Built with an instinctive design, EmpMonitor offers perceptive employee time tracking systems for intelligent project handling, proof of work, and budgeting

A data breach opens you up to all sorts of damages

Manage time with accurate time tracking solutions for the workforce

Get to know about your employee activities in real-time. Keep track of their daily tasks so that no task goes
unnoticed with the detailed analysis with timesheets and graphs.

Accurate Project Observation

Set specific tasks for employees, and check regularly, how much time spent doing those tasks. EmpMonitor also helps organizations to make accurate estimates of resource usage for upcoming tasks based on all the accumulated information. The solution helps you see your employee activity in detail, such as keystrokes, cursor movements, etc.

A Lenient Approach to Time Allocation

EmpMonitor offers a simplified way for managers to introduce a time tracker which automatically calculates the time spent on each task. Employees can also see their time breakdown as well to get a better idea about how to improve their productivity.

Eradicate Human Oversight

“To err is Human,” but to eradicate it is EmpMonitor’s job. EmpMonitor runs in the background so employees will never have to get anxious over swapping tasks or managing timers. The solution works smoothly and provides all the details to the employee at all times.

Unaccounted Work?

Employees who are deployed for offline work can easily set a plea for all the time through the “claim time” feature. This allows employees to account for all the lost hours and productivity.

Easily Track Employee Work Hours, Streamline Time Tracking Process, and more.

Empmonitor is designed for efficient and versatile usage across various industries that require tracking time

Education Industry

Given the impact of Covid-19 on education, it has become a necessity for institutes to shift to the online landscape to carry on their work as usual. EmpMonitor helps educational institutes affected by Covid-19 to work without losing productivity. Academic establishments can easily enlist all the tasks of both teaching and non-teaching staff and track the time spent doing them.


Organizations are required to work at a break-neck pace with large enterprises and dynamic environments, where the minutest changes can have a cascading effect. EmpMonitor allows users to accommodate for such changes without affecting their productivity. With such data-rich reporting, it also helps large-scale operations to stay updated with the task of monitoring productivity.

Law and Accounting Firms

Law and accounting companies usually charge their clients based on the time they spend on their cases. You can set up per-hour rates and use them for clients and use them for final billing at the end.

Creative Media Teams

Media teams usually contain multiple employees working on several projects at the same time, which can be tedious to track and account for at times. EmpMonitor allows managers to track the tasks of designers and see how much time they take to finish a certain task. This helps organizations to improve the productivity of their designing teams without interrupting their creative process.

Architecture Companies

Designing is an arduous task, and so is its billing. EmpMonitor offers a customizable solution for Architecture firms where they can monitor working on core designing solutions like AutoCAD, Autodesk, etc. and billing tools.

Incredibly Easy to Install on

Windows All Version,
Server 2003/08/10/12, bit 32-64

Mac 10.8 and Newer

Linux/Ubuntu 16,18,20

Flexible & Compliant Privacy Protection Design

EmpMonitor offers a sophisticated design where your personal data is untouched and only work data is monitored. EmpMonitor is installed in a different administrative user-built for work rather than the one employees use for personal purposes. In addition to that, the solution consistently monitors all the emailing activity to protect the system from phishing and spam attacks, which could lead to important data leaks.

Client’s Testimonials

Ellsworth B. Ambrose

File Review Manager

“EmpMonitor has provided a complete monitoring package for our business, and it really helped us prevent data loss in our business. Thanks to this we have been able to analyze employee behavior to avoid any kind of anomalies in our business. Especially, I find it a great tool for small and medium-sized enterprises like ours.”


Startup Founder

“We have been quite impressed with this software. It has all the mature features that we need to manage our workplace. With an easy-to-use dashboard, it becomes feasible to keep track of the work time and productivity of employees. Thanks to the pre-alert system, which notifies us ahead of time before any mishaps.”

Rita J. Frink

Startup Founder

“After testing out 8 of the best software in the market in a row, I finally found the one that offered robust monitoring along with every feature that one could ever ask for. And when I say every feature, I mean it. EmpMonitor is hands down the best. Period.”

Bradley Helms

“Recently, I purchased and installed the recent version of your software after a recommendation from one of my co-workers, and I am already so impressed with it! Very organized interface, easy operation, and accurate results. I would happily recommend it to everyone.”


“The company has seen considerable benefits in their employee’s productivity by integrating EmpMonitor with other tools in their workplace.”


“EmpMonitor puts an end to data security concerns and helps them to reduce the suspicious activities at their premises.”

James Cooper

Digital Specialist

“Installed and upgraded to the latest version on a friend’s recommendation and found to be most versatile with the systematic interface, easy operation, and accurate results. Would highly recommend it to all business owners.”

Patrick Lambert

Business Manager

“EmpMonitor is a solid employee monitoring and analytics solution that is laser-focused on worker productivity, with attractive pricing and an easy-to-use user interface. This is a valuable tool to keep an eye on during the COVID-19 pandemic and further.”

Jonathan Matthews

Operations Lead

“EmpMonitor has been of great use for us. Our employees have shown higher levels of productivity, and we have been able to keep up to date with tasks. During remote work, our output has not reduced, and our workforce is still as engaging as ever.”

Patrick Buchanan

Staff Manager

“Our firm had some complications regarding the optimization of output. We also wanted a deeper understanding of how our employees are spending time and dividing their work. EmpMonitor not only helped us to access insights into their workings but it also helped our employees to self-evaluate and use better time management practices on their own.”

Amar Singh

Team Lead (Web Design)

“EmpMonitor has provided us with great tools to not only manage but optimize our media designing works. It helped us increase the pace at which we were putting out creatives and videos on a working day.”

Ashis Junanker

Marketing and Advertising

“Impressive functionality! Empmonitor has been really useful with productivity management and ensuring data security in our business. Thanks to this we have found a few work negligence which was fixed right on time before causing any damage. The best employee monitoring option, certainly.”

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