As an employer, you might not want anything more than a harmonious and productive team at your place. Right? 

On the contrary, there comes a great possibility of unwelcome guests, such as workforce bullying and employee burnout, that can wreak havoc in your workplace culture.

Well! You might think everything is running at its best, but let’s face it! Despite your efforts, certain actions might be happening behind the scenes that are flying under the radar. 

It’s no less than a deadly virus as it infects the work culture and accelerates the toxicity to infinity! Yes – it’s time we address it!

Work industries are evolving swiftly, and so are the hurdles. Companies are aggressively opting for multiple management tools. And it is helping them attain productive outcomes. 

But wait! Is this worth spending on multiple tools when you can use an all-in-one solution?  

Well! Every problem has its solution, and this blog will drive you through one of the best solutions — Workforce Productivity Software

You might be aware of how productivity management software can be your rescuer when managing your employees. But here comes a secret! The software can assist you with much more than that! 

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So brew a cup of coffee and start exploring further!

Workplace Bullying – A Root Cause Of Inefficiency


Workplace bullying can be described as a persistent pattern of behavior that causes physical or emotional stress and humiliation. It can be of companions and occasionally assistants. It leads to non-productive behavior towards the organization.

Here are some workplace bullying practices: 
  • Unwanted criticism 
  • Criticize without factual justification 
  • Being managed differently than the rest of your workgroup
  • Being cursed at
  • Being screamed at or being denied 
  • Being the target of practical jokes 

These are some actions involved in workplace bullying, and, at certain times, it comes from unethical behavior from the employees and results in targeting individuals. 

Now that we know what practices can be termed bullying, it’s time to witness some workplace bullying!

What Are The Consequences Of Workplace Bullying?


Well! To make the best out of workforce productivity software, it is crucial to decode the problem and analyze it accordingly. 

While talking about workplace bullying, it creates team turnover, desertion, and the productivity level goes downhill. This makes employers encounter complex problems and cause organizations to carry a bag of losses and suffering. Undoubtedly, bullying in the workplace not only brings misery to employees but also to employers too.

Here are the after-effects of bullying for both employers and employees.

Bullying in the workplace has side effects on employees –
  • Stress 
  • Emotional trauma 
  • Anxiety 
  • Sleeping problems
  • Lack of self-esteem
  • Suicidal thoughts
Bullying in the workplace has side effects for employers –
  • Low productivity level
  • Towering absenteeism 
  • Depressing work environment 
  • Constant searching for the replacement
  • Expense over legal actions and investigations

By now, we have looked at how bullying in the workplace could hamper a company’s functionality. And we know, as an employer, it’s crucial to come up with the most accurate solution! 

Overview Of Workforce Productivity Software


Alright! Let’s get into the core of productivity management tools. You might be wondering how this software could help you with preventing bullying. 

We are cracking it for you!

In a nutshell, a workforce productivity tool is a comprehensive software that surrounds various features and functionalities to enhance efficiency in the workplace. It comes with the capacity to be your go-to solution for project management, time tracking, team collaboration, and more. 

Well! Many evolving companies have already opted for employee management software, but they might be unaware of its potential. A workforce management tool can serve much more than just keeping track of check-in and check-out time!

Now that you know the core of workforce productivity software, let’s look at the exciting benefits it brings to the table. 

  • Saves Your Time: It prevents wasting your precious time on manual administrative tasks or searching lost files.
  • Support Team Work: It enables smooth collaborations amongst team members, regardless of their physical location. It creates a positive approach toward work management and increases employee engagement. 
  • Check Employee Insights: You can collect valuable insights into your team’s performance and progress. 

These basic features can help you make informed decisions and optimize your process to bring in efficient workability. 

How Can Productivity Software Contribute to Addressing Workplace Bullying?


As we dive through the functionality of workforce productivity software, it becomes easier to understand how it can contribute to addressing bullying at workstations.

So let’s connect the dots!

Picture this: You are an employee in the company and experiencing bullying at the workplace. You might be hesitant to come forward and talk about it. Isn’t it?

That’s where workplace productivity software can be a helping hand! 

But here comes a twist.

You would agree that numerous employee management software over the web claims to increase employee engagement, but here, a query arises: which software can help you identify bullying practices?

Well! Very few tools help you with that! One such tool is EmpMonitor

How Can EmpMonitor Prevent Workplace Bullying?


As an employer, you might be aware of the importance of checking employees’ activities while at work. 

EmpMonitor is a workforce productivity software that not only assists employers in managing productivity but also helps them upgrade the work environment.

It comprises valuable features to increase employee engagement, but let’s discuss the key features that can help you avoid bullying practices at the workplace!

Automatic Screenshot

The screenshot feature gives a visual window into the employee’s work and if someone is intimidating any employee through personal texts or emails at official work.

In a workplace, bullying often takes place through messages or emails. Sometimes, the person might delete such messages to erase such evidence. But the screenshot feature of EmpMonitor automatically takes screenshots of the user’s screen at regular intervals.

It can play a vital role in preventing bullying at work by capturing unethical texts or instances of harassment. 

Here is how it can help:

  • Evidence Collection
  • Documentation of Bullying Instances.
  • Support for Victim
  • Confidential Reporting
  • Inversion and Resolution

But wait! How can you collect all this information from every employee? Difficult, isn’t it?

That’s why the employee productivity tool comprises helpful features!

Timestamped Monitoring

Let’s understand how the time-strapped records of workforce productivity software, such as EmpMonitor, can help prevent bullying in the workplace.

  • Provide objective documentation of employees’ activities, including interaction and communications.
  • Identify patterns of bullying behavior over the period.
  • Serves as collaborative evidence when multiple employees report bullying.
  • Track individuals involved in bullying incidence.
  • Address any sort of denials or disputes at the workplace.

As we discussed in the earlier part of the blog, bullying could lead to a sterile environment and make employees feel burnout.

Then how can you identify whether an employee is performing their best or not?

Don’t worry! EmpMonitor can help you with that too!

EmpMonitor is a revolutionary workforce productivity software that enables the smooth functioning of small-scale to large-scale companies.

It comes with multiple features that include:

Productivity Monitoring

It offers comprehensive productivity reports that analyze employees’ overall performance. It not only mentions productive time but also keeps a check on total working hours, unproductive time, idle time, and more. EmpMonitor provides a detailed chart of active time that includes productive and unproductive activities.

Check-in and Check-out Time

EmpMonitor lets employees check in while coming to the office and check out, respectively. Well! Here comes an interesting part! Employers can set the timings per the office’s rules and protocols.

Internet and Application Monitoring

If you are concerned about employees getting distracted by non-work-related websites or applications, we have got you covered! The tool lets you monitor internet usage and track applications used by employees while at work.

Keystroke Logging

The workforce productivity software helps you with detailed insight into employees’ keystrokes. It allows you to understand what they are looking for, their typing speed, and overall efficiency.  

Insider Threat Detection

Well! Security must be a top priority for every organization. Thus selecting software that helps increase employee engagement and point out any unethical practices is equally important. EmpMonitor includes features such as data loss prevention.

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Is Remote Work Hampering Workforce Productivity?

Remote Work Monitoring

With the drastic rise of remote work, many companies still struggle to manage remote and hybrid work systems. EmpMonitor creates an unbeatable solution for such a scenario. With easy check-in and check-out, one can work remotely, and employees can keep track of their official activities parallelly.

Break Time Monitoring

Every employee should get a refreshment break in between. Well! It is equally important to maintain the decorum of such facilities from the employee’s end as well. Here comes EmpMonitor! It tracks the total offline and idle period and keeps a note to avoid any misuse of taking breaks more than the permitted time.

Summing It Up!

As we wrap up our discussion, it is vital to emphasize the importance of taking effective steps to prevent bullying in the workplace. And what could be the best if workforce productivity software can help you with proactive solutions, right?

So, let’s make a change and opt for the best resulting software that not only helps to increase employee engagement but also makes a positive workspace!