Once in a while, every employee has suffered workplace bullying or harassment, producing an extensive level of demotivation and self-question. Unfortunately, it is not merely a childhood dilemma but in adulthood too. According to some studies, bullying is the reason behind someone’s mental problems, suicidal acts, and emotional stress encompassing the globe.

Technically bullying in the workplace is defined as an abuse of power. It can be humiliating, intimidating, and degrading employee behavior and often creates a sense of helplessness in the target one. 

Bullying is different from aggression. Aggression may mean an individual act. Whereas bullying involves repeated attacks against the victim, creating an ongoing pattern of behavior. 

Workplace bullying is a dominant matter of concern for organizations and causes a downward slope in the productivity and efficiency of employees. Sounds haunting, right? In this blog, we will further break the terms related to workplace bullying, the laws associated with it, and if you got into trouble, how to get over it. If you want to know how to avoid workplace bullying and its side effects, please read ahead.

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Exemplification Of Term Workplace Bullying & Its Types :


Defining workplace bullying can be a persistent pattern of behavior that causes physical or emotional stress and humiliation. It can be of companions and occasionally assistants. This leads to non-productive behavior towards the organization.

Here is an example of some workplace bullying are;

  • Unwanted criticism 
  • Criticize without factual justification 
  • Being managed differently than the rest of your workgroup.
  • Being cursed at
  • Being screamed at or being denied 
  • Being the target of practical jokes 

These are some actions involved in workplace bullying, and, at certain times, it comes from unethical behavior from the employees and results in targeting individuals. There are some types of workplace bullying, let us witness, so please keep reading along;

Few Types of Workplace Bullying 

Assertive Bullying: The most common image that appears in the mind when someone mentions bullying is the situation of bosses yelling at their employees, screaming, getting angry at small ignorable things. The side effect of bullying does not threaten the targeted person nor all the co-workers who might get intimidated by the subsequent victim.

Institutional Bullying: It occurs when a workplace allows, acknowledges, and even promotes bullying to practice. This type of bullying might incorporate nonsensical result objects, quarries, and enforced overtime that can not hold up.

Verbal Bullying: This type of bullying could include humiliation, personal jokes, gossip, or other spoken abuse, leading to targeted personal demoralization and insulting situations. Verbal bullying can leave persistent scars that damage the victim for time. Many tormentors practice their verbal messages to injure or insult the target. Therefore, technically physical and verbal bullying often go hand-in-hand.

Prejudicial Bullying: Bullies based on someone’s culture, spirituality, or sexual orientation are ordinarily considered prejudicial bullying. Prejudicial bullying majorly consists of physical, verbal, or cyberbullying. Targeting someone who acts or looks differently or favoring someone and degrading someone is prejudice bullying.

What Are The Consequences Of Workplace Bullying?


Workplace bullying creates team turnover, desertion, and the productivity level to go downhill. Employers encounter complex problems and cause the organizations to carry a bag of losses and suffering. Undoubtedly, bullying in the workplace not only brings suffering for employees but also employers too.

Here are the after-effects of bullying for both employers and employees.

Bullying in the workplace side effects in employees;
  • Stress 
  • Emotional trauma 
  • Anxiety 
  • Sleeping problems 
  • Lack of self-esteem 
  • Suicidal thoughts
Bullying in the workplace side effects for employers-
  • Low productivity level
  • Towering absenteeism 
  • Depressing work environment 
  • Constant searching out for the replacement
  • Expense over legal actions and investigations 

You might be thinking that people at work are selecting the victims or somehow hunting the most vulnerable for bullying. Well, it is not always the case if you have been bullied or abused and doubting own-selves. Why me? 

We have listed 04 reasons why people become the target of workplace bullying;


Proficient Employees

Majorly the targets are the skilled and talented workers who receive a lot of attention, are knowledgeable, dedicated, and creative. Employees who get an appraisal regarding their hard work and creative minds attract workplace bullies to an extent.

There is also some evidence that depression and other stress-related conditions might attract the attention of bullies. If you are living with any of these conditions, it is vital to take treatment. Talk to your healthcare provider about your symptoms. Depression, anxiety, and stress-related problems should never be left untreated. What’s more, bullying will exacerbate your symptoms.

Admired or Genuine People 

An employee who is caring, friendly, and collaborative is the one who gets undoubtedly targeted. Victims are the most proficient, supportive, and well-liked employees. However, this does not mean that you have to adjust your behavior or nature, but you get insights into being targeted and bullied. 

Non-Confrontational or Vulnerable 

Discouraged, introspective, and submissive employees might bring the attention of bullies toward themselves. Significantly melancholy, stress-related dilemmas and non-confident employees are the ones who get bullied and abused in not only the workplace but also in day-to-day life.

Being Observed as Prejudicially 

Bullies are targeted by gender, age, race, and religion. The reason for being bullied can be any disability or disease, or some prejudicial reason against any individual. Technically, workplace bullying targets the people who are deviating from them in some other means.

All along up till this section, we have learned what workplace bullying means and who are the preferred targets. Let us see how to deal with it and what to do if you witness some of it. 

Also, we recommend that you don’t ignore it even if you are not the victim. Because these types of exercise are illegal, although if not stopped early can be turned over to you too.

05 Tactics To Deal With Workplace Bullying 


When witnessing this type of abuse, it is obvious and natural to feel weak and vulnerable, but there is a solution for every problem. So if you are experiencing any bullying, here are some tactics that can help you learn how to tackle & actions to take to stop it. Some actions to take when you witness bullying are;

01 – Report and try to speak about it 

As soon as you experience workplace bullying, try to report it on an immediate basis. If you are not comfortable talking to the supervisor or administrator, the Human resource department is the best place to go. It is always best to report about something that traumatizes you instead of suffering it.

02- Document and collect the evidence

It is the safest option to prove yourself right, keeping on track of abusive actions. Try to note down the date, the time, the place, and witness that bullying. Remember to keep safe all the evidence related to the bullying, like notes, comments, or emails. These shreds of evidence will help you to prove your case.

03- Seek help from your co-workers 

If you feel comfortable, try to seek help from your co-workers. Talking always helps to solve the most puzzling situation. Communicate with professionals, friends, therapists, anyone with whom you are comfortable. This way, you can explore ways to cope up with the situation.

04- Legal guidance 

Legal actions may not be possible in case of workplace bullying or abuse. Although, seeking legal guidance can help you to sort this situation to a certain point. Look for the workplace policies and any legal issues related to bullying, ragging, and abusing. This way, you can take some low-level actions against the abuse. 

05- Confront the attacker 

The last of the action is confronting the attracter, only if you are comfortable doing so. Seeking out the help of your trusted one and defy the attacker with talk and ask to stop it. Remember the old saying that it is always better to confront your situation rather than hiding or avoiding it.

How Can Employers Prevent Workplace Bullying ?

A little slight ignorance of administrators can result in workplace bullies. Organizations have been applying strict workplace policies to avoid such situations. Apart from strict policies some of the measures are necessary to dodge this situation in the company.


One of the efficient methods to deal with workplace bullying is spreading awareness and encouraging the employee to report it. 


These days, monitoring employees is the most preferred and reliable way of avoiding workplace bullying and abusing situations. Time tracking, monitoring, and managing tools can be the best aids for ensuring the employees should only focus on work and maintain a healthy work environment.


EmpMonitor is a cloud-based software that can monitor, track and manage major office-related tasks. With this real-time computer monitoring software, you can view activities as they happen and manage them instantly.

 Attendance management- 

No longer need to rely on hard copies to maintain attendance. EmpMonitor tracks accurate work hours and manages the attendance department, removing the cluster work of marking the attendance. The unbiased extract ready-made report makes the management task easy, also minimizing the chance of tampering.

Time management-

EmpMonitor assists in managing the time and tracks the employee’s presence and productivity. The generated report can be accessible to the supervisor that can help to optimize your team efficiently.

Auto Screenshot- 

Customizable monitoring parameters and random screenshot capturing can help ensure that the employees stay on track and productive.

Response – 

Quick and immediate response and actions against it can encourage other staff to speak up against it. Once reported, the strict steps are mandatory by transferring, or if required firing the culprit.

How Workplace Bullying Laws Mess Up With Organizations ?


Nearly every country has its laws against workplace bullying in different forms. Queensland, Australia, follows a code of practices especially for workplace bullying- The Prevention Of Workplace Harassment Code of Practice, 2004. Spreading awareness among the employees about the laws and policies against workplace bullying will automatically discourage the culprits from the abuse.

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Why Is Preventing Workplace Bullying So Crucial?

Workplace bullying is not different than sexual harassment or rape, it is furthermore illegal, and now is the high time for any organization to stop and take precautionary steps against it. 

However, with the mass strength of workers, no department can keep an eye on the employees, and not everyone dares to complain and speak up against it.

With EmpMonitor, you can track and monitor the activities of the employees, measure their productivity, and idle time-wasting on other activities apart from working.

Workplace bullying not only affects the physical and mental health of the employee but also hurts the reputation of the employer. It can dissuade people from entering the company. Additionally, workplace bullying can bring unnecessary legal difficulties which no organization wants to attract.

The moral of the story is that workplace bullying can damage the company’s reputation, affect employee productivity, demotivate and bring mental complications for the individuals. Therefore organizations must put an end to this type of illegal activity.

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