From experience, we have realized the fact that insider threats are the principal cause of data breaches in organizations. We did a lot of research and found that almost more than half of the data breaching complaints aren’t reported externally.

Meanwhile, we also found that data breaching incidents due to insiders are on the rise. In a global study of Ponemon Institute, they have shown that since 2018, cyber-security breaches have increased by 47%. It shows that one of the most significant hurdles to cyber-security is insider data breaching.

As we know, all insider incidents didn’t happen because of malicious intent. And we found that accidental errors and negligent employees can also be the cause of such issues. Although, while comparing, we found that harm due to negligent employees is much lower than other insider threats.

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Types Of Insider Data Threats:-

We have further studied this issue and learned about other types of insider data threats. To be more specific, we have categorized these threats into four different types.

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Accidental Error: 

Due to the lack of cyber awareness, it has often seen that some employees fall in phishing traps causing data leakage. However, with proper training, such threats can be avoidable up to some extent.

Unintentional Negligence:

Negligence of employees is also one of the reasons for internal data breaches. According to survey stats, negligent insiders cost around $4.58 million to organizations. On average, it costs around $4.08M to organizations.

Intentional Misuse: 

Companies do spend a lot to control the negligence of employees. However, their cost per incident is much lower when compared with intentional misuse and criminal insider breaches. From the report, we found that an average expenditure of organizations due to criminal insiders is around $756K.

Credential Theft:

Nowadays, IT security management is a very tough job, as there are also privileged insiders causing the advanced persistent threat (APT) to the organizations. Such insiders can harm the most valuable assets of the organization. And it could cost 3-times per incident more than any accidental insider breaches.


From the research, it’s clear that risk due to insider threats in cyber-security is growing more. That’s the reason why organizations are spending more on insider threat management and prevention, investigating and dealing with internal cyber crimes.

However, often companies are not able to track such incidents on time. And that brings more pressure to incur further costs.

Detecting Insiders To Ensure Cyber Security:

There isn’t any device that can let you check the anatomy of the human brain to judge their character. Though there isn’t any approach that can patch all the issues related to insiders. Still, using the internal threat detection software, organizations can safeguard against most of the insider cyber-security breaches.

Insider Threat Detection With EmpMonitor:


  • The very first thing we have understood is that enterprises do spend a lot on the security of their valuable data. Despite that, their data can be quite vulnerable to insider threats. With EmpMonitor, the employer can get screenshots of employees’ computer activities. Thereby, he could find out any suspicious activities happening in his organization.
  • There is also a possibility that accidental incidents, where employees can fall out for phishing traps of outsiders. In such a case, the employer could use the IP white-listing feature of EmpMonitor so that employees can only have access to the data related to their work.
  • Negligent insiders are habitual to make mistakes, which can bring up more expenses for the employer. Using EmpMonitor software, the employer can track the Internet activities of employees. And it also provides the complete report of the log details, browsing history, keystrokes, and applications used by employees. That way, employers could easily be able to track the mistakes of negligent insiders who are causing damage to the organization.
  • Sometimes the employer trusts their employees and privileged them with access to valuable data of the company. Although most of the time, employees remain faithful to their company. But sometimes disgruntled employees do take advantage of their privileges to harm the valuable assets of the organization.


To safeguard against such insiders, the employer can utilize EmpMonitor Stealth mode monitoring using which employer can track the computer activities of employees’ computers without being recognizable to their system.


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How To Protect Your Data From Insider Threats? 2


From our research, we have concluded that insider breaches pose a significant threat to the cybersecurity of organizations, leading to increased expenditures and losses. In such cases, EmpMonitor emerges as a crucial tool for insider threat prevention. With its comprehensive monitoring features, employers can remotely access the computer activities of employees to identify any accidental or malicious threats to their company.

In this case study, we have tried to consider each and every aspect of insider threats and also shown how you can sort out those threats.

If you have anything to ask, you are always welcome to comment.

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