Top 11 Intelligent Virtual Assistant Software To Optimize Your Business Productivity

Top 11 Intelligent Virtual Assistant Software To Optimize Your Business Productivity

Today a virtual assistant software is a much-needed requirement for every business. A year before, because of the Covid 19 pandemic, many companies have run down period. And it leads to many of them implementing remote work as the only solution. Now, most organizations have become accustomed to working remotely.

Thanks to the virtual assistant solution, it has become easier to streamline the path towards remote work challenges. It can help you in scheduling appointments, managing tasks, and projects. Also, save the expenditure of time and money. Especially in the current scenario, when most of the companies are working virtually, productivity seems to be the biggest challenge for the business.

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We have looked at the top 15 virtual assistant software and found about what services they provide, their pricing, ease of use, and more.

So, here you go!

Time Management Software-

In the virtual workspace, one of the biggest concerns is how to manage the work time effectively. Nowadays, with remote working options, companies are also employing freelancers who get paid for the hours they work. Even if you ask your employees to send their work time records, you can’t be sure about accuracy. Here, time tracking software comes to play a role. It gives you the ability to track the work hours of your remote workers virtually. This way, even with a virtual workforce, you can be sure of the productive work hours in your business.


Basically, EmpMonitor is one of the best employee monitoring solutions with several workforce management features, including time tracking. It has this timesheet management feature, which allows you to track the overall total work hours (with clock-in and clock-out time), Active hours, productive hours, and ideal hours from every employee’s device.


As a virtual assistant software, you can use EmpMonitor to check:

  • The exact working hours for which your employees are actively productive.
  • There you also have the feature to track time spent on specific tasks and projects.
  • You can view applications and websites on which your employees are working.
  • It automatically analyzes the activity report of each and every employee to calculate overall productivity in your business.

Along with timesheet management, EmpMonitor software provides you with many features like projectivity measurement, screenshots, work engagement, activity monitoring, reporting, behavior monitoring, keystroke logger and many more.

Data Storage & File Sharing-

Another requirement in terms of virtual assistants for the workplace is data storage. While working with a remote team data storage and file-sharing seems to be quite a business concern.

Here are some best VA tools that you can utilize for better data storage and file sharing.

Google Workspace-

Now, the G-Suite has become Google Workspace, one of the most widely used business apps around the world. In fact, it has most of the features, which you might need as a virtual assistant in your workplace. If you are using Google workspace as a professional, it provides you with many features like:

  • It provides access to email and chat options to communicate with the team and exchange information.
  • You can also use its cloud storage to create and share documents and spreadsheets.
  • Launch video meeting with multiple participants depending on the different pricing plans of Google Workspace.
  • Enhance security and management control to ensure your data safety.


With this many features, it is one of the best all in one virtual assistant solutions for your business that you can use to store business data and share docs and files with your team members.


Another popular cloud storage service, which is known for its robust file-sharing capabilities, is Dropbox. Last year on record, there were more than 15 million of its paying users. And it is predicted to be increasing more this year.

Originally started as a cloud storage platform, now it also provides a unique set of tools that can help you to optimize workflow in your business. Along with the storage space, it has a smart sync option that lets you retrieve and recover even deleted data. Of course, its advanced security and easy file sharing options make it the best virtual assistant tool for your business.



Herewith Box service, you can have unlimited storage, with document management and collaboration-like features. Because of its features, this virtual assistant software has been quite popular in both small and big business industries. It also provides security and privacy option to ensure data safety with 256-bit encryption.

Also, this tool complies with regulatory rules like HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority), and FedRAMP (Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program), etc.

Box also allows third party integration with tools like Google Workspace, Salesforce, AWS etc.


Online Meeting Software-

While working with the virtual workforce, it is rare to have face-to-face communication. But it does not mean that you have to restrict your communication through chats and emails only. Nowadays, we have different video conferencing tools, which allow us to communicate and collaborate with team members.

Here we are showing you the list of some of the best video conferencing virtual assistant software:

It is a tool using which you can interact with your virtual team using online meetings. People use it for individual and business purposes as well. The best thing about this tool is that it allows you to schedule your meeting ahead. Anybody in your team can join in the meeting with a single click on the link. lets you create personal meetings and custom rooms that make your conversation secure and uninterrupted. You can use this virtual assistant software on PC and your mobile devices, making it easier for you and your team to connect with each other whenever needed.


Another video conferencing tool is Zoom which became quite popular in the current remote work trend. After the pandemic, this VA software got a huge growth in the number of its users around the globe. It consists of several video conferencing features like webinars, custom rooms, and an enterprise phone system that makes this tool even more amazing. Also, it has advanced security password-protected meeting rooms that make your team meeting private and secure from any third-party interruption.


Another video conferencing virtual assistant software on our list is ZOHO. Basically, it is a project management software, which also provides video conferencing features. It has features like locked meetings, video recording, audio, and video sharing capabilities that make this tool quite favorable for business purposes.


Accounting & Bookkeeping-

One of the most important parts of the business is accounting and bookkeeping. Especially in the current situation, when it is not possible to handle accounting with pen and paper, these kinds of virtual assistant software came with a big help.


In terms of accounting, this is one of the best software used by accountants. Though it has limited features which work quite well with small and medium-sized businesses, it is quite easy to access. And you can use it to track business expenses, generate reports, create invoices, etc. Quickbooks allows you to track your income and regulate your expenses accordingly so that you have more profit at the end.



Another financial virtual assistant software is Wave. Likewise it can help you to track your income and expenses wisely. With better security 256 bit encrypted, it ensures the safety of your financial data and reports. While you can also directly connect it with your bank account to have a smooth transaction process in a safer way.

Project Management-

Last but not least, one of the most important virtual assistant solutions for remote working businesses is project management software. Nowadays, there are software using which it has become easier for employers to monitor the work details of employees. And accordingly, assign them tasks to ensure better productivity.


Asana is a project management solution that allows you to assign and handle tasks  and projects with your team. Moreover, you can use this tool for free up to 15 members in your team. It has this Kanban board feature that allows you to toggle different tasks and provide them with different status based on its completion. It can help you to streamline your work process so that your team could be more efficient in their work.




It is a virtual collaboration tool widely used for planning tasks and projects. Like any other project management solution, it gives you the ability to check ongoing tasks and projects. Here also you have the Kanban board, which you and your team can access. There you can add comments, assign tasks and attach documents that may help you employees in completion of their tasks.

These are some wonderful project management virtual assistant software that are widely used by many employers around the world. While there are also monitoring solutions like EmpMonitor that can help you to inspect the progress of ongoing tasks and projects in your business. It has been evolving as the finest virtual assistant solution in the current remote work trend. In fact, many employers in different industries are considering EmpMonitor. What about you?

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Wrapping Words-

After a thorough investigation of many software and tools in the market, we have brought you here some of the best virtual assistant solutions. Many businesses are utilizing these tools to claim more success for their business even during the pandemic situation. So, have you been ready to implement virtual assistant software in your business, or already using them? If yes, then please share your own experience in the comments section.


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