Employers should educate employees about the implementation of employee monitoring software, the rules, and guidelines on the proper use of company equipment within and outside the workplace. 

Passing disclosures or announcements related to employee monitoring is one of the best ways to keep the entire process of monitoring and time tracking transparent with the employees. But how can you explain to the team correctly that you intend to use workplace tracking tools, without any negative emotion or offence? 

Various questions related to freedom, human rights, or personal space would occur and become highly controversial. As companies pay their employees for the work they do, and none of the employers wants to spend money on the employees who do not dedicatedly work. Hence, when the company wants to keep track of how its workers spend the time they get paid for, the trouble comes in.

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Hence, educate the employees about employee monitoring and implementation of the related software, along with its working guidelines, rules, and terms of using the company devices in the workplace premises. Explaining the goal, core principle, and purpose behind monitoring can help workers understand the process more effectively.

Hacking! Spying! Unreliable! Not trustworthy! These are some of the things employees can say about the employers if they find out. So how to make them completely aware of monitoring?

Let’s move ahead and know in detail. 

But before anything, let’s check whether employee monitoring is legal or not

Employee Monitoring: Productivity Booster or Privacy Killer?

A quick answer to this question is yes! If an employer monitors employees in the workplace, keeping a check on all the tabs open in the employee’s system, and records what they do the whole day ( in work time), then it is completely legal. But, if the employers mount spy tools in the locker rooms, washrooms, or cafeteria is not legal, and employers in such circumstances could get penalized and sued for wrong, inappropriate monitoring.

But here, the question arises whether you can tell your staff that you are installing a surveillance system. Some of the reasons because of to tell this to your employees about employee monitoring is –

  • With appropriate use of monitoring software does not violate employees’ freedom or rights in the workplace. Employers can monitor things that are related to work – the open tabs, sites browsed in the working hours, etc. But what if some employees open their personal chat boxes in the office desktop and worry about their leakage of private information? In that scenario, the question arises why is the personal messenger open in the workplace computer? Hence, here the problem is with employees and not employers.


  • If you secretly install monitoring software in the employee’s system and employees come to know about it, then the trust factor will probably end within the company. Also, different questions may arise like, if no violation of rights occurs, why is it not informed on a prior basis? What if they track personal data? I didn’t know about the surveillance, so I searched social networks from my work computer during lunchtime, isn’t it prohibited, right? All these concerns would lead to a total deterioration in motivation and morality.


Therefore, it’s beneficial to be clear and transparent about employee monitoring. And also share the benefits of implementing employee monitoring software in the workplace.

In common, employees do not contend with the employer’s decision on employee monitoring. It’s understandable, normal and one of the five key roles of management after all. The only thing which employees fear is the intrusion of their personal information. 

Some of the key benefits which employees should know about employee monitoring – 



Quick and Easy Productivity Tracking – 

The tabs or sites which you open on the desktop or laptop, the time spent on each task, the number of productive and non-productive hours can be monitored. The software would make it easier to keep track of the success of the team, assign incentives for outstanding results, and help those who get too much work to complete.  

Manage Working Hours  – 

It will help you to know the productivity hours of the whole day, starting from the initial update to the final, along with the number of breaks taken. It not only helps to know the time employees are late but will also help to check the time employees overworked. 

Screenshot Monitoring – 

Nobody is going to look at your screens all of the time. It is good for a person to have the opportunity to always find out who is doing what and for how much time. All in all, it’s also a great proof to catch the thief.  

Keystroke Monitoring – 

It is a special feature that helps in monitoring what the employees are typing in their system. For example, a customer complains that a manager was disrespectful to them and then deleted the messages – with this feature it helps to make sure that everything you’ve done has been professional.

These are some of the special benefits which everyone should know about employee monitoring. All these could only be possible by having appropriate employee monitoring software installed in the company. Let’s know about some of the important things to consider while implementing the desired software – 

Tracking Time With Proof — A function that allows users to log every day into their working hours. Similarly, this choice tracks the employee’s websites and what applications. It’s a way for you and your clients to get clear proof of the number of working hours as well as productivity.

Payroll Calculation — This feature will automatically calculate the amount of money that needs to pay for remote workers based on monitored hours.

You may also look for certain advanced functionality, that includes integration with other applications, or customizable features. But it depends entirely on the needs and requirements of the industry.

Along with the features, you also need to think about cost, time, simplicity, etc that requires setting up and maintaining the remote work monitoring software. These things matter the most while making a decision about monitoring software, therefore, you should thoroughly research and then make a decision. 

There is various software available in the market but one such tool that I personally prefer is EmpMonitor. It is a potent cloud-based employee monitoring software that helps employees to easily track and enhance productivity and manage a safer workplace. 


EmpMonitor serves best for both conventional and remote employees. Although most of the features required to monitor are the same there are few which can be differentiated. 

Now we will check out why EmpMonitor is said to be the best of all the employee monitoring software. 

Quick and Easy Setup –

Once the signup process is completed, the user is taken through the onboarding where they can create the company, customize features, add employees, teams, timesheets, etc.

After done with all the basic information, manage your tracking details on the company level. The changes could be made later and can enable and disable different settings depending upon teams and employees. However, it’s advisable to immediately go through the setup so you can get a grip on the features and learn more about them.

Works In Stealth Mode –  

One of the best features of EmpMonitor is it allows to track employees in stealth mode. It means the employees using the system don’t know about EmpMonitor working in the system, therefore, there won’t be any distraction for the employees. 

Attendance Tracking – 

Besides monitoring and managing employees’ everyday tasks, EmpMonitor also helps to track employees’ attendance. The software tracks employee’s login logout time automatically. It also helps in providing a detailed list of the amount of idle time and working hours. 

Screenshot Monitoring –  

The screenshot feature is optional, and here you can set up the frequency within desired intervals of time. The screenshots can be taken at random intervals of times from between 15 seconds to as per your needs. These employees cannot trick employers. Employers can also take screenshots at random intervals of time randomly. 

User-friendly Dashboard – 

EmpMonitor has a very user-friendly dashboard, where the user admin can easily switch between pages in the menu and analyze different segments of track. The first tab is the employee’s tab. There you can see the complete employee details, attendance, email monitoring, analysis, notification. Check the total attendance history, along with the productive and non-productive hours, and neutral hours.  

Simple Task Management – 

It is another best feature of EmpMonitor which helps to manage timesheet management of the whole organization, projects, modules, teams. It includes the project name, organization name, start date, end date, progress, status, along with the action. 

EmpMonitor also takes a special initiative in providing security firewall services. It is an integrated firewall service encompassing hardware, storage, and management. Our authorised security analysts manage the security protocols and policies to identify and safeguard the issues. 

As good as being able to act as monitoring software, EmpMonitor has shown that it is an integral part of any office team. It helps teams enhance productivity, provides accuracy in attendance, and optimize business processes. 

I hope you’ve found this article helpful. Is there anything you want to add? Have I missed anything? Having any doubts? Please drop your thoughts in the comments below. I’d love to hear something from you!