In the business world, time is the money! And those who make good use of their time can accomplish great success in their business. Being an employer, what you expect most from your employees is to manage their time effectively. And always complete their work on given tasks and projects before reaching deadlines.

It won’t be easy for you to manage all these things together. So, you should invest in software that lets you monitor computer activities of your employees. There are such software using which you can efficiently monitor remote computer activities. That includes browsing, websites and applications used, internet usage, social media usage, and other activities.

It not only helps you to check the work presence of your employees, but also let you keep track of productivity. Compared to manually checking everything, with computer monitoring technology you had an overall advantage to manage your workforce more comfortably.

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So if you have also decided to implement PC monitoring software, here are the things which you should know:

Application Usage Activity-

Your employees have been using different applications and software in their work process. Do you know about all of them? Computer monitoring software allows you to track the applications that your employees use in their work. So you will be able to know about the new technological updates and software needed in your workplace.


There might be some professional tools and software that are  free, licensed, developed in-house, or by a third party company. Knowing such things, you could be able to make a better decision on whether to invest in those software or not. Moreover, by monitoring the applications and website usage, you will also learn about the non-productive applications. From this, you can instantly know whether your employees have been really engaging in their work or doing something else.

One of the best computer monitoring software is EmpMonitor that has this feature, which lets you track the apps used by your employees. Also, it has a feature, which allows you to label websites and apps whether they are really productive in your business or not. So you could be able to avoid those elements in your workplace that are not really useful and can hurt your work productivity.

Internet Usage & Social Media-

When working online, it’s obvious that your employees would surf on the internet. They might be doing so to enhance their knowledge or learn something that can improve their professional skills. However, there can be situations when they are not productive and browsing the internet to check social media or entertainment sites. With monitoring software, you could be able to know about such activities instantly.


For example, suppose one of your employees is having a habit of checking social media during production hours. And sometimes they even start doing long time chats with others. Such things will not only impact productivity but also compromises the discipline of your work environment.

In such cases, it’s much better to use software like EmpMonitor that takes screenshots of employees’ computers every few seconds. So that you could be able to learn about their online activities. While you can also block such websites that are not productive in your business.

Employee Attendance Monitoring-

One of the great aspects of computer monitoring is that it would let you keep track of employees’ attendance. When employees log on to their computer, it automatically records the clock in time till the logout.

Though many organizations also use punching machines to track attendance in their workplace.  However, the problem with that system is you can’t avoid problems like buddy punching.  Employee attendance monitoring provides a simple solution to all such problems.

First of all, when you monitor the computer activities of employees, it shows you their real-time repost.  So you can really be assured whether they are engaged in work activities or doing something else.


Also, employee monitoring can also help you know how much time your employees are taking to complete their tasks. Especially if you have employees working for billable hours, then monitoring computer activities becomes essential. As it can help you keep track of their total work hours, productive hours, and idle hours. Accordingly you can make their payments.

Thus you can see that nowadays, it’s quite important to monitor computer activities of employees. And also now, that we have inherited work from home culture from the last year 2020, implementing monitoring technologies has become somewhat essential for every industry.

EmpMonitor is an excellent computer tracking software that many industries and organizations are using. It has various features that solves the productivity management challenges of companies. Here we have shown them.

Screenshots: This feature of EmpMonitor takes the screenshot of employees’ computer screen activities every few seconds. There you have the ability to set the fixed timing for consecutive screenshots. As per your requirement, you can adjust the timing to monitor employees’ PC activity.


Remote Monitoring Employees’: With EmpMonitor, employers can monitor the computer activities of their employees even when they are working far from their workstations. As we know, due to COVID 19, most companies have given remote working options to their employees. While they can use remote monitoring solutions like EmpMonitor to manage business remotely.currently-active-users

Keylogger: It is a feature that keeps the record of every keystroke from an employee’s computer during their reg-work hours. This feature of EmpMonitor can be quite useful when employees share passwords and other important work-related data with others. So that being an employer, you can affirm to avoid any breaches in your organization.


Data Records: EmpMonitor has this function, which keeps records of work data from every employees’ computer. It gives you cloud storage integration, where you can store all recorded data. Without proper authorization, others cannot access that data.Download-reports

Productivity Calculator: One of the most important and basic features of EmpMonitor is that it tracks work-time. For example, suppose an employee is working on a shift of 8 hours a day. But it’s not possible to be productive for an entire 8 hours. Employees may take some breaks and spend idle hours. EmpMonitor counts the actual productive and idle hours of employees to calculate their productivity.


Additional to the individual performance of each employee, it also shows you the overall statistical report of productivity in your firm. In case you have fallen in production, you can check on the stats to overcome the productivity issues.

Winding Up:

Here we have discussed the best features of monitoring systems and how you can utilize them to efficiently monitor computer activities of employees and manage them appropriately. It will help you identify the flaws in your system that makes you lose more time and money. So that you can control the internet and social media usage, improve attendance and boost productivity in your business. Computer monitoring software can help you to provide the detailed information that you need to analyze for improving your business production. EmpMonitor lets you evaluate your employees’ overall productivity, and tell you who is working hard, lagging, and working on areas that need improvement.

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