Keeping a check on an employee’s work pattern is no more an abnormal practice. It’s a  protection assessment commonly used by extremely cautious enterprises. Today, nearly 75% of the U.S. corporations track the websites that their staff surf.

According to various surveys, monitoring industries of approximately $200 million is much likely to become more than $500 million in the upcoming years.

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Do you also want to know which employee is working on what? 

Are your employees using web applications effectively? 

Keeping a check is not just about monitoring when an employee spends productive time on particular websites and applications. It is also about defending your business from security threats such as data thefts or attacks by malware.

Thus, one of the best ways to manage your employee’s computer activities is by employee management software. 

There is tons of software available to keep a check on employee’s computer activities, but in today’s blog, I will take a deeper dive on one of the top trending software i.e. EmpMonitor. 


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What Is EmpMonitor?

EmpMonitor is one of the top leading employee management software. It helps employers and managers to keep a check on workplace productivity by managing all the computers in the organization remotely from a centralized location.

With this real-time computer management software, users can view employees’ computer activities and manage them instantly. EmpMonitor is agent-based and provides on-premise solutions for all its customers. 

To get started with EmpMonitor – 

SignUp and install an EmpMonitor agent on the system you want to keep a check upon. EmpMonitor then proceeds ahead and provides the details regarding employees computer activities, based on the no of productivity hours, top 10 apps and websites used, etc. 

EmpMonitor works in stealth mode and is also platform easily compatible with 100+ software (different category software) therefore, it doesn’t hamper the employees working as well. 

However, it’s an important practice to tell your employees about the need for employee management practices that take place in your organization, it helps in building trust, which is one of the important factors governing the employer-employee relationship.

EmpMonitor provides insights into the top 10 websites & apps, user logs, and screenshots are automatically captured and are created in high quality. 

Hence, once your employees know about capturing screenshots, they won’t open their bank accounts accidentally in the office computers, as it jeopardises their personal financial details.

EmpMonitor also helps to gain complete visibility & total control over the computer activities of the employees. Helps in analysing the productivity, effectiveness, focus using screenshot monitoring, browser tracking history, top apps and websites used. 

It allows you to better understand your team by tracking key metrics and the date of successful use. Handy while attempting to improve the efficiency of the squad. 

Want To Know About The Features?

Let’s understand in depth a few characteristics of EmpMonitor. Let’s also discuss how easy or hard it is to use these characteristics.

Productivity Analysis & Measurement – 

The secret to organisational success is employee productivity analysis. Measuring the efficiency of workers brings crucial improvements to how a business operates and also positively affects the quality of work of both workers and employers.

Hence, EmpMonitor’s detailed reports and interesting graphs provide an all-round analysis of the company’s productivity workflow. It also helps to gain insights into your company’s top working day, and you can also see it location-wise, department wise & yes, you can also change the date.

Productivity Reports – 

The Employee Productivity Report will help you to assess your employees’ results. You will see a contrast of employee efficiency and time management and an overview of how much revenue they have generated.

Having detailed productivity reports – 

  • Helps to gain detailed insights and avoid common efficiency pitfalls
  • Allows having a detailed analysis of data & workflow of every employee based on different roles, designations and departments. 
  • The graphical charts help workplaces to give you a jumpstart to their work efficiency. 

Screenshot Monitoring Feature – 

Using this feature, high-quality screenshots are captured at different intervals of time. EmpMonitor also allows users to adjust the time intervals of the screenshots to 15-second intervals to as per your needs. 

You can also access the screenshots of the users of 90 days of any employees and it can also be customized using the customization feature of EmpMonitor. 

It is one of the smartest ways to monitor the employee’s computer activities especially while they are working from home. It helps to manage the employees every single activity and thereby help your organization from insider threats.

Web & App Usage Reports – 

You can take a quick look at the top apps used by individuals, groups, departments, etc. all at once. 

It helps employers to check the low productive apps like various social sites. Few companies also prefer blocking sites with high-bandwidth to minimize overall costs and prevent affecting consumption of company internet. 

With EmpMonitor, employers can also gain complete insights of the top 10 apps used in the past 180 days and at real-time at a single glance. Dates can also be adjusted according to the requirement. 

Keystroke Monitoring – 

EmpMonitor team doesn’t use any illegal monitoring ways, such as gathering personal profile passwords and other related information.

The keystroke monitoring feature is highly important as it helps in keeping the private information of your employees safe. Their level of keyboard operation during the day can be useful to measure productivity and what people do at work.

In order to quantify idle time, EmpMonitor records keyboard movements.

Productivity Analysis & Measurement – 

Complete detailed insights of your employees log in and log out time along with the productive and non-productive hours at a single place. EmpMonitor provides detailed insights of user logs of 7days, productive hours of the current and last 7 days.

The insights are represented in the form of charts and graphs that are easy and interesting. You can also set the date accordingly.

Role-Based Monitoring –

In an organization, the employees work based on different hierarchies and manage their teams accordingly. Therefore, in such a scenario, the admin may generate the group, on the basis of rank, place, department and employee. 

He can then delegate the tracking setting so that the tracking of employees can function as per group. It not only helps the employers to save time and manage their teams individually but also helps the teams in having a quick detailed analysis of their productivity within their departments. 

Timesheet Management – 

The time its employees spend on assignments and programmes must be properly accounted for by every corporation or organisation. Time entry requires workers entering the time on a timesheet to begin and end work on a job or project. 

Hence, EmpMonitor – timesheet management software helps businesses to meet their client deadlines, manage costs, payroll and achieve success when the time is utilized effectively. 

Free Trial Offer – 

EmpMonitor comes up with a 15 days free trial option. The free plan allows us to monitor upto 5 employee computers. Productivity Reports, Productivity Alerts, Real-Time Screenshots, Advanced Access Control, Productivity Analysis & Measurement, Web & App Usage Reports, Stealth mode, Flexible Monitoring Mode, Detailed Timesheet, Role-Based Access.

How To Install & SetUp EmpMonitor Agent? 


  • Visit –
  • Click on the Login/Signup button available on the main menu. 
  • If you are a new user, click on the Signup option available. 
  • Register using your basic details, including  name, mail id, username, phone number, password, address, etc. 
  • Check the terms and conditions of EmpMonitor & Proceed. 
  • A confirmation mail would be sent to your mail. 
  • Activate your EmpMonitor account from your mail to complete the registration process.
  • Once your subscription is successfully completed, to enjoy your membership click the Download File button. You will see a dialogue box appear that begins the installation process. Click on the Next button.
  • Select the installation location. Click on Next Button.
  • Click on Install.
  • Click the Finish button to complete the Installation.

Will Employees Know That They Are Watched? 


This employee management software completely works in stealth mode and is not visible in the program list, neither recognized from the task manager. Until and unless employers specifically tell their employees about time tracking, there is no certain way of letting it know. 

But, It’s a smart thought, to let workers know that their PC activity is being monitored and how it is being done. Tracking someone without telling them can violate trust issues in the organization which later decreases the overall productivity.   

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If you are planning to use EmpMonitor, then here are some of the quick suggestions – 

Notify your staff that you’re using tools for tracking. Although it may lead to trust issues, here are a few benefits which you can share about – 

  • If they know they’re being watched, employees can work more efficiently and not waste time.
  • It is fair for them to notify the staff.
  • Employees are aware of not opening websites that could contain confidential information, such as websites for banking.
  • Although EmpMonitor completely works in stealth mode. But some curious employees usually like checking out the software running in their system, and if employers notify them beforehand, it will go a lot better than employees finding it out themselves. 

Planning to get started with EmpMonitor and get away your employees from productivity blues, then start your free trial now! Don’t forget to share your EmpMonitor experience with me here in the comments section below! 

Till then happy and safe management!