Tracking the time is essential for every business, while you also need to make sure to opt for the right time tracking solution. Thanks to technology, it has been easier for employers to manage work time in their business. With the current tools and software, employers now have the ability to manage every task efficiently and have single-handedly control over the organization with multiple departments and employees.

If you are also thinking about implementing the employee time tracking system in your business but having difficulties choosing the right one, you are in the right place. Here we would tell you about some of the most crucial features that you must have in your employee time tracking system. So without further ado, let’s start!

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Why Do You Need An Employee Time Tracking System?

Now, before moving ahead, you should know the importance of time tracking. In the earlier days,  the management used to make manual entries on a timesheet to keep the record of attendance and work time of their employees. But now, the new time tracking solution automatically collects the work time record of each and every employee. Basically, it has a system that lets you check on the work time of your employees.


Top Features Of Time Tracking System:

These are some of the key features to consider while choosing the right employee time tracking system for your business.

  • Timesheet Management:

In the employee time tracking system, a timesheet is the feature that keeps the record of clock-in and clock-out time of every single employee in an organization. It has a mechanism, which automatically triggers when employees switch on their computer and the system records it as a clock-in time.


For example, have a look at the timesheet feature of the EmpMonitor software. It automatically keeps the work-time record of every single employee working in a firm. Also, there you have this feature to categories the timesheet record on the basis of various locations and departments. That makes the management process more simple for the employers who want to know the location and department-wise how much production value they are getting from every employee in their firm.

  • Productivity Calculation:

Another must-have feature is the productivity calculation. Even if you are watching over the work-time of employees from 9 am to 6 pm, it’s not necessary that they will be active for the entire 8 hours. Obviously, they would take small breaks to refresh their mind. In such a case, what you need is a system that lets you differentiate between the active work hours and idle hours during production time.


EmpMonitor dashboard has this feature, which lets you spot on the activity breakdown report where you can see the total office hours, active work hours, idle hours, productive and nonproductive hours, and neutral hours. Based on that, it will also show you the graphic representation of productivity levels in your firm. If you want to analyze further and check the productivity reports. There you have this productivity reporting feature that lets you spot on the day-to-day ups and downs in the productivity of your business.

  • Comprehensive Reporting:

Now, talking about the reporting, this feature gives you the ability to check on the work efficiency of your team. It will help you to know whether your employees are managing their work-time well enough to complete their tasks on time. With EmpMonitor, you have this report section on the dashboard where you can look for the daily work reports of employees from different departments. You just need to give the time range, and then you are ready to download the work reports.


  • Employee Attendance:

Employees who are regular and disciplined with their work time are always quite productive in their tasks/projects given to them. And they always try to complete their work before reaching the deadlines. So if you are expecting more disciplined work behavior from your employees, make sure to track their work-time and attendance. Those who are not regular in their work can’t be an appropriate member to be a part of current going-on tasks and projects. While you can also warn such employees to be more disciplined and responsible for their work. That would help you to develop an extra sense of responsibility in your employees.


  • Project Management:

Being an employer, you want your employees to complete their every task and project on time. This is where you need a productivity management solution for your business. It helps you to know which tasks your team is working on so that accordingly you can organize and manage new projects for your business. While you can also employ the best employee monitoring solution like EmpMonitor, which tracks the real-time work activity of employees. You can learn about the tasks/project they have been currently working on. It also has this feature that lets you determine whether your employees are active or idle in their work. So, you can accordingly communicate and guide them about the urgency of the project.


  • App Integrations:

A single system can’t have all the features you want. So what you need are integrations. There are many time management solutions that let you integrate with other software and tools. With powerful integrated solutions, you have the better ability to manage work progress more efficiently in your business.

  • Multiple Platforms Access:

Nowadays, multiple platform access is an important feature in your employee time tracking system. Especially if you have employees in your workplace using different devices for their work. They might be using Windows, Mac, or Linux in their system. So what if your software isn’t compatible with every kind of device? You won’t be able to manage their work-time accurately.

  • Easy To Use Dashboard:

At last but not least, you want to operate an employee time tracking system that is not too complicated and easy to use. Ideally speaking, most of the time management solutions can be quite complicated where you have manual entries that take most of your time and effort. But now, thanks to the technology, we have the mechanism that can automatically record the log activities of employees.


With EmpMonitor easy to use dashboard features, one can easily manage the timesheet and also check the productivity details in their business without doing any manual entries and calculations.


So have you been ready to take on the right employee time tracking system for your business? If yes, then these are some of the features that you must check on before making any decision. Talking about all these features, EmpMonitor is one of the best solutions you have. And we are coming with more updates and efficient features in the future.

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