Employee Time tracking is not just for enhancing the productivity of the business, but it helps employees to improve their skills. So, you can say that it’s a win-win condition for both employee and employer. However, if you see, in general, employees won’t prefer to fill their timesheets. In a survey, we found that employees would like to have flexible work time in their job. That is the reason why it is the biggest challenge for employers to manage the work hours of the staffers.

According to a Harvard Business Review, untracked work hours is making the US economy lose around $7.4 billion per day. Considering that, every minute in work is accountable to bring more value to the business.

In case you want to make your staffers believe that employee time tracking is not only about increasing business productivity. But it can also help them, to enhance their professional skills, then you must check the points shown in this article.

What’s The Need Of Employee Time Tracking?

Employee time tracking has become a need for the business, as it can help employers to track the real-time work engagement in their company. You can also say that it is a productivity tracker, which can help you with managing, benchmarking, budgeting, and compliance in your business. It can help you to create a better workflow to gain better productivity. All the more, you can also adopt remote working to reduce the cost of renting a physical workspace, electricity bill, maintenance, and other official expenses. Also, using a productivity tracker, you can create accountability to reward those who put better performance for the growth of the business.


Here I have shown the steps following which you can motivate employees time tracking in your company.

Show Them The Benefit Of Time Tracking:

Just let your employees know that implementing time tracking you want to bring out their potential to gain more business productivity. By explaining the importance of time management, you need to build trust with your employees. So they would bring out their utmost efforts for the growth of the business. And when you are doing business, having trustful employees by your side can help you to manage and complete ongoing projects and tasks on time.

Remember, by sharing views with employees, you could enhance the transparency in your organization. That could really help you to win the faith of employees and bring better business production in your company.

Implement Flexible Work Hours Round The Clock:

One of the main reasons why employees don’t want to fill in the timesheet because they prefer flexible work hours or remote working jobs. Although in such a case, it would be difficult for the management to track the work hours of employees’ productivity round the clock. If you want to allow mobility in your business, then you should implement the best employee time tracker like EmpMonitor. This software can help you to manage the productive work hours of your staffers accurately even when employees have a flexible work-time schedule round the clock.

Automated Time & Productivity Tracker:

When a staffer is working on various projects, then manually fixing the employee time clock would be too much of a task. Instead, it is better to opt for an automated time and productivity tracker like EmpMonitor. That can track the different applications and websites on which the employee is working concurrently.

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EmpMonitor has a feature that can automatically enlist the top websites and applications on which an employee is working. And all the information would be arranged based on the timely internet activities of the employee’s computer.

Give Proper Guidelines To Follow:

When tracking employee time clock, make sure they follow the guidelines of your company. Even though many employees want to work on flexible schedule hours, it could be difficult for them to manage their work without proper guidance. In order to achieve productive results for your business, you need to give clear instructions to your staffers. So that they won’t be wasting their time thinking about the work before doing anything. And also, make sure to maintain proper communication with your team. That will make it easier for you to manage the work productivity in your organization efficiently.

Set An Example For Your Team:

Being a leader, you should set an example for your team by implying time tracking on your own work. It would help you to bring the main drive force to encourage other employees in your firm. If management tracks their own productivity time, it would also give a strong signal to staffers. And that would develop a sense of responsibility in every employee of the organization.

the best employee time tracking Software

In general, employees follow the trails of their team leaders. If your leader takes the time tracking seriously, then the other employees working under that leader would also influence.

Help Your Employees To Set Up:

With EmpMonitor, you can easily set-up employee time tracking in your organization. It can help you to track the productive work hours of every employee. Though you need to make sure that your employees’ PC/Laptop should be compatible with the software’s installation requirements. If you face any difficulties while installing the agent in the employees’ system, then you can contact our support team. And they will help you out with any software related issues during the installation process. For more information, you should check the knowledge base section of EmpMonitor software.

Publicly Share The Report:

Being an employer, you should try to motivate your staffers so that they can be more productive. By publicly sharing the information about top productive employees and rewarding them, you can also encourage other staffers to put their best efforts. It will help them to enhance their professional skills that could bring more productivity to your business. However, while doing so, remember that it is not for finding the errors of employees, but you need to promote their good points. That way, you can build trust in your organization. And it will help you and your employees to bring potential growth for the company.

Take Feedback From Employees:

Employees’ Feedback and suggestions can help you to understand their necessities, especially when they are working remotely. Although you can manage the work using the employee monitoring software – EmpMonitor. But when it comes to the problematic situation for organization, then you need to have proper communication with your employees. So that you and your employees can make a contribution together as a whole team. With more people, you have more brains to deal with any dire situation and achieve success for your business.

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Reward For Great Efforts:

By rewarding the best productive staffers of your company, you could also encourage other staffers to give their best for business. In terms of psychology, by rewarding someone, you can expect to see positive behavioral changes. Since people have the mindset to look for things, which can benefit them. If your employees believe that being more productive in business can also help them to grow their income. Then they would surely try to put their best efforts for the growth of the business.

For example: Suppose you are using EmpMonitor to track the employees’ work time productivity. It has a feature, which lets you track the top ten employees who are most productive. You can reward the best performing employees. And it will also help you to motivate other employees to improve their productivity for the growth of the company.

Prevent Employee Burnout:

Utilizing the remote time tracking ability of EmpMonitor software, you can rebate a flexible work hour schedule for your employees. It will help them to reduce their work pressure and stress so that employees could maintain a proper work-life balance.


Employee Burnout

One of the main reasons why some organizations can’t retain the best performing employees is due to employee burnouts. However, with EmpMonitor employee time tracking software, you can remotely monitor and manage the work activities of employees. And employees can also work freely from their homes.

For example: Using the EmpMonitor, you can track the weekly productive hours of employees. If you see that there is more burden on some of your employees, working for more than 40 hours in a week. Then you can intervene and reduce the extra workload on their shoulders.


These are some of the steps which you can implement to motivate your employees about time tracking. Though there might be some resistance, which you have to deal so that you can expect production growth for your organization. I really hope that the above-shown point could help you to adopt employee time tracking in your organization. And if there is any trouble, you can mention them in the comments section given below. That way, you and your team can bring out the solution, which is in the best interest of the growth of your employees and business productivity both.

So, have you been ready to harvest better production using an employee time tracker in your business? If yes, then please share your experience with us in the comment section given below.

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