For quite some time, technology has existed to solve the question of how to monitor activities on a computer at your workplace. It’s used by a lot of firms, so you’re probably already familiar with what it is and how it works.

This appears to be a typical employee screen monitoring software definition: a computer programe that can track employees’ activities and tasks, measure how much time they spend on them, and display all of this data and reports in your dashboard so that you can improve employee productivity, optimize project time, and so on. Isn’t that so?

As you may know, the primary capability of computer monitoring software is the ability to pinpoint performance difficulties. However, some platforms offer extra capabilities such as screenshots that you may use to detect performance issues. While we urge you to educate yourself and select the finest employee time tracking system for your purposes, we will limit ourselves to using only the fundamental features for the time being.

Yes, even the most simple screen monitoring software is quite capable.

Various computer monitoring software solutions have risen in popularity in recent years. According to a 2018 survey, 94% use some form of monitoring, up from 42% in 2017! The business is rapidly evolving, and software features range from basic time monitoring to security measures that protect you from both internal and external threats. Given the abundance of employee monitoring software options, it’s worth pausing to consider why this practice became so popular in the first place.

Now that we’ve established why monitoring software is important, let’s look at how to select the best one for your business. These seven factors aren’t as evident as some of the major ones, but they might be just as significant in determining which software to use for employee tracking.


#1 Dashboards and User Interfaces

Employee monitoring may have been used in the first place to save time on tasks like attendance tracking, payroll computations, project overview, and process oversight. As a result, finding yourself with monitoring software you don’t understand may be incredibly annoying.

Ideally, you should spend less than an hour figuring out where each feature of the dashboard is located and what each report represents. Anything else would be a waste of time. So always seek for an easy-to-understand interface that you can utilize right away without having to contact your IT man or tech support. And, of course, if it looks fantastic, that’s just icing on the cake.


#2 Characteristics


When looking for screen monitoring software, there are a few questions to consider:

  • Why are you keeping tabs on your employees?
  • What precisely do you want to keep an eye on?


You won’t know what you need from the staff monitoring software until you’ve answered these questions. When it comes to features, there are a variety of fundamental and sophisticated aspects to consider. Knowing what you require will enable you to eliminate applications with superfluous features. We’ve broken down some of the most common employee screen monitoring software components to make things easier for you.

  • Keeping track of time
  • Tracking of websites and apps
  • Employee monitoring in real time
  • Monitoring productivity
  • Attendance and timing
  • Dashboard for analytics
  • Screenshots

These capabilities are almost universally available in computer screen monitoring software, making them quite straightforward to locate. However, the sophisticated capabilities we highlighted are not available in every programe. Instead of shortlisting tools and then attempting to locate one that fits your needs, we propose making a list of characteristics you want and proceeding from there.


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#3 Login Alternatives

The variety of various login and access choices is another frequently ignored consideration in selecting the finest screen monitoring software. You should, ideally, have a large number of options to pick from.

Two is the magic number. To begin with, having a manager login is almost a given. Every monitoring programe allows you to view all of the data collected by the software, allowing you to monitor progress and make modifications to business operations. Employee login is another feature that the best PC monitoring software should provide, as it will help you foster transparency and encourage staff to attempt to improve their performance.


#4 Pricing


Regardless of whether you have a budget in place or not, you must examine the costs. Most providers provide savings for larger teams, but if you want to modify the product or have an on-premise installation, the price may go up. Once you’ve decided on software, double-check the price of the licence, installation, and support, as well as any other fees that may apply. So, before you pick a solution, be sure you require all of the features for which you are paying.


#5 Better Customer Service

When deciding which personnel monitoring software to use, customer support is frequently overlooked. However, this may be a critical aspect of the user experience. It is critical to be able to seek expert assistance as soon as possible if you have an issue. So seek for computer monitor businesses who include a support center area on their website at the very least. It may save you a lot of time and effort because you can easily discover a solution to numerous difficulties by conducting a simple search.

Furthermore, your employee monitoring software supplier should have an email address that they promptly react to, as well as a phone number or a live chat with real people behind it.


#6 Simplicity


Nobody wants software with a manual the size of a set of Game of Thrones volumes. Everything about screen monitoring should be as straightforward as possible, starting with the setup. Fortunately, most software installed these days only needs a few mouse clicks.

However, after the programe has been installed, you should be able to use it immediately. You should choose PC activity tracking software that is user-friendly and simple to use. User-friendly tools are ones that are exceedingly basic, with a clean, well-organized, and easy-to-navigate design. In a single word, it is intuitive. Furthermore, a user-friendly tool’s most important feature is its dependability. It is for this reason that you must try out a remedy before purchasing it. Unreliable computer monitoring software will constantly crash, wasting your time, money, and patience.


Simplifying It All With EmpMonitor-

There are many free screen monitoring software in the market but do you really think this is enough for your company and your employees?

EmpMonitor allows you to keep a close eye on your employees by collecting regular screenshots of their devices, giving you a list of the most frequently used apps and websites, and graphically assessing the user’s total activity during the day. Even if they start working remotely, make sure they remain productive, diligent, and devoted to their company. It is a powerful cloud-based employee monitoring programe that enables employees to effortlessly measure and improve productivity while also maintaining a safer work environment. EmpMonitor is ideal to monitor for both traditional productivity and remote employee productivity. Although most of the monitoring characteristics are the same, there are a few that can be distinguished.


For better understanding here is how you can use EmpMonitor’s monitoring control features:

  •  Use your login credentials to access your EmpMonitor dashboard.


  •  Go to Settings, then to Monitoring Controls, then to the Create Group Button. A pop-up window will appear.

EmpMonitor Dashboard

  • To proceed, fill in all of the details for the Group name, Roles, Locations, Departments, and Employees, and then click Create Group.
  • You may now personalize all of the monitoring elements to your liking. To do so, simply tap on the settings icon.
  • You’ll find Employee General Settings, Tracking Features, Screenshots, Agent Automatic Update, and Employee Time Tracking.


  • After you’ve completed all of the steps, click the Save button to start monitoring your employees.


Doesn’t this sound super easy!


#7 Installation Ease

The ease with which you can set up a monitoring system might give you a decent idea of how you’ll enjoy it once you’ve got it up and running. This procedure should be simple and straightforward, and it should not need considerable technical expertise. This is particularly true with cloud-based systems.

Some employee monitoring software, such as Empmonitor, even allows you to use an active directory to install the screen monitoring app on all machines at the same time. It is really simple and will save you a significant amount of time.


In Conclusion,

Over the last few years, the use of employee monitoring software has risen. When you think about it, monitoring employee computer use makes sense (as long as you do it ethically). In this situation, there is little doubt that the advantages outweigh the costs.

To summarize, you may put your mind at ease by using screen monitoring software. So, hopefully, this post has helped you detect some of the common methods used by employees to avoid being monitored.