After a long time, I was checking the latest applications to use in my work process. Suddenly, some thoughts came into my mind that took the face of a blog that you are reading right now.

For instance, let me know one thing before proceeding into the blog. Have you ever heard the term “monitoring”? What do you feel when someone speaks about tracking something? Is there any negative notion about this? If so, you will get clarified about the term monitoring that is not for one purpose.

In this digital doorway, people use several applications. To make work easy, we have hundreds and thousands of applications downloaded into our system. Especially in corporate premises, employees are allowed to use several applications during their office hours.

 But, not all applications are essential to us. Many applications can be malicious to us. It can hack our system causing data leakage and insider threat. So, do we have an instant solution for it? Yes, we do.


What is application monitoring software?

Application monitoring software is to monitor applications used by the employees during their working hours. In an organization, the employers must check whether the applications downloaded in their stack are running smoothly without affecting user experience. 

Here comes another term to be aware of, APM(Application performance management). Heard about it before? If not, let us talk about it.


What is APM or application performance monitoring software?

Application performance monitoring software is to monitor and optimize the apps enhancing the user experience. There are many application performance monitoring software available out there in the market. 

When you further roll into the blog, you will find a complete list of application performance management tools with their benefits and features to help you discover the best comprehensive tool that focuses on user experience. 

Never mind:  Never pronounce monitoring of employees negatively. These actions help to keep the confidential data of the organizations safe from hackers. Also, these actions can help employers stop using applications that can be dangerous to the systems.


Top 05 application monitoring software tools for you:

Below are the top 05 application monitoring tools with their benefits and key features to help you pick the best one that suits your organization.


1. Dotcom-Monitor:

dotcom-monitor-application monitoring software

It is an application performance management tool that can record browser actions, navigation, cursor movements, and keystrokes. In addition to this, Dotcom-Monitor offers monitoring platforms like web view, browser view, metrics view, and server view.

Key features:

  • It can monitor over 40 system’s browsers.
  • Its monitoring network is global.
  • It monitors behind a firewall.
  • Provide real-time information.
  • 24*7 support.


2. Stackify:

stakify-application monitoring tool


This application monitoring software is to find troubleshooting, bugs, issues in production, etc. It is for optimizing application performance.

 It supports common frameworks and discovers all the apps in your device automatically to help you monitor through SMS alerts and emails. With this tool, customers can also create their metrics and monitor the performance.

Key features:

  • It supports PHP, .NET, and JAVA.
  • It performs deployment tracking to examine the performance of the applications.
  • Supports server monitoring.


3. EmpMonitor:

empmonitor-application monitoring software


EmpMonitor is an application monitoring software that lets you gain insights into the top 10 applications used in real-time at a glance. It can analyze the apps used by your employees in the past 180 days. Dates can get adjusted accordingly.

It also monitors the browsing history and records every single visited website address. You can track URLs visited by your employees during their working hours. Here, you can view websites that your employees visited in the past 180 days.

With the help of this application monitoring tool, you can analyze if your employees are productive or unproductive.

The best part is, EmpMonitor is an open-source application monitoring software to experience 15 days free trial for five users. It comes with a package of keystroke monitoring, 360 degree productivity measurement, automatic screenshots, track browser history, and many more.

Key features:

  • You can have a detailed report on the company productivity workflows through graphics of EmpMonitor.


  • Real-time screenshots are captured automatically and produced in high quality. It is one of the best ways to keep an eye on your employee activities and secure company data.


  • EmpMonitor gives you reports about the employees who are working currently.


  • With the help of EmpMonitor, you can monitor and manage your employees from a single dashboard.


  • If your employees are not working and sitting idle at their workplace, you can monitor them and take action against them.


  • With detailed timesheets, you can track the time taken by the employees to complete a single task.

Timesheet management

  • EmpMonitor supports operating systems: Windows and Linux.


4. New Relic:

new relic-application monitoring software

This application monitoring tool is to optimize applications used in the systems. It also monitors the performance of the applications and offers real-user monitoring offers.

Key features:

  • Real user monitoring.
  • Synthetic monitoring.
  • Domain level problems.


5. Cisco:cisko-application monitoring software

This monitoring tool includes end-user monitoring products. It manages application performance and has customizable dashboards to analyze app topology.

Key features:

  •  User visit data.
  • Transaction snapshots.
  • Supports java, PHP, .NET, Node.js, etc.
  • 150+ integrations.

Are you confused? No worries. Here are a few tips which you can consider while choosing application monitoring software for your organization.


Tips for choosing application monitoring tools:

tips for choosing application monitoring software

Tip-1. It should have programming language support.

Tip-2. It should have cloud-based services.

Tip-3. Understandable features and easy to use.

Tip-4. It should provide real-time reports and analytics.

Tip-5. It should not include security issues.

Tip-6. Are you in search of low-cost or free trials? Pick the one who is offering free trials.

Tip-7. Is it available for 24*7? Do check once before you choose.

Choosing the right tools for your organization can help you expose blind spots in your existing premises. So, find your problems and choose the right solution for your organization with application monitoring tools.


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To wrap up:

With the help of application monitoring software, we can identify employee activities regarding few questions like, what type of application frequently used by the employees? Are those applications safe to use? Is there any malicious activity involved?

By monitoring application software, you can save yourself from security issues like data leakage and insider threat, as I have said earlier. From the above list, you can choose the best one for your organization by comparing the benefits and features acquired by all the tools.

I would have recommended you to go for EmpMonitor because I think it can stand out in the crowd of open-source application monitoring software.

Which is your pick up among these? Have you decided yet? Please share your experience with us. I hope you like this blog. If there is anything that I can do for you or anything that you want to add to this blog to make it more valuable, frame your voice in words and reach me through this comment box below. I would love to hear from you!

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