more to it?
Let’s find out!

Work Time vs. Productivity: The Fine Linework-time

Employees are a resource to the organization, as valuable as time. An organization must ensure the productivity of its employees during their working hours. In today’s scenario, they are having a productive time when they deliver the best performance, meet deadlines ahead of time, etc. But does that ensure productivity, or is it just a mere reflection of the hours put in by the employee?

Studies show that employees have unique thresholds and that making an employee work past that threshold means lowering the quality of output provided by them and in the longer run, their mental health and well-being.

Employers must maintain the productivity of their employees during work hours so that they perform in an optimum manner without any compromises to the quality of output. If not taken care of, employees’ productivity may hit rock bottom, and could be even costlier for an organization than to have made preparations for it in the first place.

As a superior or a member of the HR team, you might have perplexed yourself thinking about how to calculate non-productive time that employees use for other miscellaneous activities. Work time trackers come to answer that problem!
Here are some ways employers can boost the productivity of their employees in the workplace:

  • Recognition of achievements: The little achievements made by employees should be acknowledged and celebrated. It ensures steady morale for employees and gives them the motivation to perform better, boosting productivity.
  • Allowing Flexible Work Times: Not everyone is the same, and not everyone is productive during the same hours. As humans, we are all different from one another, and employers should consider the flexibility of work schedules. It ensures maximum productivity by employees by letting them work when they feel the most motivated.
  • Provision of well-tailored employee training: Employers must provide adequate training to employees. Getting them used to the office environment and transitioning them smoothly into their duties is vital for an organization.
  • Limited Micromanagement: Standing over employees and questioning their methods of completing their tasks will only bring the productivity of your employees down to a new low. Instead, managing expectations and requirements ensures that the employees accomplish their work as specified by their superiors.

These methods, however small they might seem, ensure that employees feel productive in their work-time hours. More productivity time makes sure that the resources go towards the training of these employees in the best way possible.

But how do you keep track of the numerous employees in your organization? How do you ensure the proper utilization of your employees’ work-time hours when they are situated far away in a remote location?

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There are numerous employee tracking software packages available online, but the best among them is EmpMonitor. Spend less time analyzing data and drafting reports and more time managing your employees with the best employee work-time tracking software available in the market today!

EmpMonitor: The Solution to Ensuring Productivity Of Your Workspace


EmpMonitor is one of the most effective employee work-time monitoring applications for employers and aims to provide complete A-Z security to protect data confidentiality in your organization. It has built-in features that enable employers to assess high-performing employees and remunerate them accordingly.
It helps an organization to look over how employees spend their work time during office hours. It is possible as it logs all the activities of the employees, including the websites that they have used along with any applications, tracks the keystrokes used by a user, and presents it in the form of descriptive graphs and charts for easy analysis.

From the point of view of the user, it is also easy to install and very user-friendly. It is a one-stop shop for all solutions to monitoring, tracking, and analyzing the performance of employees.

In a case study done by EmpMonitor, one of their clients faced an issue with their employees slacking during working hours. They wanted to know how does the time tracker work and were curious about the other features of EmpMonitor. Concerned about the productivity of their employees, they had to ensure proper utilization of the resources spent on these employees. EmpMonitor provided the client with reports on the productivity of each employee in real-time, enabling them to boost their employees’ morale and cutting off expensive operations which did not provide optimum output.

What does EmpMonitor provide you?

  • Time Management: Crucial to the organization, track and eliminate any time wasted and track the presence of your employees and their activities.
  • Employee Management: Manage different systems and multiple users effectively in a one-stop centralized network monitoring dashboard.
  • Real-Time Information: Keep track of the activities carried out by your remote employees in real-time and manage different levels of departments efficiently.
  • Attendance Management: Take attendance of an entire department easily with EmpMonitor and get automated, ready-made reports for log hours and employee attendance every 30 days.

Any organization must monitor their employees, be it in-house or remotely, especially in these times and with the work-from-home culture. Organizations must be aware of threats in their security and their data and information falling into the wrong hands.

EmpMonitor, when deployed in the systems of the remote employees, will automatically review, record, analyze, block, and even alert any insider threats found for passivity. With the automated screenshots and recording of all the keystrokes and activity of the users, it is easy for organizations to actively track and analyze the performance and the activities performed by their employees working remotely.

Download EmpMonitor from their website to learn more about their pricing and solutions!