Productivity is very important, and you will easily find productivity hacks everywhere. But, there are some quick ways to improve your employees’ productivity by using different tools (like Timeboxing).

Do you think that the productivity is very less than the amount of time given for that purpose? If yes! Are you looking for some productivity hacks that can help you get things more concentrated toward a particular goal? When it comes to productivity, many companies become less productive compared to the quality of time.

When one searches online hacks to improve productivity, there are so many, but following them is quite complicated. Still, when it comes to looking for the methodologies to ignore productivity seriously, there is some tool that can do the timebox and will do project and time management efficiency through reliable project management software. One of the reliable tools is Empmonitor, which allows performing the tasks efficiently by organizing things.

Freelancers adapt such a reliable method for enhancing productivity in timeboxing, and timebox helps people manage their time efficiently. However, before getting directly into the things for doing project and time management, it is important to know what timeboxing is?

Timebox/timeboxing -what is it?

Timebox/ timeboxing is a very amazing concept because it allows people to use project management software which was popularised after the statement of the billionaire Mr. Elon Musk elaborated about the capabilities of the timeboxing to run his two companies successfully. The person who tries to use the methodologies like these can do project and time management with the help of this software.


So, if you want to complete your tasks on time, then you should adopt this method. This is a very effective methodology to be adapted if within the set frame of time. But, to do this, you need to set goals, time, and other preferences to do the proper evaluations. The timebox uses the project management software, which is not restricted to the use at the companies. Still, if the individuals are trying to do effective time management, they also can utilize the same.


Advantages of timeboxing for project and time management 

If one adopts the method to do the timeboxing with a timebox, one can do the efficiency of the time and the project management tools like Empmonitor. counting on to the other advantages with the use of these kinds of tools are:-


  • Simplified project and time management 

When it comes to time management, timebox always takes the lead as this technique allows one to find out the failed tasks in the calendar compared with the other projects incorporated into them. So when you find out the failed project, you will easily track the average time duration required to complete the tasks on time.

  • Efficient prioritization of tasks 

When you are using the traditional checking out the completed tasks list, it might be a bit complicated to analyze when you have some essential things according to the date. But with the timeboxing/ timebox technique, it is quite more accessible. With this, one can easily use this to prioritize the tasks in a more efficient manner. And, of course! This will enhance productivity with the completion of the emergency tasks regularly as per the requirement for practical projects and time management for the future.

  • Easy tracking of the progress

The completion of the tasks is incomplete. This is because you are unable to track them anytime. This is because when the tracking id one the intelligent project management software does the very helpful favor with the inbuilt software which is readily helpful to its user for the efficient and easy tracking.

  • More motivated performance

When do you think you will perform the task with more motivation? Of course, when you find it worthwhile and when you have the caliber to perform those tasks better. This increased motivation will be helpful to you to evaluate and perform your tasks in a more effective manner. Thus the timeboxing adds the same add-on to the more motivated performance with intelligent analytics and easy tracking. The enhanced motivation is also aided by effective prioritization because it is human nature to postpone things for the future. Still, when there is an effective prioritization, it creates a sense of urgency in the mind of the performer to complete the tasks early; this causes more motivating activity, which ultimately does the practical project and time management. 

  • Enhanced predicting abilities 

When you look at the history of the tasks you have completed, or you have kept delayed, the efficiency of the project and time management improves because once when you track your previous progress and evaluate it concentrated mind, then you will be able to formulate your future strategy much better with the timebox which makes it easier to perform much better in the future. This is because now you must know the time required to complete a task. Thus, the predicting abilities get enhanced with timeboxing, making it easier to use the project management software incorporated in the tools like Empmonitor.

  • Better engagement with the employees

Do you think you will contribute with your full potential if you know that your contribution will not be acknowledged? Of course, it is easier to enhance the employee’s engagement, helping the employees track their performance with timeboxing. This is because this allows the proper mentioning of the tasks that need to be performed by the particular person and makes the employee note their performance. This will make them feel more energized towards completing their tasks and earning more rewards.

Two Varieties of Timeboxes

The first variety of timeboxes is known as “Soft Timeboxes.” And, these apply to those timeboxes which continue the duties till they are finished. Well, it’s a little unsafe, as the responsibilities keep on moving. But, most importantly, it is beneficial for them to use in the beginning, in the time period of thinking optimal for a specific timebox.


And the second variety of timeboxes is “hard timeboxes,” When the time is over, you have to drop the work you are doing, and it is compulsory to take a break and then shift to the next timebox. But here is one disadvantage: this must cause a complaint in your team when they do not finish their work according to the time. But, moreover, the same thing is also an advantage that they can quickly expect to complete their task on time.

Well, if you are looking to set a timebox for your employees, then there are many tools, but I give you the best reference too which is EmpMonitor.This is one of the best tools for the timebox you can choose this, and most importantly, it is best for the business to let’s check

Some points showing how EmpMonitor is best for your business growth: 

Boost Productivity

It will increase your employee’s productivity. With the help of this tool, you can easily get full control and visibility on employees’ computer screens.

Graphical Statements

When using this tool for your business, you can easily get the in-depth details insights in the graphic report and charts, which is simple to understand.

Save Time And Money

This tool is completely automatic, and the best part is there is no need to do any paperwork. Moreover, it has less manual work and very low compliance.

Data Security

Your business data or your employee’s things will be protected and secure with the enhance security features of EmpMonitor. It let you track each and every computer activities on employees end so that you will get to know about any complications and threats. EmpMonitor also has auto alert feature which automatically notifies admin about any activities that may threat data  security.

Efficient time management 

This allows the tracking of the employees and their activities which will be ultimately helpful in spotting the right places where the time is being wasted by them and eliminating the voids. and within the team gets easily optimized.

Better user management features 

This has a highly efficient user management system allowing the users to manage the various systems and centralize the monitoring using the better user management features provided by the Empmonitor.

Effective real-time tracking 

The live tracking features allow the tracking of the activity of a person. This efficiently optimizes the level of the management by refreshing it each time and finding out the activity.

Sometimes for better management of the attendance

Sometimes it is not difficult to track the accuracy of attendance even with the digital model, but this problem also gets resolved with timeboxing. Reports are also getting ready on time.

Automated screenshot capturing 

These features help capture screenshots to have the more precise parameters to do the monitoring in a more customized manner with the generation of the random screenshots. The employees used to stay on track with the help of this feature.

This tool is a completely cloud-based employee monitoring software. All information will be saved on the cloud—no more fussing over storage problems.

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End Words:

These points help you in your business if you use this tool and boost your business growth. And, It will also increase your business and make your overall operation easy. It has very amazing features. Also, it will make your work easier. You can easily get to know all the things about your employees ad you can easily track their things.

So what are your thoughts?  Please mention them in the comments section given below.