Time tracking and employee monitoring software can be very effective and useful if properly applied and used. Essentially, it’s used to monitor employee behavior, efficiency, and allow you to more effectively delegate tasks. Besides, these monitoring tools will improve your health, because you might be aware of any suspicious activity on the computers of your employees.

If you’re a manager or own a business industry, you’ll probably have hundreds (or thousands) of workers to schedule and watch whether they’re arriving on time to work. Especially remote employee monitoring is said as the biggest challenge employers face.  When it comes to hiring remote employees, most of the time, it seems that remote employees aren’t reporting time accurately.

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One of my friends, who owns a small-scale industry came to me with a problem. As he was having some issues in managing his employees. He used some screenshot tools to track his remote employees but was worried about some of his employee’s work time and productivity levels as he was not getting proper insights. 

In order to help, I suggested to him EmpMonitor. Do you know why? Here are some of the important features of EmpMonitor, because of which I prefer using this software. 

Screenshot Monitoring


Provides a complete view of your employees work activities. You can get the automated screenshots of the computer screens at every fixed interval of the time. It will help you to get a detailed insight of your employees work. 

Idle Time detection 

Allowing this feature to automatically recognize and delete idle time. Idle time monitoring will help you reduce your workforce by saving thousands of dollars a year.

Top Apps & Websites Used


EmpMonitor helps in labeling websites and applications as productive, neutral, or unproductive categories, for an individual or group of people.

Productivity Measurement

Easily measure the productivity level, efficiency, and concentration with real-time graphics for all charts for your whole company, or particular team or any particular individuals.

User Logs


Enable managers and team members to monitor apps and websites to optimize performance, and evaluate data for their teams.

Similar to my friend, this software will also help various managers who are struggling with monitoring issues. Thus, here I have brought up some main monitoring tips that can be taken into consideration along with using this software. But before starting with it, let’s know…

Why To Implement Employee Monitoring Software Especially For Remote Employees In Brief? 


Planning to install monitoring software on your employee’s system is a major decision, and should be imposed overnight. Or else, employees may feel like you are micromanaging or monitoring their every move. If you are purely looking to gain more influence over the employees, then I advise not to use any random monitoring software with uncertain features. Monitoring your employees for the wrong reasons may cause a backlash.

Moreover, there are higher chances to lose great performers because of this. Therefore, I recommend you to take some time and have a discussion with your employees regarding it and explain the benefits of installing time tracking software or employee monitoring software. In short, the first step after installing this monitoring software is to keep it transparent with your employees. 


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What Are The Ways To Select The Best Employee Monitoring Software?


‍Selecting suitable monitoring software requires a lot of research and time. There are tons of options available along with interesting features, and you should consider them all before choosing one. 

Some of the important factors which you need to consider are – 

Easy To Use –  Always prefer to choose the software which has a user-friendly interface, a quick installation process.  

Affordability –  If you own a small business or an upcoming entrepreneur and don’t have enough budget for getting a time tracking application, then one of the most important things to consider is the cost of the software. There is various software that provides yearly as well as monthly plannings, categorized based on no of employees. 

Easy Customization – All the companies have different requirements, thus the software which you choose should have all the features that fit the desired needs and can also be easily customizable as per your requirements. 

Free Trial – If you are not willing to spend money on the tools. Then choose the tools that provide you with a free trial and test them for a few weeks considering all your business requirements. Choose the one which suits you the best. 

Do you know, even after having a monitoring software, there are wrong and right ways to monitor your employees.

To make it easier for you, I have listed some of the tips to monitor your remote employees in a better way. 

Make Sure To Be Transparent – 


Nowadays, privacy is said to be one of the biggest concerns. In fact, It should be.

Every internet user should make sure to provide open consent about their work while monitoring and collecting the data.  

As it’s the employer’s job to provide the complete details about the use of monitoring and time tracking software. 

Provide complete training of the software working and other features.  Also, provide them with a complete list of features. 

Keep A Check On Everyone – 


When you plan to use EmpMonitor, it’s told to monitor all your employees.  Yes, including you, executive committee, managers, tech leads, everyone. As everyone will be on the spot when monitored and even the top executive members can have an account for their time. 

Share Reports and Concerns – 


The main purpose of using time tracking software is to keep everything transparent with your employees. If you find a person who is working 11 hours a day but unable to provide the desired output then go to that person with your concern and reports. It will provide some time for your employees to show what they have done, help them get time to improve themselves. 

It will also help to develop a better relationship and trust between employers and employees. 

Keep Up The Thing In Writing – 


Make sure the computer management and time tracking policies are in written form to prevent any possible problems. This way, in case of any legal issues, you can refer to them. Likewise, you’ll want to get written consent. It may be part of the on-boarding and/or recruiting procedures.

Once your employees are aware of the rules, get to know about the working, and start using the program themselves, there will be no secret that you are using it.  They should also be fully aware of how it works, what’s involved, and that their consent gets granted.

You’ll also want to consider making an attorney draft about the proposals, so they make sense in law terms. A loophole or vague legal terminology is the last thing you want to tackle.

Wrap Up

It is time to try EmpMonitor if you run any other screenshot program or have recently recruited employees through some outsourcing network. Even a free 15-day trial will give you a very different view of the effectiveness of your team.

It’s a hard reality that some of the employees may not work as hard as you would think. Unfortunately, few screenshot monitoring applications can be tricked easily by some of the employees.

As I seek to warn prospective customers: it is possible to trick most screenshot apps, and all it happens even more than you would expect. To track efficiency accurately, you need to ensure you have the correct application in place.

Additionally, make sure you are fully clear when you start using EmpMonitor, put it in writing, and let your workers know how you are using the software. 

Do share the problems that you are facing with your unproductive employees in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you…