Although there are several advantages of working remotely, handling telecommuting workers faces particular challenges. Creating faith, transparent collaboration, and the interactions required for productive working partnerships require different approaches and resources to succeed.

The new world is evolving quickly, and with that, the job as boss. Teams spread across the world, or even around the globe, become the current standard industry, with about 70 percent, of the global workforce telecommuting at least once a week.

Improved work-life balance, diversifying the job pool, or reducing payroll expenses, workers are gradually entering a virtual workplace to move and pump up efficiency.

In this phase, remote team management seems to be a bit difficult, but you must push towards keeping your employees engaged. Also, you must focus on motivating your employees even though they are working remotely. But How?

Here are 08 excellent steps which you can follow to understand and make your remote team feel motivated always –

Use video calls for meetings instead of phone calls.


Remote work entails far greater pressure for team leaders: they will continually consider opportunities to keep remote workers engaged, connect efficiently, and calculate efficiency, typically with a limit of one interaction a day. 

The second best way to interact with workers after meeting in person is through video-call, since most information is actually conveyed via body language. If an employee is frustrated or uninspired, it would be simpler to recognize over a video call than by a phone call, so in the same way, a leader’s passion towards the organization will become more infectious through a video call. This often sounds more intimate than a conference call-as though you are in reality with the person you speak to.

Recognize and Appreciate


Recognition of workers is essential to encouragement and motivation. Everyone deserves to feel as if their job counts. You should congratulate and appreciate your remote employees. It will make them even more confident in their work. A sense of being recognized is the greatest gift in the world. If your workers are in a foreign country or the outskirts region, you can send them online gift cards, which is a perfect choice. To appreciate their efforts and contributions, you can also feature them on your blogs or can give them recommendations on LinkedIn. Motivation is what keeps them going. 

Cherish and Promote your remote employee’s talents


The talented remote employees are high-end professionals, knowledgeable, and career-focused. They are duly searching for opportunities to enhance their skill sets and develop to grab more clients. When you can set up the foundation, inside your own company, for such personal growth, you can gain their trust, creating an ideal working partnership, where they feel interested and engulfed. Give mentoring or advice on Skype, fix several online lessons, each month, and develop and provide specialized training materials for them. 

Introduce Watercooler chats


One of the best ways to motivate your remote employees is to introduce casual chats into your workplace. Yes! Your employees are working remotely, which means there is no one on one, face to face chats that can take place. So, this might lead your workers to feel isolated or left out. In this case, you can introduce some cool, casual chats with little fun talks, let your employees share their ideas, or create a place where they can chill and hangout. Having these sorts of cooler chats will not only make them motivated, but also they will feel refreshed, connected, and energetic.

You can make use of apps like Telegram for this. Also, you can use WhatsApp, where you can create groups and can initiate casual chats with each other. Once in a while, always think of throwing a virtual happy hour!

Paying your employees on time


When your employees are working remotely, it is very vital that you should pay them on time. This is one of the most important things that needs to be taken care of. Such individuals have never seen you so they might have no legitimate protection toward unethical bosses because they are based overseas. When you postpone their salary it would erode their trust in you and give them a chance to start searching for jobs elsewhere.Think what you will do if a company failed to compensate you on time consistently: the customer will become a lesser priority and you may also suggest breaking the contractual partnership

Track Results, Not Hours Spent 


While sitting in the workplace guarantees productivity and can stir up a positive environment, micromanaging the seated hours of an employee decreases morale, which in effect affects efficiency. Rather, managers can promote a culture of transparency, especially when it comes to remote working. Using an efficient tool to monitor employees working remotely like EmpMonitor will help you to build a visual dashboard to know the productivity of the team, track KPIs around the board, and help each employee recognize how their specific priorities match with those of the organization. Just don’t neglect to praise exceptional people, just squad accomplishments, because that would inspire others to go on with the successful work.

Set Challenging tasks


It is an obvious thing that if you let your employees do the same work day and night, they will not improve, and they might get bored and frustrated. Always make sure that you should set new challenging tasks and projects for your employees so that they work with full enthusiasm and learn new things as well.

This is one of the best ways to motivate your remote employees. When you set challenging tasks, they look forward to completing it with extra efforts and full confidence.

Prefer one-on-one meetings


Team meetings and community discussions are useful, particularly though a video or conference call. Nevertheless, nothing beats sitting down one-on-one to address things that are actually important to the employee — even though it has to be virtual. If you take time out of your busy schedule and carry out brief meetings with your employees will make them feel that you value them and their work. 

During these particular meetings you can discuss long term and short term goals. Also, you can help them to reach their objectives by providing constant support and advice. When you support their goals, employees will be more loyal and will work more dedicatedly.

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Are your remote teams motivated?

Having a remote working team comes with benefits and at the same time with challenges. The most important thing you can do to motivate your team who are working remotely is to be emphatic and understand them. Taking the time to consider their expectations and priorities is the first move in designing the best type of virtual business strategy that your company wants to insure everybody stays  on their A-game.

It is an ongoing process of motivating the remote employees. As they are not physically present in the office space, all they need is some extra help and effort to achieve their goals, which is definitely your job to give. 

Make sure you follow the ways mentioned above so as to keep your remote employees satisfied, energetic, and most importantly, motivated. Remember if your employees are happy, then only your business will prosper, and you will be able to stand out of the crowd.