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Business Services

Many business organisations have various responsibilities in terms of loss prevention. Similarly, they also need to secure the sensitive data, which includes, business process, patentable technologies, and other Internet Protocol based networks.Therefore, our software helps in providing complete protection for your confidential data, which benefits in managing your own business operations easily.

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Educational Institutes

EmpMonitor is a cloud-based monitoring software, which will help you to remotely monitor students and faculty computer activities and have full control over your institution. As, educational sector is a desirable target for insiders, as well as crooks because of the enormous amount of data, such as login credentials, research info, social security numbers and many more.


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Financial services is an industry plagued with exceptionally high levels of insider breaches and information misconduct. Banks, insurers, and investment companies have access to millions of customers personally identifiable information as well as self developed intellectual property which they have to protect. In order to stay ahead of the game, organizations in the financial industry need to focus on monitoring their employees and keeping their client information safe. In that case, EmpMonitor serves the best!

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EmpMonitor is a safety guard for busy parents. It helps parents to control and protect kids without checking their computer manually on a daily basis. Our software provides parents a complete track record of their kid, what they’re doing online, how much time they have spent in a day, on which site they’re engaged most and help them to take appropriate actions whenever required.


Why To Use?

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