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Actual Working & Idle Hours

URL & App Usage

Productivity Analysis

Website Category Labelling

Timesheet Management

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Skyrocket Productivity by 45%


  • Understand your employees’ computer usage habits.
  • Know the exact working and non-working hours.
  • Understand and rectify what comes in the way of productivity.
  • Introduce fair assessment and better training.

computer tracking software
computer tracking software

Gain Control Over Your Data


  •  Identify and avoid insider threats.
  • Keep your company data protected from hackers.
  • Avoid information breaches and protect intricate info.
  • Eyeball the sharing and usage of files among staff.

Avoid Business Losses


  •  Get accurate insights into team activities.
  • Make better decisions about your time and investment.
  • Dedicate time to projects accordingly.
  • Plan and meet goals by analyzing your data.

computer tracking software
computer tracking software

Be More Organized


  •  Improve upon management and execution of ideas.
  • Micromanage projects and assigned tasks.
  • Lead your team with better insights.
  • Automatically record real-time activities.

There’s An EmpMonitor Solution For Every Industry

EmpMonitor’s ethical and logical approach to helping businesses brings the best solutions. Improve productivity in the modern workplace and manage a high-performing team to smash every upcoming goal.

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Keep a close eye on how your team performs when assigned a task in real-time. Stay updated about their whereabouts and plan their shifts accordingly. Use our productivity tracking tool to record the actual working and non-working hours, manage absentees, track currently working employees, manage pending tasks, meet deadlines, and so much more.
Gain a better perspective and smarter insight into your human resources from a single dashboard. Increase your staff's productivity and individual responsibility. Know what websites and apps they use the most, get regular screenshots of their screen, and many more- EmpMonitor does it all. Know your overall workflow and optimize better results with EmpMonitor.
Manage all of your employees, resources, customer support, and managers, all in one place without any hassle. Assign roles to your team leads, use screenshots for adding accountability in the workplace, and introduce more transparency. Manage different working shifts with an automated timesheet and calculate individual employee overtime as well as idle hours.
Know the upcoming and current tasks of your hired team members, volunteers, managers, and every other person associated with your organization in real-time. Stay updated about your finances and avoid unnecessary expenses. Always rest assured of your sensitive information in the hands of your peers.
Boost your staff's and students' focus and ensure cybersecurity with EmpMonitor. Organize tests and be vigilant without hampering the actual speed of the device. Keep their personal information and exam results in safe hands. Ensure a better online teaching space by monitoring the classes one at a time.
Manage your team members, freelancers, remote staff, and managers- all in one place. Track their working, non-working, idle, and extra working hours. Know the productivity graphs as well as individuals and train them accordingly. Meet deadlines faster and create better project results every time.
Never ever get underpaid for your tasks. Track your work and export the metrics to your clients. Get paid fairly for the time you spend on individual projects. Generate and export timesheets, share screenshots saved in the cloud, and let them assess your productivity graph.

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computer tracking software





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Employee Activity Monitoring

 Data Security + User Behavior Analysis =  EmpMonitor 


Automatic Time Tracking


The app involves automated start and end times of functioning, with no involvement of human error. EmpMonitor starts tracking as soon as a person switches on their PC.


Automated Screenshots


Set timing for automatically capturing your employees’ screens at regular intervals. Know their whereabouts in real time without disturbing their privacy in any way.

web history

Website Labelling

Label the important, non-important, and super important websites, apps, and many more department wise. Understand how your staff spends their time when working.


Productivity Graphs


Get a detailed graphical representation of the productivity of your individual teams, employees, and overall organization. Learn, assess, analyze, and devise better strategies.


Timesheet Management


Record attendance of your staff  manage and automatically  their timesheets in real-time. Track their break time, idle, and working hours without manually noting them down.


Keystrokes in Real-time


Display real-time keystrokes and mouse movements on the user screens. Detect and display your staff’s virtual whereabouts.

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computer tracking software

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