Can you remember the day when we abruptly discovered work from home? For most of us, it was the spring morning of 2020. And soon enough, our bosses started bringing online employee time tracking tools into our work. 

I can bet your story correlates with mine. Well! For starters, it was a sudden wave of havoc for me to get monitored all the time. However, I did understand its necessity. 

While we enjoyed working from home, the companies were busy implementing ways for making ‘remote work’ work for everybody. The entire management system was put to the test!

And here comes my boss with her infamous ways. Well! There were a lot of power-cut issues and network disconnections, but she still managed to keep us doing what we were supposed to do.

So, let us unravel her supposed ways of using online employee time tracking software without any hassle.

No time to read? Listen to this podcast and get to know my boss better. Kidding!


This Is How She Implements Online Employee Time Tracking Solution At Its Best

Check How My Boss Uses Online Employee Time Tracking Tool While I Work 1

There are many ways a monitoring tool can help, but nothing beats the touch of a human outlook. And that is where remote work seems to be the best. It allows us to be in a comfortable space in our environment and still be the most productive versions of ourselves.

As much as it requires agile managers, it also requires quality software to bring out the best in us. Most managers like mine use EmpMonitor for an effective online employee internet monitoring solution that leaves no room for malfunction. 

Well! She might be using a monitoring tool, but her fierce observation skills are the ones to get real credit!

So, how about we move ahead and understand the dynamics of a beautiful amalgamation of software & human skills?


Her Ways To Make Monitoring Harmonious For Everybody


If I have observed my manager thoroughly, I can say that she has a very tight schedule. It involves checking over each one of us and reporting to her superior. Making sure we are assigned tasks well in advance, communicating further regarding some more work, and ensuring we deliver it all before time.


However! There are some real challenges, like incorporating communication, mitigating work pressure, enabling ease of work between professionals of different generations, and so on! These human issues require some human attention.

Although an online employee time tracking tool can make management easy for managers, it still cannot do everything. 

So, let us move ahead toward the most awaited section of the blog – Her Harmonious Ways Of Monitoring.

Shall we?


  • Knowing The Best Time To Track For Employees Is Bliss

In my case, we have a fixed working hour schedule, so we tend to be available at our assigned shifts only. However, you might not share my ease of timing. But, still, your manager makes the most of your flexible hours. How? 

Well! I have shared the secret answer already! It is the magic of EmpMonitor – Your own online employee time tracking software.

You can assign shifts to your employees and monitor them only during that period. Or you can allow them to work on their adjustable hours with full-time monitoring configurations. 

Apart from this, EmpMonitor equips you with employee time tracking online features that track your employee’s online behavior. For example, their productive time, neutral time, idle time, and much more!

Every manager requires such online employee time tracking software, which enables them to offer flexibility to their employees.


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  • Establishing Effective Communication Within The Team

Establishing communication is no joke. A good manager knows how to maintain the communication cycle so that every team member remains in a loop. 

We all know that sometimes work pressure creates a big block on teams’ collaborative health. It takes an intuitive manager to illustrate balance within every chaos of work pressure.

Well! Most of the time, improper task distribution also creates an imbalance within the team. And it can occur on any size of the team. Even a qualified manager cannot do much in this case. After all, we are all humans, right? But a project management tool is not. 

That is why my manager uses EmpMonitor! Because it comes with project management features with online employee time tracking solutions. Isn’t it great! Having the same tool for different jobs. 

That is one hell of a thing that makes EmpMonitor a favorite tool for my manager. Well! There are other things also that make her fall flat for this tool. How about we discuss them in the upcoming section?


  • Productively Handling Hybrid & Remote Frameworks

Check How My Boss Uses Online Employee Time Tracking Tool While I Work 2

Ever since the pandemic environment has settled down, every tech firm is tending to a hybrid work model. Even those with strict policies of working from the office are operating in some degree of hybrid mode. 

This shift in corporate culture has made remote and hybrid models a new normal. While tech folks are embracing this new trend, the organizations are coming up with numerous frameworks that support all sorts of work models.

Now it makes perfect sense why my manager chooses EmpMonitor. This online employee time tracking tool fits in the industry ideology and its dynamic trends in every way. 

EmpMonitor comes with software agents for stand-alone & active directory devices for all operating systems and their versions. It means that it has a separate agent to monitor an active-directory system (official devices) and a stand-alone system (personal device of employees). These agents personalize the back-end monitoring and data privacy for the company as well as for employees in a way that matters.

But how? Let us discuss this in the coming section.

  • Guarding Employee Privacy Along With Company’s Data

The online employee time tracking infrastructure runs in the ecosystem that involves collecting data to establish privacy. It seems ironic, but it is what it is. And that is why my boss uses EmpMonitor.

As per my boss, EmpMonitor is the workforce productivity software that fulfills all her administrative privacy demands. It is equipped with features such as geofencing, application-website visitation tracking, time tracking, stealth mode, activity tracking, and more. They sure as hell ensure sound employee observation for the long run.

But there’s a catch! EmpMonitor is more than just about the organization, it is also sensitive to employees’ privacy. 

And if I quote myself as an “employee”, then I find that EmpMonitor’s online employee time tracking solution is sensitive towards my privacy and data security too. It serves everyone with the systematic personalization of Its agents.  

Their secret approach? Here it is! 

This online employee time tracking tool has different agents for different operating systems, the same as for personal devices and official devices. Now it depends on the admin which type of monitoring they require. 

In addition to this, EmpMonitor has come up with shift monitoring, user monitoring, overall computer monitoring, & server monitoring to cater to a diverse pool of demands. 

Amazing, right?

No wonder why my boss confides in EmpMonitor so much!


Wrapping It Up!

“All the characters and events in this story are real, and it has everything to do with my workplace and incident. If it has a resemblance to a person, it will be said to not be a coincidence.”

Jokes apart, I truly think that my workplace is optimized in the presence of EmpMonitor. It allows us to have flexibility in every way we require. For my boss, this online employee time tracking tool helps her to maintain order in a way that she requires. 

So, are you convinced enough? How about you give a hand to EmpMonitor free trial and get to know it yourself

Check How My Boss Uses Online Employee Time Tracking Tool While I Work 3