Recall those days before the pandemic hit us all, and you would be able to comprehend what a luxury it was to be allowed to work directly from our bedrooms. But it has become the new normal for the past few months. Nevertheless, a lot of us were never really prepared for it, which eventually made it trickier for a majority of organizations to manage their workflow with all their employees working distantly. As a result, keylogger software came in handy for a lot. 

But what is a keylogger software? Also termed as keystroke software, they come in the form of tools and apps that track and record what a person is up to on their systems. Organizations that use it get to analyze their employees’ activities while they are working. It helps a lot in maintaining discipline, especially with people working distantly during this pandemic. 

Such software lets you record everything that a person performs on their device during working hours. One of the best keylogger software is EmpMonitor. It generates regular screenshots of your staff’s screens along with the graphical representation of their productivity throughout the day. 


Nevertheless, there is more than one reason why such tools are useful in any remote workplace. So, let’s get right into it. 


What Are The Benefits Of Using Keylogger Software? 

As we already mentioned earlier, it is quite a pain to maintain decorum among staff, now that they are no longer working in front of the employers’ eyes. But monitoring tools help make this step easier for the folks. Here are a bunch of the primary reasons why: 

1. Advanced Security 

One of the biggest concerns that bug a business owner when letting their employees work from home is the risk that it carries. They have the company’s data in their devices that they share with their siblings. Also, a lot of people work on public WiFi. Meaning, they can catch malicious files on their devices at any instant. 


When employers get to record everything their staff browses, views, downloads, and types, they can figure out if there is any possible malware on their device. Monitoring tools and keyboard logger software make it easier to track any information that one might feed into unauthorized sources. 

Not only does an employee avoid clicking on suspicious links- they also do not share any of their files with anyone unless asked to do so. The company’s data stays safe, along with the employees’ personal info! 




2. Increased Productivity 

When the employees are aware of their bosses checking the work every once in a while, they work more authoritatively and seriously. Procrastination is unavoidable, but one can minimize it by being more focused on what they do. About 78% of workplaces have shown a hike in their overall employee productivity when keeping the staff under vigilance. 


People avoid taking unnecessary breaks, do not open their social media on the systems, never drift off to random answers on Quora or Reddit while researching, and try to stay more active on their keyboards. Although an employee doesn’t have to unnecessarily type while they read something useful on their screens. 

It is not enough to deploy a key logging software alone that doesn’t provide you with a thorough analysis of what your staff does. Try to use the best keylogger software and tools in the market that lets you analyze everything- their browsing history, top apps used, etc. 


3. Better Task Management 

When you are aware of your employees’ whereabouts, their work updates remain no secret to you either. This way, you can identify the people who might be stuck with a new task and train them accordingly. They get to learn new things, and you get to avoid any potential mishaps. 


Also, when you know what your colleagues are doing, you can schedule their upcoming tasks better. You can keep an eye on their workflow. It makes it more feasible to manage their pace and assign roles to the people who can handle it. 

Also, using monitoring tools will let you understand what distracts your staff the most. Once identified, you can find a solution to the issue. For instance, you can prohibit them from using social media during working hours and take necessary actions if they violate the rule. 


4. Identifying Insider Threats 

Apart from the potential threat that lurks online and offline outside your company- there is a chance that you might have some of them working with you. Insider threats are the employees who cause any harm to the company’s data or intellectual property. 


Some insider threats are accidental, but a majority of them are intentional. How would you know if you are paying such malicious threats in your office unless you monitor them regularly? Using key logging software is, thus, useful in catching hold of such staff and making insider threat detection easy. 

Look for the employees that stay active at odd hours. Check if they usually share their files with their colleagues who have nothing to do with it. In case you have a suspicion on someone, having their activities recorded will assist you in confronting them- legally. 




5. Transparency Among All 

Transparency is a prerequisite to having a healthy work environment, and it can never be possible unless there is a mutual trust between the employers and the employees. Using keystroke software does not only benefit employers. It also assures the employees that their work is under a fair assessment. 


Some of your employees might work for longer hours, while some might complete their tasks earlier. The only way to know which one of them put more efforts into your organization is by analyzing their working hours in real-time. 

You can avoid goldbricking on the premises and reward the employees who perform the best. Employee retention becomes easier when they are happy with their workplace, and some of the best keylogger software and tools do let that happen by introducing transparency! 


Is It Legal To Track My Employees? 

The answer might sound pretty obvious to a lot of you- but yes. You can absolutely track your employees’ activities. But it does come with some legal limitations. Or else, there will be no privacy left for anyone. Here is what you should do before you go ahead with any keyboard logger software:

1. Inform your staff about the monitoring process. Never track a device without the person’s consent. Take permission legally and let them sign it for you. Make it clear how they are getting monitored. Be available to them in case they have a doubt.

2. Use the right tools that fit your business and are safe. Do not go ahead with any free keylogger software for PC unless you test it out for a few days. You might end up breaching your company’s security if you do not think this step through. There are plenty of top-rated tools and software in the market, like EmpMonitor, TimeDoctor, ActivTrak, etc. 


3. Avoid monitoring of personal items. Only track the devices that your company owns. Although monitoring a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) might be okay, only if the person agrees to it (legally).

4. Draft fair laws and rules for all, and abide by them. Do not make an exception for any old employee or an acquaintance of your own. That would be morally incorrect. Plus, your staff would stop taking things seriously in the long run. 


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Wrapping It Up!

Working from home is not going anywhere any soon, and we all have to get used to this fact. Using a monitoring tool and key logging software can bring a significant difference to a majority of businesses if only used with the right approach. All you need to do is talk to your employees about the privacy laws and monitor their devices with their consent. 

Choose the right keystroke software- the one that is the safest and most suitable for your company’s needs. Do not hurry when choosing one. Need our advice? Thousands of employers have trusted us with EmpMonitor. Get started with us for a 15-Days Free trial.