In the IT business sector, cybersecurity issues are always a topic of concern, particularly when the employee is working remotely.

Indeed, data theft due to internal and external sources both are growing. And most of the time, small businesses become quite susceptible to such instances.

In fact, a survey reported that 42% of the SME experience cyber breaches once in a year. And every time the losses were quite devastating for them.

One of the main reasons why small businesses are vulnerable to cyber threats is because they don’t prepare and have resources to deal with them.

Which can lead to data theft and can also harm the productivity of the business. In that case, digital forensics can play a vital role in securing the IP and avoid the chances of having data theft in the organization.

Utilizing staff monitoring software like EmpMonitor, cyber forensics’ experts can easily reveal the digital footprints of data threats to their organizations.

Here I have shown basic steps in the computer forensics :


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Investigation of Incident:

To identify any incident regarding data stealing in an organization, experts need to monitor the activities of employees’ computers. Using the real-time monitoring feature of EmpMonitor software, an employer can keep a bird eye on the moment of their remote working employees. And try to find out whether there have been any suspicious activities going on in the organization. While monitoring the details, experts can take action to avoid data breaching issues.


Preservation of Data:

After learning about the probable signs and evidence of data extrusion, the company should take immediate action to preserve the confidential data. And make sure that only authorized individuals are having access to the classified information regarding the business. Besides, the copy of the collected evidence and digital trails should also get preserved. So that the convict would get caught red-handedly and won’t be causing any breaches.

Analyzing The Evidence:

In the whole investigation process, analyzing the evidence is the most critical part. Forensics practitioners will check and study the digital footprints against the suspects. And take necessary actions for their business so that in the future, there won’t be any data breaching issues in their organization.


Reporting To Management:

In this process, the findings from the investigation will get reported to the stakeholders. And according to the complication of the case, it can also be presentable to law firms. The reported evidence should verify how the convict has caused the cybercrime that can negatively inflict the business productivity.

How EmpMonitor Can Help You To Investigate Data Theft?

When a digital forensics expert investigates the online operation of a business, they need to find real-time evidence against the convict. So, they can prove the guilt of the suspect. To accumulate digital trails, they need monitoring software, which can track the suspicious activities of employees. And filter out the convict, who is damaging the prolificity of the organization. Considering that, EmpMonitor has all the essential monitoring features that can help you to investigate data theft issues in your business.

Here we have shown some of the essential monitoring features of EmpMonitor software that can help you to investigate data theft in your organization.

Real-Time Monitoring:

EmpMonitor software allows the employer to keep a birds-eye on the online computer activities of every staffer. It tracks the visited websites and applications used by employees in real-time. So the management can easily learn about the suspicious acts of employees. And accumulate the evidence to contempt the one who finds out to be guilty.


Online Time Tracker:

Using the online time tracking feature of EmpMonitor, management can check and intact the productivity of the company. However, they can also utilize it to investigate cybercrime activities. As it helps the investigator to find the once who were active during the incident. That way, they can filter out the staffers who were having their online presence during the criminal incident. By analyzing the situation, experts can take preventive steps for their business. And also, restrict the possibility of any suspicious action.


Screenshot Recorder:

Other than accessing the online footprint of employees’ activities, EmpMonitor also captures screenshots of employees’ computer activities automatically. Based on the date and the time of the incident, it can filter out the captured screenshots of every employee’s computer. Using this feature, forensics practitioners can check and verify the users, who have access to confidential data. And also find the criminal who is misusing the data of the organization against the rules and policies of the company.


Centralized Database With Backup options:

EmpMonitor gives you the centralized admin panel, using which you can access all the online activities happening in the different departments of your organization. All the collected reports get stored in the cloud memory, which can only be accessible by authorized people only. To investigate the cyber incidents, admin can download the collected information of the database and create the backup of important details. By accessing that details, forensics experts can analyze the evidence to find the real culprit of the cyber incident. And take the best possible measures to secure the business data of the company.

centralized data base

Stealth Mode Monitoring:

Using this software, management can track all insider threats while being in invisible mode. Users can’t be able to know that management is monitoring their online computer activities. As the task manager of the system won’t show the software running status on the screen. In case of any suspicious activity, the management can track the incident without giving any hint and track the real-time data to find the accused person in the organization.


Importance Of Computer Forensics Evidence

Nowadays, monitoring has become an essential part of the industry. And it can be seen that cyber threats due to internal data theft have also grown. Due to the pandemic COVID 19, companies are looking for remote working options. While it also enhances the vulnerabilities of cyber crimes and insider threats for them. As an owner of a business, if you want to prevent your business from such incidents, then having forensics evidence gives you the upper hand to take action against the wrongdoers.

Most of the companies are doing their business digitally, which is quite susceptible to security breaches. Every year companies spend a lot to avoid such instances in their firm. Still, such incidents are happening since employers aren’t ready to face them. Although some of the organizations are implying online monitoring and data encryption tools to ensure data security in their business. Monitoring the activities of employees can help you to learn about the instance, which can cause data breaching issues in your organization. Though if you want to do further investigation of the incident, you need to approach data forensics practices.

If you want to approach data forensics for your business, you have two options. Either you can hire the professionals to investigate the cyber issues in your organization. Or you can also depend on the best monitoring software that can help you to remotely investigate the cyber incidents.

Professional Digital Forensics Experts:

There are experts and online vendors who provide their services to offer computer forensics services on demand. Though you can also hire a small team of in-house IT experts to manage the investigations in your organization. But if you are in a complicated situation, hiring a professional cyber forensics expert can be the best option for your business. They can surely analyze the situation and will suggest the best possible way to deal with the online security threats in your organization.


Implement Tech Tools:

In the market, there are various monitoring and investigating tools using which cyber experts can easily comb out the employees’ information. And track those who found to be doing suspicious activities. With the options available like screenshot monitoring, keystrokes, document tracking, analyzing features, management can investigate the dubious activities of employees. Besides, even if an employee makes unintentional mistakes and falls for the phishing traps of cyber attackers. The management can take care of such trails and block those domains, which can hurt the productivity of their business.

EmpMonitor is monitoring software that has all the features that can let you examine the cybersecurity issues in your organization. So if you are looking for a monitoring solution to keep the trails of insider threats in your organization, EmpMonitor software can be the best option for you.

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The role of data forensics and online monitoring software is essential to improve cybersecurity in your organization. While you can deploy tools like EmpMonitor, which can help you to keep a sharp eye on the activities of staffers. There you can learn about any suspicious activities happening in your organization. While you can implement proactive investigation of cyber threats in your organization.

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