What is Employee Tracking Software?

Employee monitoring software helps your business to track your employee activity on company gadgets. And helps you know about their engagement with workplace related task.This software is loaded with lots of different functionality like it helps you to measure the productivity of the business, track attendance of your employee, ensure security and collect all proof of worked done by your employee.

Tools like employee monitoring software are a new implementation, but it brings in practice around for a long time ago in the year 1888. This software was firstly introduced by IBM.
Thanks to employee monitoring software which helps the different organization in monitoring their employee and increasing the rate of productivity. This software includes.

  • Internet and app usage
  • Email
  • Keystroke logging
  • Computer screen recording
  • Phone use
  • Video/audio surveillance
  • GPS tracking by vehicle
  • Location tracking by access badgeThrough this article, explain everything that You need to know about Employee Tracking Software


Chapter 1

Employee Tracking Software

Different type of Employee Tracking Software

Employee monitoring software comes in different size and shape. Check out the most common forms.


Internet usage

In today’s business, every work we do is based on the Internet. The Internet is not only used for the business purpose this is the best place where you can easily spend your time without getting bored. That’s why it can be useful for your business to use Internet Monitor to see URLs your employee open in their system.

But Some jobs like Social media Marketing manager they have to always visit different social media site for brand awareness. So it will be difficult for your to identify that they are using for work or spending time. So for this Internet monitor gives you the power to block URL to restrict your employees from visiting website which has no relation to work.



Email monitoring is one of the most important factors to protect your data from leakage. It helps your company by giving information about the email received and send by your employee through their system.



According to study 62% of an organization that has roaming workforces. So for your business location tracking of your employee is important for the completion of work in time. So Location tracking helps you to locate your employee position in world wide.

Chapter- 2

Employee Tracking Software

Advantage of Employee Tracking Software

Business people, administrators, and group pioneers can receive a lot of benefits from employee monitoring software. Let’s dive into the most common benefits.


Save Time

Employee Tracking Software

You paid your employee according to an hour they spent in the office. suppose you are company office hour is 8 hours. But your employee wasting more than 90 minutes in other work which is not related to work. Due to which work is not completed in time. But If you are using Employee Tracking software to track your employee work. Then be sure that your employee can’t waste time during production hour. It sends a real-time report of all employee work in your database. Which will help you to pick out that employee who are wasting times in other work during production hour?


Save You from Making Errors

Having more knowledge of what your colleagues are doing gives you a chance to catch mistakes before they spiral out of control. Possibly you see one of your employees has started working on a low-priority project, but you truly require him to concentrate his endeavors on an all the more opportune or critical project. You can give him an email or Slack message. About on which project he has to work. You can manage your employee work using Employee tracking software.

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Get Better Insights of Your Employee

Employee Tracking Software

Employee Monitoring Software not only helps you in increasing productivity of your business. It also helps you to get better insights of your employee. It allows you to find out which employee work on which project and how much time they spend in it. This methodology of Employee Monitoring software helps you to find out a better employee of your company. And you can appreciate his work with salary appraisal or by giving a bonus. This will motivate your employee to give better performance.


Security Increasement

Employee Tracking Software

It’s one of the ideal approaches to ensure your field employee aren’t in threat; for instance, “If an employee should be back at a specific time and no one has heard from them. Then using GPS option of the software you can easily identify your employee.


More Transparency

Employee monitoring can hugely affect your capacity to interface everybody. On the off chance that you have access to information from every last representative, you can get a high-level and granular view of what’s happening any time you want.

For instance, on the off chance that you know your graphic designer is taking a longer time to a task, you can surrender the heads to your marketing freelancer, who can’t do her work until the graphic designer is done.



Employee Tracking Software

How To Choose a System?

You’ve obviously got a lot of alternatives. To decide the best system for your business, there are numerous components to consider.

Since employee monitoring can have negative impacts when utilized mistakenly, it’s vital to pose three inquiries before you embrace any new framework.

  • Will it help our business be more viable?
  • Will it help our business keep away from liabilities?
  • Will it help our business with an inward examination, or let us spot issues before they create?


Type of team

Obviously, you’ll likewise need to represent the kind of group you run. On the off chance that your employee is all inside one office, then setting up a framework that screens their mobile utilize are substantially more practical than if they’re scattered all over the world. On the off chance that your employees are continually making a trip to meet customers, utilizing a GPS tracking framework is most likely the best decision. Assuming most or the greater part of your employees get a yearly pay, as opposed to an hourly one, consider utilizing an employee monitoring framework that is somewhat more adaptable.



Presently, you know the different sorts of employee monitoring, its advantages and disadvantages, which sort to use inside your company, how to remain inside the law, what to consider about particular programming, and how to get your employee onboard. To use best employee tracking software for your business click on the below button.