The Covid-19 pandemic has been a roller coaster ride for businesses. It has fragmented the concentrated team of office workers, forcing them to work remotely for their jobs. Around the world, there is a growing desire for remote working culture. As a result, virtual workforces and virtual team building have become a reality. 

Working from home is a trend that isn’t going away anytime soon. Both employees and employers have greatly benefited from the shift from office to remote work. On the other hand, this could lead to feelings of isolation and detachment from coworkers, lower team productivity, and more conflicts. As a result, virtual team building has become critical to provide a platform for remote employees to connect casually, engage with one another, and generate a feeling of community.

Remote working eliminates direct interaction with your team members, making team building and project management more challenging. EmpMonitor is a remote team building and employee management tool to help you solve this problem.

Empmonitor is an  AI-powered remote team building and management software capable of monitoring employee activity from a centralized location, making businesses more productive, flexible, and secure.   

This article will aid you in learning everything you need to know about virtual team building and achieving your team-building goals. 

Benefits Of Virtual Team Building 

Following are the prime advantages of building and having a virtual team for your business – 

  1. Lower Office Expenses –

    With a traditional work environment, your company will have to spend thousands of dollars on office space and maintenance each year. Thanks to remote working and virtual team building, employees can now work from home or a remote place without using business office space.

  2. Increased Productivity –

    Employees of a virtual team are more productive as they spend less time commuting and traveling. Employees also have fewer interruptions at home. Employees who work from home can start work according to their convenience, take regular breaks, and choose their schedule. All these combined can help your company be more productive. Using EmpMonitor enables the management team to identify hidden productivity killers of virtual teams and gain a detailed insight into individual processes from start to finish, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.

  3. Larger Talent Pool –

    A virtual workforce means that you are not bound to hire employees within a specified territory. You can hire talent from any part of the world. Additionally, you can get these global talents at a lower cost because you don’t have to worry about relocation charges.

  4. Better Work-Life Balance –

    Working from home provides employees with the most comfortable working environment. Employees have more time with their families and loved ones.  Employees also do not have to take the morning and evening commutes. As a result, people can better focus on their work and achieve business results. Addressing these elements will significantly improve your employees’ quality of life and work-life balance. 

  5. Saving The Environment (Reduced Carbon Footprint) –

    Working with a virtual workforce allows you to make significant contributions to environmental protection. Switching to remote work reduces employee work commute, resulting in lower greenhouse gas emissions. Working from home lowers your overhead expenditures as well. Because employees are not present in the office, you consume less electricity, water, and heating and cooling equipment. 

Challenges Of Virtual Team Building 

While virtual teams have many benefits, they also have significant drawbacks. Following are a few of them – 

  1. Mistrust –

    The inability to monitor your employees may lead to a lack of trust, distract employees and produce irritation on both ends. 

  2. Less Team Collaboration –

    A virtual team can appear detached because everyone does their own thing at their own pace. It is challenging to bring everyone together to work on a project. Similarly, having employees from different geographical locations may create a time difference and hinder their progress. Additionally, virtual communication text-based communication is susceptible to misinterpretation. It can lead to misconceptions, making effective team collaboration difficult. 

  3. Social Isolation –

    Virtual teams encounter difficulties with tasks and might have no idea who to turn to for help. While a flexible virtual workplace might aid in work-life balance, it can also be isolating.

  4. Potential Security Threats –

    Your sensitive trade secrets are more susceptible to the people who have access to them. Some employees may download company material without taking the essential security steps. Even if one member of your virtual project team’s device is compromised, all your data is in jeopardy. EmpMonitor can solve this problem for you with its insider threat detection feature. EmpMonitor lets you review, record, analyze, alert, and block frauds and  insider threats.

  5. Difficulty In Tracking Progress –

    Employees can take remote working as an excuse for not being productive and taking too many breaks. Tracking this for a virtual team can be difficult. You can use EmpMonitor for help. EmpMonitor can help you track and monitor your virtual teams easily. 

Team Building Activities

Virtual team-building activities can aid in the development of relationships, promote communication, trust, creativity, conflict resolution, and boost staff morale.  They are also an excellent way to become acquainted with remote meetings and conferences.  

Virtual team building activities are designed strategically and help increase communication while reinforcing a shared team identity. Following are some team building activities and virtual icebreakers for your virtual teams.

  1. The 30-second Plank Challenge –

    Participants: 5–10 employees. Time Duration: 5–10 minutes.

  2. Open Mic Virtual Icebreaker –

    Participants: any number of employees. Time Duration: 5-10 minutes (Per Employee). 

  3. Squad Squabble –

    Participants: any number of employees. Time Duration: 45-60 minutes. 

  4. Online Trivia –

    Participants: any number of employees. Time Duration: around 5 minutes (Per Employee).

  5. Music Is My Happy Place –

    Participants: 10-15 employees. Time Duration: 15-20 minutes.  

The EmpMonitor Solution 

Team building tools make forming a team more effective and enjoyable for everyone involved. Building relationships beyond the virtual team meetings or shared work assignments can be challenging. Aside from team building, tracking and monitoring individual employees is important. When it comes to employee monitoring and management, EmpMonitor provides you the most dvanced advanced features and tool set. 

EmpMonitor is a one-of-a-kind virtual team building and monitoring software that employs artificial intelligence to monitor employee performance from a centralized location. It keeps track of employee activities and allows for real-time analysis and management via simple access from any internet-enabled device, from any place, at any time.

EmpMonitor also allows you to view your employees’ login and logout times.  Furthermore,   You can easily track productive and non-productive hours. You also get a detailed report analysis of your employees’ activity in the form of graphs and charts with EmpMonitor. Following are some features provided by EmpMonitor

Time Tracking-


Implement  time management strategies and keep track of working and non-working hours.



Take screenshots of your employees’ screens at regular intervals. 




Provides detailed performance analysis of employees with graphs and timesheets.

Attendance Logs- 


Exact login and logout times record of the last 7 days. 

Payroll Management- 


Automate the payroll and billing processes for your clients.

Multi-Device Compatibility- 


EmpMonitor works on PCs, laptops, Macs, Android, Windows, and other platforms.

GPS Tracking- 


You can track your employee’s exact location. 

Browser History- 


Even if your employees delete their browsing history from their device and keep it safe. 

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Remote working is becoming increasingly popular for businesses to be productive, making the virtual workforce a reality necessitating adapting virtual team building and management software. EmpMonitor can help you fulfill all your virtual team building and management goals.