User Activity Monitoring (UAM) solutions are becoming very popular in the industries. That’s because it has the ability to monitor the overall work behavior of a user and alert the admin when any security threats are detected.

In simple words, we can define UAM solutions as software or tools that allow you to record and check users’ (employees) system activities. So you can be aware of any kind of internal threats that may cause security challenges to your business.

As you know that one of the main reasons behind monitoring employees is due to the current Covid 19 pandemic situation. With remote work conditions, data security has become a big concern for businesses around the world. So to prevent any data breaches or insider threats that may appear in your workspace, you can utilize the UAM solution. Now the question may come to your mind- how does it work? Let’s find out more!

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How Does User Activity Monitoring Solution Work?

User activity monitoring is very helpful against cyber threats since it gives you the ability to detect work negligence or malice of users who want to harm your business. There are UAM solutions that let you spot every single activity performed by employees so that you can also be aware of productivity in your firm.


EmpMonitor is also one of the most used UAM solutions by many industries around the world. It has a remotely manageable system, which you can use to watch over all of your employees’ computers single-handedly. Also, screenshot monitoring and behavior analysis like features of EmpMonitor make it easier for the management to track any malicious intent from the user end. So if you are looking for implementing a UAM solution, EmpMonitor can be the right choice for you.

Moreover, there are many more benefits of user activity monitoring which we are going to discuss here:

Cyber Security:

One of the main features of the UAM solution is to implement cybersecurity in the business. With the EmpMonitor tool, you have security features that let you check on every single web activity performed by your employees. You can detect if any user is sharing important files or information with any outsider. The best thing about EmpMonitor is that it has a rule-based behavior alert system, which informs you whenever any threat is detected.


Policies and Legal Compliance:

Besides data security, you can also employ user activity monitoring to manage legal compliance and policies in your business. In different industries, there are some essential regulations, which need to be followed strictly. And in such a situation, it becomes important for the firm to consider making some policies for further security.

With EmpMonitor, you have this rule-based alert mechanism where you can create rules to implement your company’s policy. It has an auto alert system, which sends out the message to users whenever someone ignores the policies.

Especially, you can use this feature to apply legal compliance in your business so that you can control any suspicious activity that may harm your business. And in case any fraud actions from the user end, you will have the record of evidence to convict the ones who are involved in suspicious activities.


Workforce Productivity:

Another advantage of activity monitoring is that you get to know about the productivity in your business. Basically, most UAM software and tools have features that allow you to analyze the work performance of employees.  EmpMonitor is also one such user activity monitoring tool that not only tracks the record of employees but also analyzes them to track their performances. In fact, EmpMonitor is known for its productivity measuring capabilities, which also makes it one of the most suitable remote monitoring services for your business.


Why Do You Need Employee Activity Monitoring Service?

As we have discussed earlier, by monitoring users’ activities, you can prevent employee fraud from happening in your organization. It involves a thorough investigation process to find fraudulent practices. And a UAM solution can help you to track down such activities and prevent them from happening. In such a case, either you can be reactive to the unusual activity happening in your business. Or you may also take proactive decisions to directly prevent such things from happening.

What you need is a monitoring solution (like EmpMonitor) that not only helps you to track users’ activity but also alerts you about any fishy activities happening in your business.


Tips for Effective User Activity Monitoring:

Activity monitoring is an important line of defense that could really prevent things like data breaches, employee fraud, security issues in your organization. However, before implementing the UAM solution, here are some tips and best practices to consider.


  1. Make sure that your employees are aware about the monitoring policies of your business. It’s even better to include their acknowledgment of the contractual agreement between the business employer and employees.
  2. Although it’s not possible to manage all the activity by yourself, you can deputize your duties to subordinates who are capable enough to manage some specific jobs. It would help you to ease up your work and also improve the management capabilities of your business.
  3. Include robust security and password policies to prevent data breaches or other fraud activities happening in your organization. You can also use such policies to trigger against time theft issues, which may also hurt your business productivity.
  4. Make sure that before giving authorization to privileged users that they are responsible enough to manage their work. Also, you may use a two-way authentication process for such users to avoid any security concerns.
  5. Preserve all the data collected as forensic evidence in the form of screenshots, keystrokes, and other records so that you can reconstruct the incident with full context to find the real culprit.
  6. Nowadays, user activity monitoring solutions also have behavior monitoring features that allow you to be proactive and prevent any breaches even before it happens. While you can use such software to implement strict data policies for your organization to ensure better cybersecurity for your business.


Final Words:

In the end, we can say that during this pandemic situation, employee activity monitoring solutions have become quite essential assets for your business. It not only gives you the option to work remotely, but also protects your organization from various security threats.

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EmpMonitor is also one of the best UAM solutions that you can implement in your business to ensure data security and improve productivity in your business. Hope you have learned something valuable from this blog. In case you have any queries, please mention them in the comments section. And don’t forget to share this article with whoever needed  this.