No matter what company you work in, productivity and proficiency have become a matter of subject. Every employer wishes their team members to work as professionally and freely as possible. Unluckily, it’s tough to understand how your teams are giving effort during the day just by estimation. These times, it’s simple now to check your teams’ efficiency with the support of employee productivity tracking software. 

Now the question arises, what do you understand about employee productivity tracking software? In this blog we will get you all the answers also showing why it’s necessary to your business, and the best software presently accessible in the marketplace.

What Is Productivity Software?

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Productivity software denotes any tool or network that supports you and your employees to improve their productivity, from making files, databases, and presentations to arranging information to enabling easier interaction. Alternatively, it keeps any tool that helps your life a slight or a lot simpler. And the opportunities have extended enormously since the times of modest work running. 

Why should you prefer it?

Here are all the possibilities why you should prefer productivity software.

Having the best productivity software in your business, you can:

Save your time.

Productivity software supports you to save your time in case of both easy and complex assignments. Whether you require arranging information rapidly or making a record with insights, this software can fulfill your objectives faster than your imagination and do the project without any errors. 

Automate assignments

Currently, Campaigns can be automatically introduced into your Google Calendar according to texts you get in your email chatbox. With the help of productivity software, you can get automatic notifications about pending due dates. You can even be capable of sending emails automatically to specific customers and folks at a time.

For instance, fill out the signup form to get instant information. Being able to systematize some complex assignments will support you sustain stability in your plan to make your life stress free.

Gain control over tasks

Productivity software like project management tools permits you to have better expertise over enterprises. You can view a task’s advancement and check your team’s work, in contradiction to allotting projects, modernizing teamwork, and observing how the entirety is becoming organized. It will enable user-friendly management in both the longer and shorter periods. 

Best productivity software



EmpMonitor is software that checks a team’s online activity and gives data on their time consumed on productive and non-productive apps.

The user-friendly dashboards give clear illustrations to help you to identify which members are actively involved with their tasks and who are constantly unfocused.

Real-time management dashboards give numerous profits:

  • Mark and appreciate the productive activity.
  • Re-count real-time employee efficiency, containing the fusion and difficulty of the task employees take over.
  • Control work from home workers based on the same values as their workplace staff.

How business productivity software supports you to fulfill your objectives

Currently, that you’ve got your objectives set systematically and you’re on the right track, it’s the right time to take the help of the right software to achieve your aims. Business and productivity software is what you search for.

Business productivity software permits employers to find intuition in their employees. Managers can find out which project they are currently working on at any specified time. By managing your teams’ productivity, you can mark, remove and stop possible glitches.

What to search for in business productivity software


It’s fascinating to purchase the cheapest-cost business productivity software.

Remember that you will be utilizing the tool for capturing and sharing critical business information. Reliability plays a vital role in choosing the right business and productivity software.

Progressive project management assets

Project management assets are the focus points of top business productivity software. The best software will provide you with complete access to the entire task and permit you to systemize and distribute projects effortlessly.

You should also be capable of visualizing the growth at all times.

Employee productivity checking assets

The correct productivity checking software is the way to improve efficiency. It’s simple to watch employees’ activity physically, but that’s not happening every time with work from home employees. The best business productivity software will help you control your teams wherever they are.

What is employee productivity tracking software?

Productivity tracking software is an application that permits checking and calculating employees` working hours and activity to observe the complete work process and to remove possible mistakes. 

This software is essential when you are physically not capable of checking what your employees are doing throughout the entire office hours and in which the assets are circulating. Employee screen monitoring software will take the data from the computer, like visited online sites, starting and ending hours, etc. It can capture screenshots of the computer and display them to the manager. Generally, productivity tracking software supports display where your employees are stuck when you are not checking them physically.

Productivity monitoring software saves the record of work hours of employees and shows the overall productivity advancement. Measure remote employee productivity checking is a method of getting the exact result of employees’ working hours. 

Top 4 Features Each Employee productivity Tracking Software Should Have

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Live Screenshot Taking

Checking team improvement and plan acquiescence with live screenshots always shows the most reliable process.

Employers can get information about the employee’s screen recording with the help of the top-performing employee productivity checking software by exploring online networks. 

Checking employee’s online activity

Managers always need to access each and everything when their teams open pc throughout their working hours. So, the employee’s online activity checking operation is currently preferred by several business administrations.

With this best feature, managers can check which online sites the employee explored and whether the site is dynamic or noxious. 

Real-time dashboard

A real-time dashboard is a display where you can view everything. A manageable dashboard gains the attention of everyone.

Purchasers will admire the employee productivity checking software when it is simple to view and check everything, including timesheets, manage documents, efficiency graphs, timesheets, etc. Therefore, a real-time dashboard is a top feature.

Data illustration

Though, time checking data can be beneficial in several different conditions. Furthermore, it can be a considerable volume of data, specifically when working on timesheets and several tasks for various employees. 

Whatever timesheet software you utilize on Google doc Sheets, you should be capable of illustrating the critical information. This feature will stop data breakage and leakage, a massive benefit for any business. 

Benefits of Employee productivity checking Software

Check out for Attendance Problems

Checking employee attendance is a crucial segment of employee checking software. Attendance relies on numerous sections: employee leaves, start times, reaching times, time off, break times, etc.

Moreover, time attendance is a crucial part of knowing employee effort.

Controlling unprofessional activity

It is not simple for employers to gather innovative and hardworking employees. Associates of the group may not follow business policies. Therefore, unskilled employees should be marked and terminated before influencing other members. With this method, the organization can pressure unprofessional staff to maintain office decorum.

Identifies and modifies mistakes

Sometimes, employees make mistakes unknowingly, but they don’t always notice it when they do. The manager’s suggestions are often ignored by teams when finishing a task.

Though mistakes are cautious or unplanned, there is a chance business faults can still have severe output.

Managers must keep an eye on teams’ performances to stop fault detection. An error detection program contains sharing notifications, checking employee efficiency, and staying on the project.  

Easy Leave Appeals

To keep a satisfying workflow, you need to track work time and attendance. No employee would want to go from one sector to another to take a leave appeal if they are in an emergency. Employee’s hard work might not be considered. 

Employees’ confidence increases when they can apply for leave requests using timesheet software that helps to check their leave balance and permits them to appeal to log out. 

Employee Efficiency Improving

There’s no doubt that teams miss spending less time and work better when managers observe what they do.

The workplace chat and private assignments won’t disturb them. Meanwhile, one individual can manage hundreds of employees; managers will have no idea where all employees are facing the problem. They can now watch them manually with the help of this software.


Employees consider remote work as a great opportunity, particularly throughout lockdown. But it can be tough to do your responsibilities without the correct supervision. This matter can be explained by employee productivity tracking software. This software will help watch productive hours throughout the office hours, display the drawbacks of the working method and give definite outcomes and assets invested on the assignment. With the support of this tool, your efficiency will increasingly improve.

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