A climbing productivity graph is solely what we all endeavor in our business, Am I right?

Covid-19 pandemic splendidly shattered the economy around worldwide, including India who has earlier having a growth rate of 4.18% in 2019 and -10.29% in 2020 with 2021 commencements we are expecting a healthy rise in growth rate by 8.8% after August, by the completion of 2021 India will be back on the trail.

Business encompassing their workplace as preparing to resume work from the office while exercising precautionary steps. Although, the prominent concern of numerous firms is still to raise productivity in the workplace.

Productivity and performance are the most consequential matter for the management. Several have already established various procedures for assembling, analyzing, and amending the productivity level, whereas several are implementing them.

To have a better understanding, welcome to the productivity guide !!

What is Productivity?


Productivity determines the ratio of output volume and input volume. In simplistic theories, productivity is the efficiency put on to complete assignments or projects by the employee. Hence, the productive meaning is luminous.

Workplace productivity is the fulfillment of the given goals that promptly results in benefits for the firm. Control managers are concerned about maximizing productivity through modern technologies. As knowledgeable employees are the vertebrae of any corporation, productivity is directly linked with employee efficiency to complete an appropriate task at a given time interval.

Productivity and efficiency are equivalents of each other, don’t get entangled over it. So, why is everyone seeking a high productivity rate out there?

Why Is Productivity Valued So High?


Productivity meaning verifies if employees are concentrated on the tasks while workplace parameters are achieved well. What are the productivity parameters we’ll discuss in upcoming topics? Hence, companies get infinite profits from the more reliable ranking of productivity as we are going to discuss;

Increment in Profits

 Higher productivity results in tremendous dividends which is not neglectable for the business and profiles. Better work and inversion times, employees creating such returns and profits that the company can accommodate salary increases and benefits.

Betterment of Company Image

 Productivity and efficiency rates also affect the company images either for the shareholders or employees. Productivity directly represents the company’s fame.

A Decrement in Operational Expenses

 If productivity and efficiency keep in better forms, extra operational costs for the projects reduce your extra savings.

How To Set A Good Parameter For Productivity In the Workplace?

As we all learned about the importance and necessity of productivity here, yet the question arises, how to increase productivity in the workplace.

There are plenty of methods to set the productivity parameters, but not including the evident factors below are some of the important ones;

👉Distribute the big project into smaller parts and allotted to team members.

👉Prioritize team members for completing the task before the deadlines.

👉Overtimes and multitasking distract away from what to do.

👉Keep a healthy and comfortable environment in the workplace.

Setting up a good parameter for productivity in the workplace is mandatory but there are several modern approaches (software) to analyze these factors accurately.

The most advantageous software according to a survey conducted, famous for tracing productivity data is given below with a summary. Let us have an overview of EmpMonitor. 

Overview of EmpMonitor


It’s the cloud-based storage employee tracking software available, embedded with intelligent features.

EmpMonitor is a smart-prospect for your business, various operations, and managing productivity. Several organizations FabDesigns, LBM Solution, Lexmores, trusted EmpMonitor soars productivity level by 45%.

Some remarkable prominent features of this software are;

  • View productive and Non-productive hours 

productivity-in-the-workplaceAnalyze the accurate working productive hours and the total numbers of time wasted on doing non-productive tasks. Generate reports showing the work engagement details. Display the top websites and applications used by employees while on stealth mode. Automate screenshot capturing every few seconds.

  • Determine the idle time and breaks.

productivity-in-the-workplaceUnnecessary breaks and idle time can be destructors for the productivity level. With the EmpMonitor timesheet, you can analyze the total log hours of an employee while evaluating when the system is left idle.

  • Export timesheet

productivity-in-the-workplaceWithin a single click, easily access the timesheet in CSV and PDF format and process your payment process, minimizing the chance of human error. Simple integration to other cloud storage providers like AWS, Google Drive, Microsoft one drive, etc.

With EmpMonitor, achieve more than +20 % streamlined business process, +15% accuracy in clock-ins, and +30% more productive work time.

As we now know companies have and keep developing diverse functional approaches for sustaining productive hours. But, how does an employee self increase his or her productivity in the workplace?

Keep reading on a few steps explained for the efficient increase in productivity rates.

How To Be More Productive For An Individual?


#1. Work Smarter, Not Harder

Some say operating smarter is better rather than harder. Keep a record of your ongoing projects, track your appearance and productivity level. When feeling drained, take some time off and handle the task another day with a fresh mind. This way you keep yourself motivated and refreshed.

#2. Keep Your Confidence High

Confidence is a vital partner for your working efficiency, a little down level can demotivate you and can affect working. If you get stuck between back-breaking sessions, take a reversal gear and finish the easy task with the confidence that you will complete it, maintaining the positive and confident vibe going into you.

#3. List Crucial Task For First Half

In the first half, your mind is at its peak, so try to complete the essential task at that time, increasing the chance of achieving it at a correct level. Keep the interesting task for the second half which entertains your mind to be active.

How To Measure An Employee’s Productivity In The Workplace?


#Measure1-  Management by Objectives;

To analyze this measure, you have to give your employee-specific goals and targets to achieve the task and then measure their productivity based on their output results. Before implementing this measure, there are some points to be taken care of ;

1.Take into consideration the necessary objects carried out to heighten employee productivity.

2.A manager should always be available for the support and confusion clearance of any problems, employee encounters

3.Time to time evaluation is a must to track the productivity of the employees.

#Measure2- Quantitative Method;

The quantitative method is the easiest way to measure depending upon how many parts, applications, products, and calls an employee can process. You have to take into consideration the training period, lunchtime, and fixing timing.

But these are old-aged measurements and don’t give accurate analysis. Modern technology can rise so well there is infinite software to track employee productivity in analytical approaches.

How To Measure Employee’s Productivity Hours According to the Days with EmpMonitor?

Examine the employee’s productivity in the workplace with the analytical characteristics of EmpMonitor, to get detailed insights of the productive hours according to days.

Watch this video to get detailed how-to get insights into the productivity hours of the employee.

07 Efficient Tips to Upgrade Productivity in the Workplace;


Tip01- Reduce Disturbances

Social media and phones are the productivity murders as they distract the employees from their focus. In the workplace, no phone policy should be implemented to reduce distractions.

Tips 02Use Proper Tools and Resources 

Desktop monitoring software and other management-related tools are strictly crucial for saving time not to be wasted and productivity going on.

Tip03 Keep the Employee Satisfied!

The ultimate and crucial point for boosting the potency and survival of any organization is a happy employee. Happy employees boost up the productivity level and also be the magnet for the talent out there.

Tip04- Encourage, Motivate, and Remuneration

Celebrate the success of one employee to encourage others to do better. Motivate employees to work harder and win rewards, the higher the chance is they produce more productivity.

Tip05-Keep Target Focused and Luminous 

You can’t expect employees to be efficient if the goals are not clear and focused. All the assigned projects should be clear, understandable, and as narrow as possible.

Tip06- Play Missary Card well

Emissary is risky but worth to be taken. Give responsibilities to the qualified employee, believing that they will perform well, engage your employee to gain the experience and leadership position which will be useful for the company.

Tip07- Workplace Circumstances

Can’t stress enough that the working environment and place should be clean and positive to enjoy their work. Lighting should neither be too dim nor harsh, the same temperature should neither be too hot nor cold. A balanced environment helps the concentration flow better.

Here are the attractive features in just less than $6 /user/month packages.



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We have reviewed all the crucial points for intensifying the productivity graph in your organization. While managing employee productivity, keep in mind, it can be a decent chance to attain out from the competition but maintaining a healthy relationship with the employee is essential. Too much stress can result in adverse outcomes. Happy employees can be advantageous for any firm or industry, while measuring productivity in the workplace try to implement safe practices and be transparent towards the employee regarding the software.

So how do you manage to increase productivity as an employee? What employee productivity-enhancing tips will you recommend?

Did I skip something or any suggestion? 

Please let me know in the comment section below. Will love to hear about it.