Remote Control Desktop software has come a long way since its launch. They are now more secure, and users can practically see everything that is going on in the other system. 

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They are mainly used in companies or organizations where they have hundreds of systems that need to be constantly monitored to see if the employees’ are being productive or not. Apart from that, there are many uses of such software; you can use it for personal use and also to track how productive you have been in a day or week. 

Let’s talk about the best remote desktop control software in detail. 

What Is A Remote Control Desktop Software?


Remote control desktop software is a software with the help of which a user can see the activities that are going on another desktop. It also generates reports based on the data gathered and stores them in the user’s desired location (Local or Cloud) to review them later. 

The prime example of such software can be seen used in the offices, where they need to manage employees’ productivity and restrict the use of distracting sites like social media. There is other similar software available on the Internet, but which one you should choose for yourself or your organization. 

To answer that question, I have put together a list of the top five best remote desktop control software currently available in the market. Let’s get started.

Top 05 Best Remote Control Desktop Software:

1. EmpMonitor

First, on the list, we have EmpMonitor. It is first in the list because of its ease of use and the features it offers. EmpMonitor is a perfect remote control desktop software for both the individuals and businesses as it shows exactly how you or your employees are using their systems for work. i.e; How productive you have been and how much distracting sites you have been using like social media, news, etc.

The features of EmpMonitor includes: 

  • Employee productivity tracking
  • Employee session recording
  • Internet monitoring
  • App tracking
  • Stealth mode
  • Keystroke logging
  • User logs
  • Cloud storage
  • IP whitelisting

If you compare EmpMonitor to the other software that I have mentioned below, you will find that EmpMonitor is fairly easy to use and is also wallet-friendly as its most basic plan starts at just $5/user/month. 

Furthermore, deploying EmpMonitor in your organization is also fairly easy as it doesn’t require a team of IT experts. 

Here’s how you can use EmpMonitor to manage everything – 

  1. Log in to your EmpMonitor ID. You’ll be shown the following dashboard – 

Remote Control Desktop

Here, you’ll get an overview of the productivity done by your team with the total number of employees working for you. It also shows who is present or online currently and who isn’t.

  1. Go to Employee Details and add employees by clicking on the Add Employee button. 


  1. As you click on it, you will show the following box – 


Fill in all the necessary details like name, email address, password, and then click on Add Employee at the bottom of the box. Do this for all your employees.  

  1. Once done, you’ll be shown all the added employees in this form – 


Here you can see all the details regarding an employee, sort of a general overview. If you want to know the information about each employee, then go to step 5.

  1. For viewing the detailed report of an employee, click on the button shown below – 


  1. As you click on that button, you’ll be redirected to a new page  –


Here you’ll be shown all the activities done by a particular employee. You can see the screen captures, top apps used, top websites visited, and much more. Using this, you can view what is happening on the other desktops.

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2. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is second on the list due to the integration feature and the pricing options. Hubstaff also has a GPS tracking and payroll feature with the help of which you can track your employees who work outside the concrete walls and calculate their payments easily. 

The additional features it offers are as follows – 

  • Time tracking
  • GPS tracking
  • Online timesheets
  • Reporting
  • Productivity monitoring
  • Team scheduling
  • Payroll Automation.
  • Geofencing
  • Easy invoices
  • Offline time tracking

Now, coming to the pricing option, Hubstaff has a lifetime free usage option for a single user with limited features, of course, but it is free. And the most basic plan starts with $7/user/month, which is still more costly than EmpMonitor. But the integration option sure does make it a worthy competitor.

3. TimeDoctor

Time Doctor is also a fairly good and well-known software in this category. Many of the major brands use this software for managing the employees’ remote system. 

The major reason behind its popularity is the integration of other software. Yes, you can connect your Time Doctor account to all the supported integration and add-ons; and enhance its working capabilities altogether. Time Doctor has over 60 add-ons or integration, which you can use to make the whole remote control procedure easy. 

Apart from the integration, it also has other features as well. To sum it up, I have mentioned them below – 

  • Time tracking
  • Screenshots
  • Chat monitoring
  • Clients feature
  • Web & App usage
  • Payroll
  • All device support
  • Project management tool integration. 
  • Timely alerts
  • GPS tracking
  • White label portal
  • Off-track reminders
  • Webcam capture
  • Employee attendance tracking
  • Break tracking

Time Doctor features are substantial when you compare it to the other software, but it doesn’t come cheap. The most basic plan here will cost you $39/5 user/month, and it doesn’t even include all the features. Apart from these heft prices, you also have to pay for some of the integrations as they have their own price listings. 

The benefits are huge here, but only if you are ready to invest large capital; otherwise, EmpMonitor is way better if you are just getting started. 

4. Veriato

Veriato is another great desktop control software. It has tons of features and different versions which allow users to choose the appropriate one according to their needs. This versatility makes Veriato a suitable competitor in this genre. 

Veriato has divided its product lineup into five parts, which are as follows – 

  • Cerebral – Insider Threat Detection 
  • Cerebral – User Activity Monitoring
  • Vision – Cloud-Based Employee Monitoring
  • Investigator – Workplace Investigator
  • Ransomsafe – Ransomware Protection

Each of these five product lineups has different features of their own it just all boils down to what does a user wants. The reason behind its low ranking despite having a bulk load of features was that it doesn’t prioritize desktop control, and the price is too high. 

Veriato 360 pricing starts at $90, which covers all the five lineups that I mentioned above. Verioato doesn’t release their pricing for each of their individual products, but you can contact their support if you are looking to buy any one of their products. 

5. SentryPC

Sentry PC is a cloud-based remote desktop control software that allows you to monitor everything on the targeted PC. Working on this software is pretty much the same as all the above four; they all do management and provide a detailed report of the desired user. 

It offers the following features – 

  • Centralized management of multiple PC’s and users
  • Real-time activity viewing and management
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Idle timeout
  • Account activity logging
  • Alert logging
  • Application usage logging
  • Chat conversation logging (Windows only)
  • Clipboard logging
  • Events timeline
  • File activity logging (Windows only)
  • Keystrokes typed
  • Location (IP) logging
  • Online searches
  • Portable drive logging (Windows only)
  • Screenshot capturing
  • Session logging
  • Overview summaries
  • Top usage reports
  • Stealth operation / invisible
  • Cloaked installation
  • Remote deployment and installation
  • Remote uninstall
  • Time management

Now, coming to the pricing part, the most basic plan starts at $59.95/year for a single user. If you want more users, you have to buy the premium package, which costs way more. 

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There you have it, the five best remote desktop control software in 2020. All of these five software have a free trial using which you can first try them and then make the final decision to buy. And if you are looking for the best of the bunch, as I said in the beginning, it is EmpMonitor, as it has tons of features and it doesn’t cost much to get started with.

That’s all from me guys, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to mention them in the comments down below.