Similar to real life, shortcuts do not exist in the business industries. In other words, making your employees work in extra shifts will neither automatically increase productivity at the workplace, nor your project will get completed quickly. Though it’s fine if your employees work additional hours more often. But, if they work extra on a daily basis, then either you have to provide overtime pay or it’s really important for you to think about your game plan and change it.

You may have more projects, more work, more clients that need to be winded up within the desired time frame. Therefore, In order to manage this task, you probably get tempted to request your employees to work more. But, think, will you be able to give overtime pay extra to your employees for their overtime work? Not really true!

It will ultimately lead to increased workplace tension, more sick days, and higher turnover rates if you expect the team to work overtime. In simple words, working extra hours creates not so healthier work culture.

If you feel your employees carry out more work by working additional hours, then you might be wrong.

A recent survey states, the human brain can only focus on one task only for a few hours sometimes. An average employee is assumed to work only for three hours with a concentration of over eight-hour work schedule. Thus, in this situation, if you make your employees work more, your organization essentially needs to pay more for minimum productivity.

Worse still, overtime is leading to dissatisfaction in employees. Therefore, this leads workers to leave the work and look for other job alternatives.

As per the latest stats, more than 84% of employees respond to work-related calls even after office hours, and nearly 41% of people work for approximately 69 to 79 hours per week.

What is the outcome of all those overtime hours? It results in people quitting their job with a ratio of 1:5 every year. Working extra on a daily basis can lead to burnout, which may be detrimental to the safety of an employee.

On top of everything else, people who struggle with exhaustion, usually take more leaves and are very less productive.

So, What Are The Best Alternatives?

Look For Outsource To Avoid Overtime Pay

Having A Hard Time With Unpredicted Overtime Pay? Look At The Top 03 Alternatives To Prevent! 1

Are you having too many tasks to complete in-house projects? Contract with some freelancers. As these self-employed people do not need extra wages, and a full day’s work at your agency does not affect their productivity levels.

Similarly, this takes place in Rugby. After playing for 70 minutes in the game, players become fuzzy and tired, and the score is close. The coach pulls out the exhausted player and substitutes them with the new player for the last minutes. This thing not only helps the player get some relief but also helps to win the match. As the new player is highly excited about the game and filled with great energy.

The same thing works for freelance writers. They are energetic, fresh, and ready to take on new challenges.

Enhance Your Resource Planning



Workforce Planning

To avoid working extra and impede exhaustion, it’s highly important to pay special attention to the planning. For each Agency, resource planning is essential. It lets you determine who is overbooked, who can take on more work, and who takes extra holidays or sick leave.

What are the ways you can effectively and quickly accomplish the planning?

You can give a try to some of the wireless technology in the workplace like EmpMonitor, to get complete data of the things going in your industry.

In today’s scenario, most of the organizations often try to complete one year project in 6 months timeline. That’s why it is important to plan ahead and create a rational expectation of a project. Always consider, the project plans are not written in the stone. If the project changes, revisit your plan and make the changes wherever necessary.

If you don’t commit enough time on resource planning and project management, your workers are more likely to have to reach unrealistic deadlines — meaning they’ll conclude working extra time.

Working Extra Is Not Tolerable

Having A Hard Time With Unpredicted Overtime Pay? Look At The Top 03 Alternatives To Prevent! 1

If this is not a sustainable solution, why are agencies dependent on overtime? Those agencies are more than likely not measuring the results. When an employee works extra hours and looks busy, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are working effectively and productively. For this reason, defining the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for each employee is beneficial which helps to avoid giving overtime pay.

How Can You Know About This?


I have seen many people not spending enough time managing their strategies in optimal ways. If people start using employee monitoring software and measure productivity, users can see a quick increase in productivity and employee satisfaction.

One the whole, an agency can’t be efficient with good management software. The right software can help you keep the complete stats of your employee’s daily tasks, a top website used, top apps used, keystrokes, etc.

Using Empmonitor, you can easily get complete information, effectively distribute the workload, lower the exhaustion, and boost employee satisfaction. As Empmonitor is one complete employee management software specialized in monitoring and security solutions. This software helps in making the tracking procedure quick and hassle-free. It increases the employees’ productivity, overall operation, and business with outstanding functions.

How EmpMonitor Works?

Having A Hard Time With Unpredicted Overtime Pay? Look At The Top 03 Alternatives To Prevent! 3

  • Log In or Sign Up using your mail address to create or get into the account.
  • Fill out the required details as per your location and chosen plan.
  • Relax and track employee activities live.
  • Gain full control and complete visibility of your employees’ computer activities.
  • Get insights in the form of intuitive charts and graphic reports. Simple & Comprehensible.
  • Real-time monitoring, regularly automated screenshots, cloud-saving data, and many more.

To Gain Complete Insights into the EmpMonitor updates and features.