A hybrid remote work schedule is a working model that allows employees to work in the office & work from home. This model will become increasingly popular as lockdowns ease because organizations think about no need for employees to return to a 100% office-based environment. Which will provides employees with flexibility that they have not experienced before. The days of reporting to an office every day are not likely to resume once the pandemic is over.

Knowledge workers have become accustomed to working from home, and the difference in time between the home and office is expected to become the new normal.  If people work remotely, the organization’s culture isn’t going to go away. Your culture is not your office. It’s what you do as a company, how you work together as a team. What you do will not change because you’re working remotely.

Some employers fear their companies will be at a disadvantage if employees continue working remotely while other companies bring their employees back to the office. They also worry their remote employees’ engagement and loyalty will decrease if those employees continue to work away from the office.

What is a Hybrid Work Schedule?

Hybrid Work Schedule

The shift to a hybrid work from the home schedule when the first Covid wave hit all countries was unexpected to the system. Although, this model has its benefits, such as better work-life balance and lack of commute.

A hybrid remote work schedule is a solution that finds the right balance between the two working models. You have the benefits of working from home, but you also have employees working in the office. It’s a win-win solution.

How do I build a Hybrid remote Work schedule Culture?

Organizations may have concerns about maintaining community and culture when they have greater flexibility in the workforce. If the company culture and a sense of shared purpose decrease, it can lead to a loss of productivity.

Therefore, building a culture based on empathy, inclusivity, and trust will be one of the most vital aspects of a hybrid remote work schedule. 

As work has expanded beyond the office, keeping the culture intact will require better thinking. Colleagues need to work to build connections together. Whether they are in an office or virtual, your collaboration solution needs to allow interactions that would occur if people were together in the office.

Organizations can have the best of both when they bring the office and virtual worlds together. Employees can choose where they want to work without missing the personal connections, and team building is beneficial to every company culture.

Benefits of a Hybrid Work from Home

Benefits of a Hybrid Work from Home

A hybrid remote work schedule offers the right balance of comfort & productivity. Your employees spend less time commuting. They also spend less time distracted comings and goings of a crowded workplace. Instead, their time will be more efficient, allowing them to be productive and conveniently attend to non-work tasks when needed. The flexibility of a hybrid remote work schedule model also benefits employees with other outside-of-work responsibilities as they can adapt their work schedule around other duties.

The autonomy that a hybrid remote work schedule for workforce offers better results in job satisfaction. It will be because employees feel valued and that their health and well-being are necessary. It also results in increased engagement and improved communication. 

The final obvious benefit is cost savings as remote working means fewer employees are at the office at one time, which results in savings on office space and utilities.

Here are some hybrid remote work schedule examples with their benefits

Flexible hybrid work model

Employees choose their working hours and location based on their priorities for the day. For example, if they need to spend time focusing on a specific project, they can choose remote working. If they want a sense of community and meet with their team, attend a training session or join a town hall, they can go into the office. Many companies are leveraging this model and offering their employees the option to choose where they work on any given day.


  • It offers flexibility and freedom for individuals to determine where & when they work.
  • Builds a trust-based relationship with employees, which directly increases job satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Expands pool of talent, leading to more diversity. Also, improvement in the bottom line – cost savings on office space and travel time for all employees.

Fixed hybrid work model

The companies set the days and times for employees to work remotely or come to the office. For example, team members go into the office on Mondays and Wednesdays, while others go in on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Or an organization could ask everyone to work from home on pre-determined days every week. Most companies have adopted a fixed hybrid work model.


  • Increases opportunities for in-person collaboration & team building.
  • It gives an employee the option to schedule appointments accordingly and run quick errands on certain days of the week.
  • Provides the ability to forecast office capacity.

Office-first hybrid work model

All Employees are expected to be on-site but have the flexibility to choose a few days a week to work from home. Few companies adopt this type of model where employees work in the office three days a week but have the option to choose two days for working from home.


  • Allows flexibility in individual choice for the employees.
  • It helps to increase community interactions and maintain company culture. 

Remote-first hybrid work model

In this model, All employees work remotely with occasional visits to co-working spaces or the office for collaboration, training, and team building. In this model, the company may not need an office space and instead relies on team members in a similar area to get together when they see fit. Most companies adopted this remote-first model & allowing all employees to work from home. 


  • Increases job satisfaction and productivity for employees who want to work from home.
  • Provides the ability to reduce costs by eliminating office space. 
  • By far, hybrid work from the home schedule is more satisfying for companies and has more benefits adapting this work type of schedule. The help of the right tools for remote tracking of employees will boost your employee productivity and turnover of companies.

The EmpMonitor software offers a variety of solutions for businesses, teams, and individuals, particularly companies, with extended functionality to meet the needs. A list of features that may help the most when you adopt hybrid work from home schedule:

Multiple ways of tracking employee productivity: Timesheets, App history, and Web history based on time. Here are a few points:

  •   Payroll & Attendance management
  •   Absence management
  •   Project & Task management
  •   Reports & Analytics
  •   Customization in user roles & permissions



Increased Productivity

Complete visibility & control over your employees’ computer activities allows you to identify and fix weak points & eliminate dead-time.

Visual Reporting

Intuitive visual reports allow you to extract meaningful insights that you can identify and use right away.

Save Time And Money

Paperless work. EmpMonitor is 100% automated. Spend minimal time setting up and more time actively improving what matters the most for you. 

Stealth Operation

Track employee activities and Productivity on PC remotely from any location in 100% invisible mode.

Data Security

Your data is securely in the cloud for ease of access. Keep your business reports safe with real-time monitoring and integrated screenshots at custom intervals. Prevent data leaks and breaches.

24/7 Support

Questions? The EmpMonitor support team is available 24/7 to lead operations at peak performance.


Hybrid Work Schedule: Hope For The Future

You must be feeling overwhelmed with the idea of developing a hybrid work model. Remember how far you have come already. Think back to March-2020 when the Covid cases were rising worldwide, Employees were panicked over how to stay safe at work, and words like essential workers and lockdowns became everyday vocabulary. You likely had to consider a work-from-home policy.

By selecting the Employee screen Monitoring software, you can increase your productivity and efficiency. Also, help you to make your staff more engaged. Checking the working hours of employees & keeping a record of what they are doing hybrid work schedule during the assigned time will not take much time.

These days, You have got tools like EmpMonitor. Now you know how your team operates both remotely and in-office.

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