Don’t you think your business needs an online time tracker? As we know, the traditional way of timekeeping seems no longer practical. And since technology has streamlined the work processes, we can access fast and easy-to-equip online time tracking solutions.

In most companies, management has their hands tied and is already full of workloads where they don’t have enough time to micromanage everything. Instead, they depend on time tracking tools or biometric tracking devices to measure the accurate working hours of their workforce. Still, things like buddy punching and employee time theft are unavoidable, causing more concerns for management and the firm.

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To overcome this issue, many companies are using web-based time tracker tools that enable you to keep track of work time & detect time theft to manage productivity. Discussing the same, here we will discuss why your business needs an online hour tracker.

Increase Employee Engagement Using Timesheet Application-


Have you found that some of your employees spaced out since they have no pressure of upcoming deadlines? Such scenarios happen because employees are not just motivated enough or they don’t understand the urgency of hitting deadlines. And it also causes an extra work burden on other employees to complete the job on time.

By implementing the best time management apps, companies can make their employees responsible for completing their own tasks on time. It helps employees to know about the time limit within which they have to finish their assignments. So they will always be eager to complete tasks or projects assigned to them on time.

Online Time Tracker Helps You Combat Time Theft-


You may not even know that some of your employees might have been neglecting their work while being involved in unproductive activities. People think that a few minutes here & there will not make much difference. However, ignoring such things may encourage the possibility of time theft, which may cause substantial losses to the company. Basis the research conducted by the American Society of employees found that companies lose 20% of what they earn due to employee work negligence and time theft.

That’s the main reason the company invests in high-quality time tracking mechanisms to avoid time theft. In fact,  there are monitoring systems using which employers can keep track of the real-time activities of employees.

Things like extended breaks, accessing social media, or using the phone for a long time are some of the time theft activities that you can easily detect with an online time tracker (like EmpMonitor). However, things like buddy punching are also a possibility. And to avoid that, we recommend you use the biometric-based attendance tracking system. It has a mechanism that records fingerprint or facial scans to track attendance, which can’t be duplicated or forged, and ergo eliminate buddy punching.

To Optimize Work Time Billing Using Work Hours Tracker-


With too much work on the table, sometimes employers even expect their employees to do overtime by giving them enough compensation. However, as an employer, you want to make sure that their payment should be according to their work. For that also, you can use an online time tracker tool that will help you monitor and track overtime work hours and create accurate overtime billings.

Work hour tracker can also be helpful to employers who hire freelancer remote workers, as it can help them to calculate their working hours and manage their billing accordingly.

Accurate Predictions & Benchmarking With Best Timesheet Management App-


Nowadays, companies set their goals within a limited time frame, even before starting to work on projects. That’s because they have an idea about employee productivity and accordingly make their expectation to do all the tasks in a given frame of time. However, such an assumption can be baseless without having actual work records.

For making such predictions, a timesheet application can be good! It can help you know the estimated time required to conclude a task. And suitably, you can predict whether the company’s goals are achievable within a given time frame. Moreover, while comparing the historical work records, companies also discover new achievements and set benchmarks accordingly. That may also help in the growth and development of their workforce.

Online Time tracking Also Helps You Monitor Employee Productivity-

One of the best features of an online time tracker is that it allows you to watch over employees’ productivity. In most companies, management monitors employees’ clock-in and out time to track the total work hours of employees only. However, the next-generation online time tracker tools have evolved and also get productivity details based on the work done by employees.

For example – We have EmpMonitor as the best employee productivity monitoring and online time tracker software. The information collected from the clock-in to clock-out time gets you other details regarding overall productivity, individual employee work time, and productivity details.


Ensure Employees Are Accountable For Their Work-

When employees know that someone is monitoring their work project, they seem to perform more dedicatedly. It shows the sense of accountability in employees, which triggers when employers use time tracking software to evaluate employees’ work.

EmpMonitor has this feature, which allows employees to track their progress on the given project or tasks assigned to them. Using this feature, employees and employers can check the work progress and deadline. To ensure tasks get completed within the time frame.

Time Tracking Also Helps With Cost Cutting-


We have already discussed the time theft issue that costs a lot to many companies. And how time tracking can help you to overcome such challenges. Other than that, it would also help you learn about irregularities and things that would hamper the productivity of your business. With an online time tracker like EmpMonitor, you could learn about all such issues and take immediate measures to reduce costs and increase your income.

Take Away Points-

Most big companies invest relatively well in their surveillance system, which makes them capable enough to measure the productivity of their workforce. Time management is still lacking in mid-size and small companies. What they need is the best time tracker for small businesses that can keep track of productive working hours and the attendance of their workforces.

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If you are looking for the best time management app with affordable pricing, then EmpMonitor will be the best option for you. Whether you are managing an enterprise, a mid-sized company, or even a starter business, this online time tracker tool provides you with suitable pricing plans that you can’t neglect. You may also take its 15 days free trial (where you can add up to 5 employees max) to check the time tracking functionalities and other HR management features.

 So, what are you waiting for, inquire about this tool now!