Boost Employee Productivity Efficiently

Boost your employees’ productivity with EmpMonitor, which has real-time monitoring features to track work engagement. With an effective and easy to use dashboard, using which you can remotely track the productive work time of your employees. It can automatically track the activities of employees’ computers and generate insightful reports to analyze the workflow that makes it easier for management to maintain accountability for the business organization at different scales.

Real time monitoring and workforce management solution

Get Most Out Of Your Employees

Track the online productivity insights of your employees and fill out the loopholes in the workflow. Get the graphical reports to check the employee engagement trails, and chase after the growth for your business.

Online Time & Productivity Tracker

With remote monitoring and management that keeps the record of online productive hours of each and every employee that can help you to learn about the top-performing employees who are most productive in your company.

Work Engagement & Attendance

Accurate tracing to check the attendance and keep the record of the work presence of employees. That can also help you to trail down employee engagement based on their flexible working schedule.

Project & Task Management

Centralized network monitoring that gives complete control to admin for managing employees’ computer activities who are working remotely from different locations. And to reduce the administrative burden, assign managers based on different locations and departments

IP White Listing

Whitelist the IP’s of the teams to let them access to particular websites and URLs. Being a super-admin if you assign someone as Manager or Admin, you can whitelist the IP to eliminate the risk of a data breach or data loss.

Comprehensive Report

Provide you with a detailed report of users’ computer activity and entrails the data in the cloud storage. Admin can access the collected information like web browsing history, keystrokes, screenshot, websites, and applications used by employees.

Employee Log Details

Keep the track of employee engagement and their work presence. The productive hours of each and every employee automatically get recorded which admin can access and download remotely.

Screenshots & Keystrokes

To avoid any suspicious insider threats in your organization, you can check the real-time screenshots of users’ computers and also glance at every word typed by the user while working on any tasks or projects.

Cloud Storage Options

All the important data reports regarding workforce management get stored in the cloud memory (either Google Drive or Dropbox), which management can access and download based on the need for business.

Benefits Of Workforce Monitoring

Boost business productivity

Real time monitoring feature to track and configure employees work engagement to boost productivity.

Evaluated Employees’ Performance

Trace the top websites and applications to check the work activities of employees and evaluate their performance based on work record.

Improve Work Engagement

Track the productive work hours to gauge work engagement and find the halts which are causing distraction in the work.

Ensure Data Security

With the security features like firewall protection and IP whitelisting admin can be sure to avoid any unwanted access to the business data of the organization.

Graphical Analytics Report

Analytical reports that are graphically presented so that management can easily check the work engagement and productivity in the business.

Save Time & Money

Monitor and analyze the business data with automated remote monitoring, which saves the extra labour and cost of manually handling work-time sheets.

Incredibly Easy To Install On

Windows All Version, Server
2003/08/10/12, bit 32-64

Mac 10.8 and Newer Versions

Linux/Ubuntu 16,18,20 Versions

Work From Home Monitoring

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Business Services

Centralized monitoring features which can keep your business data secure to avoid corporate fraud and data breaching issues.

Educational Institutes

Track the online activities of students and restrict access to abusive sites. While management can also utilize it to track the attendance and online activities of teaching staff.

Financial Business

Protect your confidential data and financial assets from scammers and fraudsters. And avoid phishing traps which can hurt the productivity of business.


Even the busiest mom & dad can use this software to track the online activities of their kids and can also restrict their actions accordingly.

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