Website monitoring software enables managing and tracking website performance. The users can recognize and resolve any issues arising due to it. It also helps to track the changes in the display and its functions. Nevertheless, to check employee performance, your company requires to be capable of examining each component of their web infrastructure at the correct time.

How to do it?

A website monitoring software regularly perceives websites for employee performance and operating time. Your organization needs to recognize which website monitoring software is appropriate for their goals, though.

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At EmpMonitor,
we have gathered a list of some of the most used website monitoring software of recent times. The tool will assist the IT teams in observing and controlling the performance of the employees.

Best Website Monitoring Software of Recent-times

1. EmpMonitor


EmpMonitor is one of the best employee monitoring software that accurately monitors the website and application usage. You can keep track of all the URLs visited by your employees during office hours. You can also receive detailed reports regarding the time spent on these websites. 

You can take a glimpse at the top 10 used websites used in actual time. You can also observe the websites to which your team has paid a visit in the past 180 days. The information will assist you in finding out on which website the productive employees employ their time. You can also check on which website the unproductive ones are consuming their working hours.

Top websites and applications used


 You can take a glance at the top 10 websites and applications used by your employees. Acquire accurate information regarding the highest used websites and apps in the past 180 days. EmpMonitor has cloud-based storage. All your relevant information and records related to your employees will get stored in the cloud.

The companies can then take further actions against the unproductive employees. There are some of the extra added features of EmpMonitor other than website monitoring. How website and application monitoring can help maintain productivity, here are some more features to guide you with your productive and unproductive employees.

You can receive productivity alerts for the employees who do not employ their working hours effectively in accomplishing their tasks. You can perceive detailed reports of keyboard monitoring and screenshot monitoring as well.

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2. AlertBot


AlertBot is an employee monitoring software that incorporates website monitoring with mobile applications and websites and performance monitoring abilities. In extension with examining the availability of a website, AlertBot explores notable website details. Maybe interactive codes or scripts and scans the mistakes.

The tool can also observe web applications and mobile websites in extension to other servers. The HTTP monitoring setup can also get done for website monitoring if you do not wish to perceive it tightly.

3. Monitis


Monitis is an employee performance monitoring tool that examines the applications, website, network performance, and servers for Linux and Windows distributions. 

The website monitoring software incorporates:

1. Artificial performance monitoring

2. Full-page load monitoring

3. Uptime monitoring

In extension to the website and network monitoring, Monitis highlights custom service monitoring abilities to support IT teams to customize their monitoring software to meet their requirements.

4. New Relic Browser


New Relic Browser is an employee performance managing tool that concentrates on enhancing front end appearance. The software implements end-to-end performance clarity and actual user monitoring purposes. It assists businesses in developing the user experience on the websites. 

New Relic Browser further enables users to explore, distinguish, and interpret JavaScript concerns that appear on a particular website; the software also introduces AJAX data call and SPA monitoring and program change management.

5. Paessler PRTG

Paessler PRTG


Paessler PRTG is an employee controlling tool that incorporates:

1. Bandwidth Monitoring

2. Cloud application Monitoring

3. IP Monitoring

4. Network Monitoring

5. Server Monitoring

The software can get used as an entire package for monitoring employees. An extension to a network, it is also capable of monitoring:

1. Cloud Environments

2. Virtual Machines

3. Hardware

Paessler PRTG observes 03 principal parameters for website monitoring: 

1. Extensive website availability in actual time

2. Accurate load time monitoring

3. Securing all methods of running a website smoothly.

6. Pingdom


Pingdom is an employee website availability and performance monitoring tool that encourages companies to achieve a comforting website experience for their users. In extension to artificial interaction testing, Pingdom controls the website uptime and the speed of the page. 

It further notes existing user responses to produce applicable insights on how real users associate with the websites. If some concerns occur, the software conducts root cause inquiry on the obstacle and checks the alerts before reporting to the team.

7. Site24x7


Site 24×7 is a complete package of website monitoring software, highlighting a broad range of website monitoring abilities besides applications, cloud, network, and server monitoring. 

From over 90 positions from around the world, the software presents dynamic website monitoring. And for multiple web-based infrastructures as well. It can track:

1. DNS Servers 

2. FTP Servers

3. Mail Delivery

4. SSL/TLS Certificates

5. Transactions

6. Website Defacement

7. Website Performance

8. URL

8. SmartBear AlertSite

SmartBear AlertSite

SmartBear AlertSite is an employee website application monitoring and website performance tool. AlertSite unites existing browser controls, enabling users to obtain insights on relevant web performances from the user outlook in actual time. Without taking into consideration which web browser they are employing. 

The artificial monitoring traits provide companies the ability to identify and dynamically fix difficulties. And with significant website applications and APIs before they harm users.

9. SolarWinds Website Performance Monitor

SolarWinds Website Performance Monitor

SolarWinds Website Performance Monitor is a monitoring tool that enables the team to control the situation, appearance, and website performance. Solarwinds software empowers users to explore and interpret internal and external issues related to performance on applications and websites. 

The tool highlights a browser-based transaction recorder and endless artificial transaction controlling. It additionally presents a full load time benchmark via extensive and customizable website performance records.

10. StatusCake

StatusCake, a website performance, and uptime monitoring tool. There are multiple fundamental website monitoring abilities that StatusCake can manage, which includes:

Website uptime and website availability monitoring, server monitoring, domain monitoring, SSL monitoring, and page speed monitoring; the solution scans websites for viruses. 

StatusCake will produce records to the inbox on a scheduled date. But you are also capable of operating reports inside the app in a customized frame.

11. Telerik Fiddler

Telerik Fiddler

Telerik Fiddler is a debugging proxy and website monitoring tool. It is planned especially for HTTP and HTTPS monitoring with Telerik Fiddler’s website traffic controlling and information collection abilities. 

It can debug website traffic by assuring that the conventional headers, a=cache directives, and cookies are assigned. Fiddler additionally focuses on monitoring the network by performing data compression and HTTP caching. It also obtains website performance bottlenecks.

12. is a website monitoring tool that presents numerous website availability controls. The software extends dual-stack monitoring with zero-configuration. It includes IPv4 and IPv6 tracking and received status pages that involve code-switching accessibility and performance records. 

Also, accordingly alerts users if an SSL certificate is illogical or approximately expired and highlights alliances with multiple applications or assistance.

13. Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot is a website monitoring software. It consistently witnesses the uptime of a website to monitor its accessibility. The tool analyses availability of the website every 05 minutes by exploring status codes.

If it gets a status code indicating the website is down, it undergoes various more analyses to establish downtime before informing the team about the issue. 

14. Uptrends


Uptrends is a complete website monitoring software that highlights different website monitoring abilities alongside server monitoring and API. 

Uptrends allows website accessibility and uptime monitoring by:

Monitoring certificates and assistance

Website performance monitoring, for analyzing and managing performance benchmarks like the speed of the website

Website application monitoring, assuring that significant processes and transactions on the website are running accurately.

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Final Words

We have mentioned the significant features of every software and the way they monitor and manage website performance. The tools must get acknowledged by any company searching for software to develop their website infrastructure performance.

Do let us know which software would you choose for your company.

I hope the article helped you know more about website monitoring software. Is there something that we can incorporate? Please drop your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!