In every organization, each and every employee is proportional to the growth and upliftment of the company. Even though we should adopt some far-sighted approach to enhance the overall productivity of the company. But to all this, employee monitoring is said to be a common strategy to gain the desired increase in productivity. But does implementing monitoring features kill the privacy of the employees or boosts the productivity ratio?

At the workplace, monitoring and privacy infringement both coexist with capitalism. Employers are entitled to know where they are spending money, and how they can increase the production ratio, which somewhat leads to violation of the privacy of workers.

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Workplace monitoring is not a modern-day approach it is a traditional practice that business owners have brought into existence. Only that all the old fashioned gadgets got changed by the latest modernistic solutions. Don’t get mislead use for employee monitoring existed earlier and is required today.

Many people would argue saying, What is the need to install monitoring software to track employee computer activities? Is Employee Monitoring Legal? And many more…

Are these questions arising in your mind as well? Being an employer are you skeptical in implementing the employee monitoring tools?

Don’t worry, to all your questions, let’s start finding the solutions!

Why Is Employee Monitoring Needed? How Does It Help In Boosting Productivity?


In earlier times activity tracking tools like fuel band, Fitbit, etc were used. Before using these tools, in early 1979, employers used to measure the employees’ walk history using tape, to know how much time their employees were investing in moving around to different locations.

Later in the medieval period, there was a launch of sensor technology that tracks the employees, where they go during the shifts, how much time they are out from their workplace, etc. Thus, real-time location systems can show how often employees move from their place, which affects the overall productivity of the company.

In this digitalized era, however, the use of employee monitoring solutions is not only limited to certain situations or industries. Companies everywhere are tracking employees’ computer activities in all the best possible ways to become productive and streamline the whole process.

As in today’s modern-day technological advancements, internet surfing for some time doesn’t affect anything. But as per employee monitoring, if an employee surfs social media or the internet per day and if you have approximately 500 employees in your company, then there are higher chances of you to lose up to $17/per year in terms of productivity. Hence, this is said to be one of the important reasons to use monitoring software, which helps employers to keep a track of employee productivity and generate high leads.

Is Employee Monitoring Legal?

Employee Monitoring: Productivity Booster or Privacy Killer? 1

As a huge number of insider thefts, fraud, reduced efficiency, or improper behavior in the workplace continues to increase dramatically, more businesses understand the need for an employee monitoring program. Although it’s not the standard practice to get protection from external threats, there are higher chances to give rise to many new concerns.

So, first of all, employee monitoring is legal. Not only is employee monitoring legal, as per the federal law it’s not required for employers to notify their workers about their work monitoring. Although, it’s best practice for employers to share their monitoring services to the employees and mention all these policies in the company handouts. Notifying employees about the company’s supervising rights may also serve as a natural deterrent.

Active monitoring of employees helps a large number of people to largely increase awareness. Nonetheless, the costs of data breaches, internal attacks, and fraud, as well as incidents of improper conduct in the workplace, such as sexual assault, are increasing at a rapid speed nowadays. Employee tracking offers valuable details and information, used in court as forensic evidence.

Benefits Of Using Employee Monitoring Software

Employee Monitoring: Productivity Booster or Privacy Killer? 2

Nearly 25% of online traffic in any company is not related to work. About 32% of employees surf the internet with no certain requirement. Men surf more as compared to women. More than 60% of employees use the internet to search for unproductive things in their work time.

Hence, it becomes quite obvious that the time spent on unrelated sites exceeds the length of a work break. The human mind diverts quicker than light travels, so it’s easy to slip into the pit of kitty videos when left unsupervised instead of completing the long data entry sheet you have to send in tomorrow. Thus, one of the simple easy to use monitoring practices is to implement an employee monitoring software in your employee’s system.

While searching for some monitoring tools, one of the best employee monitoring software, which I recently came across is EmpMonitor.

EmpMonitor was founded in 2014 and specializes in monitoring and security services. They are the leading workplace tracking software since then, which helps make monitoring a trouble-free operation for small and large companies. This software creates reliable and features rich solutions for your business to monitor their employee’s computer activities.

Now, lets know what are the benefits of implementing this software –

Allows To Block Unwanted Websites And Applications


Most of the employee monitoring software has the right to restrict visits to various unproductive or un-office-related websites, and applications. Besides EmpMonitor acts as a perfect tool to shield your technical data from being exposed to external attacks, it helps you, as an administrator, to reduce the number of disturbances and help the employees concentrate more on work.

Anti-Stalking Protection


Bullying and harassment in the office take place. As all the systems in the office premises are connected to the internet connection so it’s, even more, easier for stalkers to stalk people and harass them by sending uncertain messages. Harassment is not illegal in any condition.

EmpMonitor can provide evidence with its screenshot capturing feature, that allows taking screenshots of the employee computer activities within fixed intervals of time. It helps to know the current task your employees are working on.

Set Up A Standard


Here a question may arise in your mind, How an employee monitoring software can help in boosting your employee productivity?

Analyze efficiency, efficacy, and focus on people, teams, and the whole enterprise with informative graphics. It also helps to gain interesting visuals and comprehensive reports from the EmpMonitor to get a 360-degree analysis of the successful workflow of your enterprise. Get to know at one glance about the productive and non-productive hours from the time of login on the current day and if you wish you can change the date & see the overall output of that time slot.

Wrapping Up

So now let’s quickly summarize, as per the above-mentioned points its proven fact that Employee monitoring is legal. Considering that employers have the right to know how the data, resources, and tools are used by their employees.

I hope all the above mentioned points have solved the questions arising in your mind. If you have some other questions or wish to enquire more about the process of employee monitoring, then do share your thoughts in the comments section below or DM me on Twitter.

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