Isn’t it a wonderful idea to track the work time records of employees in your organization using the time and attendance tracking software? 

Of course, it is!!

This will be quite helpful for the organization irrespective of the size of the firm. Many organisations use manual methods to keep the work record of their employees. Though this method is quite outdated, it also doesn’t tell you whether you are paying a salary based on their work. Nowadays, there are tools and software which auto-track the work time and attendance of employees. Such tools can be quite helpful for the organization to save their monetary assets and enhance the efficiency of the operations taking place in the organization. 

There are so many organization departments that are affected due to the inefficiency of handling work-time management.  As we know the sole purpose of using attendance management software is to maintain the relevant efficiency in terms of productivity, regulation of the monetary asset, or the attendance management software. before heading on to the other essentials about the time and attendance, systems let’s first begin with the basic understanding about these –

What are the time and attendance management systems?


The time and attendance management systems are the helping hand to track and monitor employees’ work about their total amount of the input timings at work. It tracks down the working hours, the late beginning of the work, their absenteeisms, or the breaks between the work, etc. 

Why track time and attendance?

Every organization wants to get better productivity from each of its employees. Tracking time and attendance allows organizations to monitor whether their employees are disciplined with their work time or not. Especially when you are paying someone based on their work-time and efforts, it’s become quite essential to track time and attendance.

The right solution for time and attendance management

It is important to understand the treat’s characteristics and features one needs to look for in the attendance management software. Based on what features companies prefer the most, they might have several options. So here we are going to learn about some of these features:

  • Punch-in timings feature– In this feature, employees can use the biometric system to mark their attendance. It is quite simple and convenient, as employees just have to punch in on the fingerprint scanner and it automatically marks the login of employees. The same process employees repeat at the EOD to give their logout.
  • Characteristics features, reporting management, and analytics – To ensure the best features, you must know the general features that attendance tracking software systems must have every time. Nowadays there is some software which analyses the attendance or the work hours. And accordingly, their work time pay or the payroll integration is decided up to some extent. 
  • Simplified usage- This is the essential key feature of the time and attendance monitoring software because of the simplifying nature of managing the record of present and absent employees. Manual handling of this data may lead to a lot of confusion. So, it is essential to choose software with good optimization and easy, simplified operation. 
  • Cost of the system – There is so much time tracking and monitoring software in the market, so how to know which is best suited for your firm? You can also decide this based on the price of that software. You have to analyze the characteristic features of the software and the requirements and the prices. Whether the product is worth the price, or do you need this kind of product for your organization’s time and attendance systems. Before concluding, one must also analyze these things. 
  • Try to find software with free trial options- it is true that you really cannot completely rely on the other’s reviews unless you got your own experience eight this. But, sometimes it is difficult to yield that experience due to the absence of the free-trial options with some time management software that cause a risk to the monetary assets. So, it’s a better escape route to choose a plan to minimize the risks, and after the experience a certain specified period, you can choose to either continue with the same or find out the next best alternative.  
  • Look for reliable support systems – It’s completely appreciated if you have located a highly functional time and attendance tracking software. Still, there is no sole guarantee you will never face any issues. And at that time, support systems are the only place to go. But, with the absence of reliable support systems, the financial commitment is at stake; it might fail the time and attendance monitoring software. In the absence of that, the organization may face internal disturbances for maintaining the time and attendance systems which are neither good financially nor for the workplace environment. 

3 Benefits of the attendance management systems:


Now, when you have decided to look for the best time and attendance monitoring software for you, then let us understand sit benefits that will aid your organization –

  • Elimination of errors– Manual attendance record-keeping can pose the chances of the errors as it is human nature and completely normal but will affect the organization in this way. But, with the attendance management systems, the chances of human error get eliminated as the record-keeping becomes more precise and simpler. Thus, automation will make an intelligent addition to your organization’s time and attendance monitoring to incorporate healthier outputs.
  • Makes you financially satisfied – The automated time and attendance monitoring software allow the automated monitoring of the attendance and the other related tasks, which ultimately requires no manual process; hence the cost of the employing manual team gets reduced thus, making you feel satisfied with the investment at the work time tracking solution you made. 
  • More satisfied employees– the manual requests for their attendance and the other related things get reduced with the introduction of the intelligent software. This leads to more satisfied employees. And this is the very ultimate thing to infer as the satisfaction rate increases and the employees get actively involved in enhancing their outputs which positively impact the growth of the organization. 

So, before investing in the time and attendance management solution for your firm, go through the elucidated points at once, explore as much as you can, and analyze the software whether it fits according to your organization’s needs, your financial risk-taking ability, and the other relevant things. One of such tools which provides you with the most beneficial time and attendance tracking features is EmpMonitor.



Let’s discuss some amazing features of EmpMonitor and get in-depth.

  • It allows the management team to figure out the unresolved, hidden productivity killers. The best part it will help you to provide you with a clear and complete understanding of single processes. In other words, you can easily get to know whose employees are more productive or not. 
  • It is also one of the best features. It will automatically take screenshots of employees’ desktops at regular intervals, and you will get to know why your employee’s productivity decreases. 
  • If you have problems why your employees are not working properly, or they are working, but still no productivity comes out from their work, then this tool will help you solve this problem. You can easily track your employees’ total time on social media or some random chatting app during their working hours. Even if you know how much working hours employees spend, this tool will help you with the exact hours. Empmonitor always gives you buzzes with regular alerts to withdraw the wastage of time.
  • EmpMonitor is completely compatible with every PC, laptop, Macs, Android, Windows, etc. Most importantly, you can easily record the exact keys that your employees are typing in real-time. Moreover, you can even keep your staff browsing history safe even when your employees clear the device, and it will help you find out why your employees decrease their productivity. 
  • This tool also helps you observe and report employees’ total hours to spend on clients and projects. And the best part is it will automatically process the payment and billing with your clients. 
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After the wholesome analysis, you can conclude about the checklist to actively invest in the organization’s welfare. With the proper analysis of the advanced features taught at some of the software, you will be able to locate your organization’s more specified things /requirements to draw the best conclusion. Also, with this, you can bring your organization a step closer to enhanced growth.