In the corporate world, the most highlighted word is productivity!! But what is it? Okay, now let’s define productivity. It is the efficiency of an employee to accomplish a task on time. We can never define productivity in terms of the number of projects completed. It refers to the significant assignments to get addressed and completed within the designated time.

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Usually, multiple tasks get assigned to the team at a time. But the team has to decide and work on those projects that are important and marked as productive. All the companies have a list that defines the tasks that are productive according to their higher authorities. So, the employees should concentrate and prioritize those assignments.

An employee is productive if they focus on the significant tasks completely and furnish them on time. Do not try to get your hands on all the assigned projects, and leave them unattended as it will bring down the productivity of the entire company. Employees need to work at an average pace on some particular tasks and not at the highest speed on every other project. 

Top Productivity Approaches


Reduce Unproductive Activities

The first thing the companies have to do is to prepare a list of unproductive activities. Now, what is that? At times, employees keep on working on every other task they receive. They do not make it necessary to focus on significant assignments as the priority. So, the higher authorities have to mark the activities that need to get addressed first.

Now, how can higher authorities do that? How can the employers make a list and calculate the productivity of their employees according to that? Well, they will need employee monitoring software. With EmpMonitor, managers can easily add productive activities to a list. According to that, the software will calculate the productivity of each employee individually. 

Some companies restrict their employees from scrolling through social media platforms during their working hours. They can also mark visiting particular websites as unproductive. Hence, the hours they spend on checking their social networking sites will not get calculated as a productive hour.

Understand The Priorities

Employers need to make their team understand to focus on particular tasks. The maximum priority should be given to the productive assignments marked by the higher authorities. The strategy to maintain the priority list is quite simple. The managers will find these methods helpful to get their employees committed to their work.

The first thing is to pick out the most urgent task of the day and start working on it. Why? If the employees begin their working hours with significant assignments, they will try to complete them by the end of the day. They are the most enthusiastic during the commencement of the day. So this makes most sense that they will make sure to accomplish most of their tasks.

It is an uncomplicated approach, but the first project might be a big and lengthy one. But with a fresh mind, the employees will be able to address it and furnish it on time. Hence, the employees should follow a 15 minutes routine to prioritize their important assignments and start working accordingly.

Some More Productivity Concepts

The managers in a company need to focus on maintaining the to-do list of the entire team efficiently and get more things done by their employees. They do not have to repeat similar things over and over again to their workers. Listing out what to do when will help the managers and employers know what to do every morning. It will also reduce the number of meetings they need to hold to explain the task.

Employers often fail to keep running with the strategies they have implemented in the long run. But to maximize the productivity of the company, they need to follow some tactics.

Steps To Increase Productivity Every Day


Manage Energy With Time

We all know that when we are the most energetic when we start with our working hours. And this is the reason why I introduced a strategy to have a morning routine. The employees know the hours they can give their best and at which time they are a bit low. Hence, the employers should let the team decide what to do at which hour.

By the end of the day, the managers need their work to get done. The employees should have the flexibility to choose their tasks and make sure they complete them on time. 

Provide the tasks to the team during the commencement of the working hours, then let employees decide which project they prioritize the most and wish to address at first.

Put Together a Night Before

We discussed the morning routine, but why not prepare some of them the night before. If the employees have an idea of the projects they will be working on the next day, they can arrange everything before. The employees can follow both routines. If they are unaware of the task and need direction, they must follow the morning routine. If the employees are already aware of the projects, they must follow this routine preparing everything the night before.

It will save their morning energy as well. The employees need to log in to the system and start working on it. They do not need to bother about the preparation. Workers will have to concentrate on the task itself. The employees need to shortlist the assignments they have for the next day and accomplish them on time.

Do not Check Email For Few Hours

At first, the thing every employee does is to check their emails. But it can wait for a few hours. The workers can mark which are the notable mails and which have an urgency to get responded. It would be completely wrong on my part to ask the employees not to check their inbox. I want to convey that, if it is not that important the employees can postpone it for some hours.

Utilize the first few hours of the day to address the significant tasks. After that, when the employee is a bit low, they can check and reply to the emails. It will make the process a little uncomplicated. 

Leave Distractions In Another Room

The employees get most distracted with their mobile devices during office hours. So it is advised to either keep in the silent mode or leave it in another room. While working on significant tasks, employers will never want their employees to get distracted by multiple phone calls. Even in some companies, it is not allowed to scroll social media while working.

If the employees do not want to decrease their productivity hours, they must keep their entertaining partner away during the working hours. It is such a simple process. But trust me, it can make a huge difference.

When the employees feel like taking a break, they can go to the cafeteria or chat with their colleagues. But if they start checking their mobile devices, they will end up consuming more time. 

What’s More?


Employers can start using EmpMonitor today to make their employees more productive. It provides them with a detailed productivity report of each employee individually. When they receive a record, they can check which employee is working on which tasks and consuming how much time. 

The employee monitoring tool will also issue a productivity alert for the employees with less productivity at work. The managers can then take necessary actions to bring the employee to the track of productivity.

The tool also captures screenshots at random intervals while working and keeps a check on the keyboard of the employees. It will help you in better monitoring of the employees at the workplace.

The software is easy to get intrigued with other software and so uncomplicated to install that even employers can use it for their remote employees.

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Final Words

I hope this blog will be a game-changer for the companies. Employers can make use of these strategies to skyrocket their productivity, both in-office employees or remote workers. Implementing some of these methods will help the managers to see a rise in productivity.

Is there something that we can include? Please drop your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!