With each passing year, we can witness quite an evolution in workplaces. Right! Technologies are taking over our work environment as never before. However, work from home is something that hesitates most of the employers even today. Why is it so? Have you ever thought about it? Well, as per resources, productivity is the main issue, which stops companies from permitting their employees to work from home. According to them, it’s like living in a delusion regarding employee work activities.

On the other hand, employees love working from home. According to studies, employees feel more secure and comfortable serving their duties with the comfort of their home couch. Well, it has been a topic of debate since the last many decades. Employees appreciate working from remote locations. On the flip side, employers feel pangs of anxiety when it comes to working from home concept.



Well, the technological advancements have given some advanced solutions to employers to endorse work from remote areas without going through apprehensions. And, the biggest of them all is online monitoring tools. Yes, you got it right! I’m talking about work from home software that can support businesses in the first place. 

And, today, I’m going to put stress on some of the best monitoring solutions that can have your back concerning employees working from remote locations. 

Let’s dive into this!


Best Online Solutions For You To Manage Your Work From Home-

  • EmpMonitor

  • Trello

  • OrangeHRM




If you’re dealing with difficulties regarding remote monitoring solutions for your company, then EmpMonitor can help you considerably. 


Well, it consists of a diverse range of monitoring solutions for businesses out there. It is like a one-stop software for companies who want to monitor their employee’s activities in every possible way, even when they are working from home. Let’s learn in detail about some of its features-

Access Browser History-


Yes, with EmpMonitor, you can see your employee’s browser history, and become acquainted with all its top used websites, top used applications, logs, and much more. So, your employees can’t get away with the fact of watching out even while working from their home couches. 

Look After Keystrokes-

Keyword activities reveal a lot about employees’ actions at work. Right! Hence, with this work from home software, you can look after the keystrokes of your employees seamlessly. And can analyze what websites they had logged-in, what they were typing, and a lot more. 

Get Handy Reports-


No doubt, the biggest issue which employers feel in this whole work from the home scenario is the employee productivity crisis. Well, using this software, you can access a report daily concerning their work activities in up-close ways. So, all this makes it very easy for companies to gauge their employee’s sincerity while working from remote places. 

You can read its features in detail.

You Can Also Watch This Video: EmpMonitor Dashboard And Its Features

Considering all, I can say, EmpMonitor is a brilliant monitoring software concerning pushing a company’s productivity to another level altogether.



Now, we have Trello- fantastic project management and task management platform. According to it, you can keep an eye on your employees in every possible situation, and work from home is one of them. Let’s see how it works-

By using Trello, you can create different boards for your projects. Next, you have to give them a name and invite your team members to join in. Following this, you can integrate even the most complex endeavors of your business with simplistic and intuitive approaches. 

So, if due to some reasons, a few of your team members are working from home. Then, you can make use of Trello to implement reliable networking to meet work deadlines.

Here are some of its astonishing features-

Seamless App Integrations:

Yes, by using this software, you can integrate several applications in your business functioning directly. It consists of a power-ups workflow option, according to which, you can incorporate your project with required applications in real-time.

Enhance Collaborative Vibe: 

As I have said, it’s a platform, following it, no matter where you are remote, you can enhance your workflow seamlessly without lapses. It is a platform for those who believe in team spirit. People who want to bring together highly productive power under one roof.

Amazing Device Synchronization:

Trello’s device synchronization aspects are flawless. Irrespective of where you’re working from your home, a park, or anywhere, it keeps devices in sync perfectly. Hence, you can remain in contact with your team members anytime and anywhere.

Taking the above features into consideration, I can vouch Trello is one of those online solutions, as per which, you can manage your remote employees with ease.



Lastly, we have OrangeHRM- human resource management software. Well, its services are not only about HR management. It’s more just than that. OrangeHRM offers open-source solutions free of cost to people out there. However, its professional and enterprise HR management solutions are not free. 

It has some extraordinary features that can definitely put your work from home concerns into rest. How? Let’s find out!

Performance Measurement: 

Productivity is all that companies want from their employees. Right! That seems to be brushed under the carpet during work from remote areas. However, with this feature of OrangeHRM, you can measure your employee’s performance via advanced monitoring solutions. And, keep track of their working hour’s behavior, more explicitly. 

Attendance Management:

No wonder, the complete involvement of employees is one of the main concerns employers have while working from home. Well, the time and attendance management aspect of this software makes you go deep inside the time utilization, work efficiency, and various other metrics of your employees.

Recruitment Modules:

With its hiring and recruitment modules, you can foster the hiring process to an advanced dimension for your business. OrangeHRM makes sure you hire the best out of the available using its best-ever solutions.


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Over To You: 

These were the best three online monitoring solutions to manage work from home perfectly. However, after analyzing the three of them individually, I came to a conclusion that says EmpMonitor is the best I can go for managing work from remote location attributes. 

Well, I think so because it provides every sort of monitoring operations, including remote monitoring, office monitoring, and a lot more. Also, its online monitoring processes are much more diverse in comparison to a lot of other work from home software I have found. So, that’s about it. Do make sure to give EmpMonitor a try for your work from home processes. 

Have I missed out on anything related to this topic? Do you have any more queries regarding the tools? If yes, then drop a comment section below. Also, don’t forget to mention your all time favorite work from software. 

We’ll come back to you soon! Bye!