Lawyers are always working against the clock because there is never enough time to complete everything in a day. Many lawyers opt to work extended hours instead of embracing more efficient methods, such as utilizing time tracking software for lawyers.

Growing expenses, controlling costs, and wasting time on administrative work are some of the most frequent problems facing law firms. Modern legal technology makes it possible to automate many of these laborious tasks. These inefficiencies can result in significant losses in industries that bill by the hour.

So, let’s delve into the world of time tracking software for lawyers and understand its advantages.

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What is Time Tracking Software for Law Firms?


Time tracking software for lawyers is a systematic way of keeping track of the amount of time spent on different cases, activities, and duties within the legal profession. To obtain insight into how time is allocated throughout the day, this approach requires tracking work on particular projects, keeping track of billable and non-billable hours, and categorizing jobs.

Lawyer time tracking is crucial for accurate billing, client transparency, and maximizing productivity within the legal practice. It ensures legal practitioners meet client expectations, effectively manage their time, and make well-informed decisions that improve overall efficiency in providing legal services.

Benefits of Time Tracking Software for Law Firms

One of the benefits of lawyer time tracking is it provides a clear picture of their time, especially their billing hours. It allows them to manage their time more efficiently. Some other benefits of law firm time tracking are:

Revealing Inefficiencies


Time tracking software for law firms shows what attorneys accomplish with their time, including tracking billable time that isn’t invoiced. Lawyers from many firms spend time on non-legal commercial tasks like marketing, bookkeeping, and administrative work. A law firm can outsource those activities that lead to a loss of revenue.

Lawyer time tracking can also automate more laborious operations, such as creating invoices and receiving electronic payments. To maintain compliance with professional conduct guidelines, law companies should ideally select software made especially for legal professionals.

Improved Billing Accuracy


Both large and boutique law firms charge by the hour. However, the time spent on a client’s case may not always account for in-person meetings with set durations or unfinished phone calls.

Time management software for lawyers provides insights into the time spent on tasks like telephone calls, case research, emails, witness interviews, trial preparations, lead follow-ups, etc.

Conserves Time and Resources


Law firm Time tracking software provides many time-saving features like automated timers allowing users to start and stop time. Meetings tend to run longer than expected, and people forget to stop the clock, so it ensures the tracking is as accurate as possible.

Additionally, some systems enable users to track numerous jobs, making it simple and quick for users to switch from one task to another while keeping track of their time.

Customizable Reports and Analysis


As different law firms have distinct issues with accuracy and efficiency, time tracking software for lawyers provides easily customized reports that extract data and present it in easily understood visuals for supervisors. It allows them to access nearly every facet of the company’s performance, broken down by user, client, or project, such as work-in-progress, unpaid invoices, and time spent with a particular client.

Easily Identify Best Performers


Working hours are frequently used as a benchmark by businesses for colleagues, and these stats naturally help predict who will advance into leadership roles. Your company can always know which attorneys generate the highest billable money using lawyer time-tracking.

On the other hand, you can readily monitor the progress of specific associates using time tracking software who are falling behind in billable hours and collaborate with them to improve their numbers.

How To Choose The Best Time Tracking Software for Lawyers?

Nowadays there are time tracking software for employees that are cloud-based, you can be sure that you always have access to up-to-date information, regardless of where your team is situated or what device they are using.

Thanks to that lawyers time tracking has become more efficient. It ensures that hourly rates are correct and uniform across all lawyers as soon as they finish the work.

While selecting the best time tracking software for lawyers, you should take into account the factors specific to what a law firm needs:

Security and Privacy

Select a platform that protects sensitive data and maintains its confidentiality by putting strong security measures in place. You should specifically look for essential features like user access control, encryption, and two-factor authentication.

Analytical and Reporting Skills

Understanding how your company is doing requires significant information, which lawyer time tracking software may give you in the form of handy numbers. These platforms provide thorough reporting features, enabling you to smoothly generate reports on various topics, including task breakdowns and hourly rates.

Billing Customization

You may offer different legal services to various clients, and your billing system & rates should be adjusted accordingly. So, always look for a platform that enables you to establish personalized billing rates according to particular parameters, such as the type of client or the practice area. It will help you streamline the entire process, making it easier for clients to understand the billing system.

User-Friendly Interface

It is crucial to find software that is simple to use and intuitive. When you could be working on more beneficial projects, you don’t want to waste hours to figure out how a system operates or how to enter billable time. Instead, opt for time management software for lawyers with a straightforward UI and essential features that enable hour tracking without requiring immense training.

One such time tracking software is EmpMonitor. With an excellent user-friendly interface, let’s learn about this software in detail.

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EmpMonitor- The Best Time Tracking Software


EmpMonitor is a robust and reliable employee monitoring tool that can monitor your workforce, helping you track the employees’ computer activity.

With over 500k+ employees tracked across 100+ countries, EmpMonitor serves its features across various business aspects like IT Industry, Banking, Healthcare, Education, etc. It provides some key features like monitoring team performance, managing a distributed workforce & enhancing security measures that help increase productivity at work.

EmpMonitor has evolved as one of the best time tracking software by providing an array of features for law firms.

Automatic Timesheets

EmpMonitor provides an automatic timesheet that helps in avoiding manual time entry. It automatically starts tracking time immediately after the user logs in the system.

This workforce management software helps managers to get transparency and clarity in the office, which helps to increase productivity.

Advanced Admin Control

Admin control is an excellent feature for managers in EmpMonitor. It helps the admin to check every minute of the lawyer’s work schedule. Whether they are online or offline, it shows up on their screen.

Based on that, admin can access the situation and keep track of ongoing work focusing on overall improvement. Managers can also set rules for different kinds of work to get all the data in one place.

Intelligent Alert Feature

EmpMonitor, being one of the best time tracking software, provides an intelligent alert feature that sets alerts for specific employee behavior. It prevents malicious and unproductive activities during work hours.

Automated Reports

EmpMonitor is a time-tracking app that provides detailed time reports and actionable insights with the help of advanced timesheets contributing to the company’s growth. It also helps in maintaining payroll data and accurate billing.

Implementing time tracking software like EmpMonitor helps your law firms identify inefficiencies, select work to outsource, monitor the time of individual lawyers, and accurately bill customers, fostering better revenue and success.


As the legal profession is seeing a growing strategic value in time management, using time tracking software for lawyers may help achieve efficiency, excellence, and transparency.

Because of the lawyer time tracking, the door to not just managing time but also mastering it, guaranteeing a time when each billable minute is tracked, and each legal service provided is an example of accuracy and professionalism.