In today’s scenario, remote employee monitoring software is a need for companies. And because more firms are accepting to implement work from home (WFH) policy. It’s the right time that employers distinguish where their employees are spending their time. 

The Software is planned for employers to calculate employees’ efficiency. These tools even contain unique assets, for example, Computer screen screenshots, significant keystroke logging, idle time notifications, and browsing history. 

Businesses use these tools to increase your  productivity at workplace and employee liability, in addition, to keep logical assets 

and diminish accountability. 

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What exactly is Remote Employee Monitoring Software? 

What exactly is Remote Employee Monitoring Software

This software is a category of computer monitoring software made for employee work-performance supervision. 

It is used by companies that wish to raise remote employee’s productivity, detect efficiency blockages, and know-how their remote workforce-management work. Based on Buffer’s 2020 report, 80% of workers do work from home; it means improved interruptions that threaten to go unidentified. 

It automatically disturbs inducement no matter how self-proclaimed you are. The purpose of checking WFH employees is to avoid unprofessional work time when showing employees stability of liability and disruptions.  

What are the benefits of having this software?

1. Accurately Bill Clients 

When employees need to recall the recording of their work time, their manual reporting can cause human errors, and that may cause billing errors.  

It can be challenging for any company’s outcome, but along with your company’s relationship with customers. If a consumer thinks that their invoice does not show the consideration they acquired from your business, a disappointment may arise, which can be the reason that the customer breaks the relationship with you completely.  

However, if a business is taking the help of software with the functionality of time checking, then unbreakable records are there to show how much time an employee invested with a customer. With this data, the buyer will be pleased after displaying that they were payable the correct amount. Your business will save a certain amount of currency because representative hours were noted significantly.

2. Handle Budgets Better 

Sometimes it’s tough to identify how many hours, work, and references will be required to finish an assigned task. An employer can consider those assignments on the top priority list, but customers will require more consideration as compared with a buyer who gets less profit, and this consideration isn’t the preeminent mode to drive about assigning resources.   

With remote workforce management software in position, employers can check how many hours an employee usually invests with an allotted customer and the actions a person does for that customer. This information offers employers a better knowledge of that specific customer’s requirements and permits them to give resources and investment accordingly.

3. Measure Employee Productivity 

Another advantage of checking employees is the facility to calculate the efficiency of their effort. By using this method, employers can view. 

If the potential representatives are being allocated to the right tasks. Such as if a specific employee’s productivity for an assigned assignment is below average. An employee might not be the top choice for that task. It can help employers significantly train that representative or allot a new employee to the new assignment.

4. Manage Feedback 

With managing software put in a position, employers can more effortlessly send the review to staff about their performance. It is an advantage, as several remote workers mention a necessity for feedback from the organization as being among their top priority lists.  

Employee checking software permits employers to give feedback based on particular projects and actions that an employee performed in the field, rather than only inappropriately indicating employees’ workability. 

Keeping this ability allows employers to train those representatives who are not performing up to the expectation level.

5. Check Project Timelines Effectively 

Employers may make a guideline for an assignment before allocating projects. Taking the help of employee managing software, administrators can check the time employees are investing in a particular task and the actions they perform and check if they are lined up with the planned timeline.  

Insights added from this information can influence employers to train employees as necessary to confirm they are showing activeness in their work or maybe planned for an innovative timeline.  

In this way, monitoring will help projects from being postponed because of ineffectiveness during working hours. Seeing remote employees’ actions support employers to know which types of business practices are performing well and which require modification. 

Best assets of remote employee monitoring software 

remote employee monitoring software 

The software gives several abilities, and a few of them are considered as key features that are inserted in most of the computers and a few may take an extra charge or contain a premium package.  

We have mentioned certain key functionalities below that you can think of from maximum managing tools. 

Time Management 

It retains the record of the employee’s punching time on the computer. For instance, if an employee logs in to the  software at 8:00 a.m. and logs out at 4:00 p.m. The tool will check and record that employee’s usual time as eight hours. 

Active hours checking 

Active time records the time throughout a program that somebody is only typing or changing the position of their mouse. This tactic is applied behind logging so that officers or employers can check the employee’s entire active hours.  

For instance, if a WFH worker logs 8 hours on a particular date and he is continuously browsing to an unauthentic website or using their mouse for nearly six hours, the computer screen will check k the whole hours, and what time was measured active time and, in this situation, 75% active time will consider for the eight-hour program. 

Screenshot managing  

The software can be used to manage screenshots of the employee’s computer screen across particular breaks time. It permits a supervisor or employer to view thumbnails of computer displays exposed throughout the work program. By checking these screenshots, employers can ensure that every employee presents during the checking and is their system only planned for work-appropriate projects. 

Project Supervision   

Several managing software is made-up of project supervision capabilities to support record advancement on several projects. However, it is not specified to work as a replacement for trustworthy project management software.  

These innovative features can be undoubtedly useful for groups that are positioned all over some different topographical areas and that require certain project management skills.  

Advanced managing software’s crucial assets 

Advanced assets of several employee managing software packages are usually available through top-quality packages with an extra charge. Its pricing structure offers elasticity that permits the business to raise or reduce serviceability extra hours, as required. 

Social media managing 

This asset gives you access to check the social media pages castoff and the time invested on each social media page as a purpose of entire conferencing hours. 

Email managing 

This asset permits a supervisor to manage email sequences and review email action on each-task basis.

Real-time checking 

With the help of real-time checking, a supervisor or officer can sign a remote employee’s current seminar and lookout screen movement live. 

Keystroke logging 

Keystroke logging is used for keeping the authentic script, information, or data entered into a keyboard. This information can be recovered in the future for analysis. 

What are the significant considerations when choosing WFH managing software? 

So, let’s talk about a few things to watch for when choosing a WFH employee managing software. 


The programs are usually too simple to download and typically have a low learning procedure for employers and managers. Software is not disturbing to the employer’s everyday work, running without interruption in the background after only a fast sign-in for every meeting. 


All WFH employee managing systems have several assets that can be activated or deactivated by the program manager. It creates several integrated programs, so they can be personalized to your company’s requirements, ranging from the most primary programs to the most progressive ones. 


The managing software is unexpectedly low-price, usually costing the each-seat base. Charges can rise based on the stage of checking necessity, but overall, the price structures identify well with the progress in existing assets at advanced levels. Thus, a company doesn’t require spending for features it doesn’t need or is essential and can choose a program that fulfils its necessities. 

Program necessities 

Several managing programs are organized on the cloud storage and permit newly upgraded checking may require fitting in with some additional network functionality inside the business, for example, email.  

Irrespective of your selection, most program needs for connectivity with a terminal or laptop are negligible. Furthermore, most programs are well-matched with Windows, Mac, and Linux. 

Best WFH employee managing software programs 

Here we will explain the best WFH employee managing programs available on the market currently. 



Between the basic WFH employee managing software suppliers, it is a simple, and easily-operated program for those searching for an authentic managing program. It is available in a reasonable price range. It permits the timesheet and screenshot managing, active-hours checking, and team coordination through project managing.  

It runs in the background of the user’s computer without disturbing the employee’s work. Managers have the authority to take the independence of an employee. 

Let’s take an example; permitting or forbidding an employer to remove a screenshot is extremely custom-made. 

EmpMonitor is a cloud-based employee management  software. All your data will be saved in the cloud. No further fussing over storage issues.  Being a Super admin, if you assign someone as Manager or Admin, you can select the IP to eliminate the risk of a data breach or data loss. 

Features of EmpMonitor

Productivity Measurement 

Analyze productivity, effectiveness, and focus with insightful charts for individuals, teams, and the entire organization. 

EmpMonitor’s best graphics and detailed reports will provide you with 360-degree monitoring of your company’s productive workflows. Know the working hours of your Top Ten employee’s location-wise as well as you can filter the date accordingly. At one glance get to know the productive and non-productive hours on the current date from the time of login, and as per your wish, you can adjust the date & see the total production of that time slot. 

Want to know which day was your company’s most productive day? EmpMonitor will help you gain insights about the best working day in your office then you can choose its location, department & yes you can adjust the date too

Screenshots Managing 

Screenshots are captured automatically and will be generated in high quality. You can define the intervals from 15 seconds to as per your needs. You can have screenshot access of 90 days of a particular employee and are customizable. A smart way to keep an eye on your employee every single activity and thereby help you keep your Company’s data safe and secure. 

Browser History Checking 

Now monitor your employees’ web browsing activity, record every single visited website address, web page title, and the number of times the single web page has been visited. 

Top Websites Used 

Now track each URL visited by your employee during work hours as long as the time spent at every single website. At a glance, you can look up to the top 10 websites used in real-time, and you can view the websites which your employee has visited in the past 180 days. This data will help you discover where most productive team members spend their time, where the less productive ones are wasting it. 

Stealth Mode 

It is completely invisible unless you want a user to know. It does not appear in the programs list. It is recognizable by the Task Manager. However, if you download and install the Agent on the user’s device, the browser history will keep that activity. 

Employees do not see the software running. They also couldn’t stop being monitored. 

Keystrokes logger 

Check what your employees are typing. Every keystroke your employee types on the monitored computer is logged. View what is typing and in which program or window it is typed. You can look up to the keystrokes of around 180 days. 

User Logs 

Get detailed insights into your employee’s login and Logout time and their productive and non-productive hours at one place. At one glance you can – 

  • Look up to 7 days of User Logs at one place includes present day 
  • Productive & Non-Productive Hours of the Current day 
  • Total Productive & Non-Productive Hours of last 7 days 

All information is displayed with graphs and charts, which are easy and well-organized at the same time. You can also set a date accordingly. 


Checking your employee’s working hours and keeping a record of what they are doing during the assigned time won’t take much time. Right away Invest in remote user monitoring software to increase your efficiency and help make your staff more engaged.

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