Thanks to the usage of tech solutions, everything from the office to day-to-day work has become easier. There are so many companies considering AI-based employee productivity monitoring and work time calculators in their firms?

Still, there are also some organizations that are managing timesheets using manual methods, like the old school punch card system or managing timesheets in excel. Not only does it take too much time, but it can also be quite stressful for the management to handle that.

Do you think your employees aren’t reporting their work time and attendance accurately? Then what you need is an employee work time calculator in your workplace. A time calculator not only helps employers to track work hours but also check the productivity standards in their firm.

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Here, we are going to show you some reasons why you should be considering getting an employee time tracking solution.

Keep Track Of Your Employees Productivity-

One of the biggest concerns of every employer is how to keep track of productivity in their firms. Using an employee time calculator can help you to improve productivity. It saves your time and money by reducing employee procrastination. So in such a case, instead of manual management of timesheets, you can use an AI based employee time tracking tool.


A time tracker like EmpMonitor not only helps you to check on the working hours of your employees, it can even calculate their production hours regularly. Let’s checkout some of the best time tracking features of EmpMonitor that allow you to check on productivity standards in your firm. Here are some of the best features that you must have in an employee work time tracker.

Auto Calculate Work Hours & Productivity- 

Nowadays, there are applications and software that automatically track work hours. Such tools can also count the productivity of employees accurately. For example, in the case of our software EmpMonitor not only gives you a detailed report showing automatic calculation of work hours but also checks on the productivity standards as per the company’s policy.

No Human Error With Time Calculator-

These work hour trackers are typically designed in a way so that they can check and calculate every detail during work time that includes active hours, break hours, neutral hours, etc. Basically, within human calculations, errors and mistakes may happen. But such software gets you detailed work time reports with 100% accuracy, which could also be efficient in handling pay-rolls and overtime of employees.


Reduce Productivity Frauds-

Some practices in the workplace like buddy punching, attendance scam, employee procrastination, human error, etc are quite common. However, with a cloud-based employee time tracking mechanism, you can avoid such malpractices in your organization, which may harm the productivity of your business.

Avoid Overwork Burden-

We all know that time management and task distributions are two different things. However, when you manage them together, it could help you to learn about the extra work burden of every single employee in your firm. That could be helpful in the task distribution process, as it allows you and your team to shoulder equal responsibilities during their work hours.

Employee Work Time Calculator Are Fairer-

Nobody wants to work extra without more wages. And when an employee sees other people procrastinating during their work time, they also start replicating similar behavior. And that’s the reason why you need an employee work hour calculator, which accurately checks how much effort each and every employee is putting in their work. And accordingly, judge their productivity based on their performance only.


Whenever human elements take a part in judging performance, there can be some biased opinions. However, by using the employee time calculator, employers can remove the favoritism approach in their judgment, which gives a sense of justice to every employee.

Accuracy With Client Billing-

Many organizations have billing-related issues and the reason is that they can’t accurately calculate the log time of the services provided. Most of the time, companies do such a process manually, which can cause human error. Time calculator helps you avoid such errors and improve billing standards in their firm. It not only helps them to improve their work quality but also enhances their experiences with clients.

Alerts You About Employee Attendance-

Another essential factor is employee engagement in the workplace. Basically, we have seen that absenteeism is one of the major causes of productivity loss. And in the US economy, only absentees cost around $84 billion losses to various companies. This information might have pricked your ears.Isn’t it? The number already shows that employees are disengaged in their work. However, if you have been monitoring the work time hours of every single employee, it helps you to track exact information about employees who are not quite engaged in their work and take more leaves.


EmpMonitor– time and productivity calculator not only help you to track such behavior of employees but also has a mechanism that automatically alerts both employer and employees about such cases. Depending on the situation, employers and employees both can make better decisions to enhance the productivity of the business.

Optimize Payroll More Efficiently-

With an accurate timesheet showing the work record of employees, you can judge their performance and pay them accurately. Especially when companies outsource freelancers, they are often paid based on their work hours. In such a case, a work time calculator can give you the exact time evaluation of the tasks or projects done within a certain time period. And accordingly, employers can judge their performance to deliver fair payments.

Reduce Your Extra Cost-

Many organizations often try to reduce their cost and make their budget more efficient. And that is the reason why they don’t feel confident enough to include high-quality tech solutions in their business. But you might be surprised to know that EmpMonitor- employee time tracking software is not only affordable and helps you save a lot on your business expenses. It informs you about the most used software by tech expert employees in your firm so that you can invest in the right tools instead of investing in tools and software that are of no use to your business. There you can learn about the resources which might be costing you some extra money. And based on that, you can also find budget-friendly replacements.


Discover Areas Of Improvement-

Monitoring employees’ work time helps you learn about unidentified areas in your business that may need improvements. For example, if someone is working for long hours without any break, it may cause burnout and affect their productivity. Getting their little flexibility in their work time can be a great help. However, with respect to that, you need to consider managing work discipline and employee behavior during work time. In such an area, having an employee time calculator like EmpMonitor could be very effective. It not only gets you the employee work details but also informs you about their work behavior, which could be the cause of better employee engagement and productivity.

Manage Projects Effectively-

Another reason you should be using employee time tracking is that it allows them to gauge the workflow in their business. While managing several projects side by side, there can be hectic situations when management has to take immediate action. In those situations, having the right work time calculator gives an edge to know about team members having their to-do list full and those who have left some space.

Employee time calculator like EmpMonitor- helps you to learn about the activity details of each and every employee. So the management can check on their work burden and accordingly assign them proper tasks.


Having effective work time management gets your business an extra edge. Based on the various research and facts we have brought these reasons which proves the importance of time management in every business. And we also suggest you implement productivity and time tracking solutions in your work model.

If you have any further queries, you can mention them in the comments.

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