As an innovative remote business owner, it is important to know how to effectively manage remote teams. What are the methods and tools you can use to track remote employees productivity? What various activities of remote teams should you track? 

If you are not careful on these thoughts you could end up paying your employees for the work they never did or underpaying those who did. Not only does it affect you on the payroll process but also hampers workforce productivity and can even lead you to bankruptcy.

Managing remote teams is itself a challenge that needs to be carried out efficiently. Therefore a few different methods and tools you can choose depending on your business needs that can help you overcome the challenge of remote team management. In this blog post, we will discuss various effective ways to manage and track remote employees.


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Effective Ways to Track Remote Employees



Set Clear Goals and Objectives – Before you start to track remote employees, it is important to set clear expectations and objectives for each person. By doing this you will be visible for what you expect from them. If the employee doesn’t know his objective, he won’t be able to fulfil your expectations. 

Regular updates – Get regular updates on who is working on what. All you need to do is to ask every remote employee to report their current task and lined up tasks for each day. These updates are of great importance as it keeps you aware of what each employee is working on and also estimates the time taken by the employee to complete that task.

Timeline For Each Task – When remote employees are assigned a timeline, they will take their tasks more seriously and give their best effort to accomplish them within the specified timeframe.

Attendance Tracking – To record the clock-in/ clock-out time of employees along with their activity is another effective way to track remote employees. Time tracking through this method is very important since it allows you to see all the activities of remote employees during their working hours.

Balanced Workload – One of the important aspects while monitoring remote employees is to ensure that everyone is productive. Based on the employee productivity report, you must effectively delegate the task among your employees to maintain a balanced workload while preventing employee burnout.

Employee Tracking Software – Using Employee Tracking Software is one of the most effective ways to manage remote employees. It is the best way to gather actual information about employees’ activities during working hours remotely or in the office. This way you can not only identify the sticking points but can also enhance work practices to make the most of every minute.

Track Remote Employees With EmpMonitor

If you have not started using employee management software or looking for an effective one, then do give EmpMonitor a try. It is the best employee tracking system that covers all necessary aspects involved in tracking remote employees. It comprises several integrated features that you can use to track remote employees activity.

Have a look at some of its features, 

Employee Website Activity


Employees can spread unproductivity by spending time on streaming videos, talking with friends, and playing games during their working hours. It is important to know about the unproductive websites your employees are using so that you can block those sites that are creating distractions and affecting employee’s productivity.

Application Usage


You can track remote employees with EmpMonitor- a live screen monitoring software, while they are wasting time on social media, games, or using any unauthorised application. It is possible for employees to use unauthorised applications without intending to harm their employers. But there is a big risk that sensitive company data could be accessed by unauthorised individuals. 

Therefore tracking application usage is essential for uncovering disengaged employees and detecting unauthorised programs that might compromise the company’s data. 

Log in Activity


When you track remote employees login activity you get the actual count of their productive hours and idle hours. A person’s productivity is determined by their physical activity, such as typing or moving a mouse. With EmpMonitor you can obtain all such insights of your employees computer activity, when the computer is idle/active, internet usage report, attendance report, and much more.

Not only this, EmpMonitor also enables you to store detailed records in a secure location, such as timesheets, invoices, and productivity progress. Also, it allows easy access from anywhere, allowing remote employees to log in their own hours and giving you the ability to monitor them.

At the end of the day, you can see the whole picture from a single dashboard and make important decisions. In short, you can say EmpMonitor is the best remote employee monitoring software.


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Some Benefits of Using EmpMonitor


  • EmpMonitor shows you the actual time spent on work that includes working hours and idle hours. It provides you the ability to watch and reduce employee time theft.


  • By analysing productivity and engagement reports you can optimise the work process and make employees more productive.


  • An Integrated productivity tracker ensures less usage of non-work websites and unauthorised applications.


  • Regular screenshots and reports from internet usage monitoring provide evidence of unuseful computer and website activity. 

How to Choose The Best Software to Track Remote Employees


Since now you have already read about the various ways and aspects to track remote employees and how employee tracking software is beneficial to manage remote employees. It’s now the time to find out how to choose the best software for your organization as per your needs.

While choosing an employee management software, you need to keep the below must-have features in mind.

  1. Webpage Monitoring – It allows you to monitor the websites visited by employees. The data is usually recorded when the website is accessed.
  2.  Application Monitoring – It allows you to monitor the applications used by the employee, that are authorised or unauthorised.
  3. Keystroke Logging – It allows you to keep track of each logging duration to see your employees total working hours and idle hours.
  4. Screenshots – It allows you to see timely screenshots of your employee computer screen.
  5. Security – The system should be well -secured to keep the company’s sensitive data in a secured location.


Some Studies And Facts About Employee Tracking

  • According to a study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, there is a fast rise in the number of employees who are comfortable with monitoring. Statistics show it was 10% in 2015, 30% in 2019, and 79% in 2022.


  • Conducted by over 1250 employers, a research by showed that 60% of companies with remote employees are using employee tracking systems, while 17% are thinking over it.


  • A US statistic shows that 64% of employees visit non-work websites each day. Of these people 39% spent one hour or less, 29% spent 2 hours, 21% spent 5 hours, and 3% spent 10 hours or more per day.


  • Business reports indicate that employee tracking tools are directly connected to business growth and profit and can have a huge impact on budgeting and marketing plans.


Looking at all the points of consideration it is important for you to acquire an employee tracking software that is relevant for your business. As well as regular check ins to the productivity reports are essential to track remote employees. By reviewing this data you can foresee any potential problem and address them before it gets bigger.

Also it is important for managers to make sure that having a track on employee activities does not reduce their trust level. Implementing a time tracking software to increase workforce productivity rather than to pressurise an employee to be productive is what you should do to set a smooth flow.