If you ever had the privilege of managing a team, I’m sure you already understand the importance of collaboration and fun in creating a healthy work environment. As managers and team leaders, it becomes our duty to bring every employee on the same page. And to be honest, there is a list of things that you need to do here- team building activities being one of them. 

How- one may ask. 

Well, for starters, I would like you to recall your childhood? How fun was it to play with your friends? Don’t you miss those good old days? Why does it feel so good? Because humans are social animals. And we love to work, celebrate, and share the load together- as a team. (Yeah, you too, introverts) 

Surprisingly, team building activities never fall into the list of priorities in many workplaces. No wonder only a few employees appreciate the environment they work in-the rest only get up and get going to earn their bread and butter. 

Let’s face it- the workplaces are evolving faster than ever. One day, you work from your office- the very next day, you may have to telecommute. The only thing that keeps people connected is a healthy, collaborative, playful, and communicative company culture where the staff can confide in each other. 


Nevertheless, it’s never too late to mend the flaws. 

The season of love is back, and we can’t help but reminisce that sweet memory lane of our first crush. While Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, your colleagues are probably going to drink their coffee, celebrating the day on their bed. 

Voila! It’s the perfect time to cheer everyone up. Remember, the world functioned from the bedrooms for a year now. Everyone has a virtual mental clutter that YOU need to rip apart. And now is the perfect time to make time and space for your pals to bond. 


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That’s enough of the pep talk. Let’s not beat around the bush and look into some adorable Valentines day activities. You’re welcome in advance. 


#1 For Office Staff 

Here comes a virtual hug to all the people who managed to drag themselves out of their rooms after the lockdown. But isn’t it refreshing? It gets better with interaction. Here are a few Valentines day activities that you can perform with your work pals and cut that monotony this February. 


1. Pair It Up 


Jot down a bunch of pairs of names on pieces of paper or sticky notes. Then paste them on the back of your staff. Ask them to walk around and find their complementary colleague. 

Maybe you could ask them to bring chocolates for their pair. Even if you don’t, you promote friendship and bonding among them as they try to get to know each other. 

I’ll exemplify a few to help you get started- Rick & Morty, Jake & Amy, Ross & Rachel, Leonard & Penny, and so on. 


2. If You Smile, You Lose 


Do you know what’s the most difficult to do other than meeting deadlines? It is to hold back your smile, especially when someone asks you to do so. 

This one is one of the easiest yet hilarious team building activities among all. Inform your employees a day prior that they won’t be allowed to smile for the entire shift, come what may. 

Let’s see who lasts. (I can’t, for sure) 


3. Barter Puzzle 


Jigsaw puzzles can never be a fail. But we will twist it a bit. 

Divide your staff into teams and provide them with a jigsaw puzzle with a few missing pieces. Keep these pieces into another group’s possession. 

The catch here is- the opposing team shall negotiate to get the pieces back. But the medium of the exchange follows a barter system. Meaning, they have to trade something they already possess- a team member, a piece of the puzzle, etc. 


4. Drawsaurus 


Nothing gets your imaginative and creative juices flowing more than this game. 

As the name already indicates, you need to draw. But it gets way too funny with each round. Divide your staff into three teams, and ask one member to come forward. 

Provide them with the name of something generic- chimney, syringe, firefly, the color black, etc. Set a timer of 80 seconds, and let their team guess whatever the hell they scribble on the board. 


5. Blind Retriever 


Direct a blindfolded person to reach the desired point via instructions given by their team member. 

You can make it more difficult by asking them to find an object. This game is a commendable way of assessing your staff’s problem-solving skills. It is also a clear indication of how they perform under pressure. 

Divide your staff into four teams, and the first one to guide their blinded retriever to the hidden object wins! 


6. Circle of Appreciation 


Ask your staff to stand in a circle. Then ask anyone to come forward. 

Ask everyone else to share one thing that they like about that person. Sure, they’ll blush, but it’s going to make them feel important and appreciated by their colleagues. 

And that’s really adorable. 


7. Scavenger Hunt 


This one might take up some time and space- but will bring better collaboration and team-leading skills among your employees. 

Pick small teams and hide miscellaneous objects around your workplace. Give them hints and set up multiple levels of the hunt. 

The first group to find all the hidden objects wins. 


8. Secret Valentine’s 


Just like the Secret Santa, you can organize a Secret Valentine’s for your workplace. 

Let your employees pick a chit from a bowl full of names of all of their colleagues. They will find the person and gift them something without revealing their identity. 

It is one of the best Valentines day activities for all the singles out there. 😉 


9. Who am I? 


Who am I is a classic game to get people interacting and coming up with creative, viable answers for any question thrown at them. 

The rules are- ask your staff to stick the name of any famous celeb on the forehead or back of their colleague. The person has to identify the name of the celebrity. 

But there’s a catch- they can only ask stereotypical questions like “Am I a man?” 


#2 For Remote Teams 

Working on the bed with your puppy on your lap is cool. But how cool is it to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your colleagues? After all, the day is not always about your partner. Plus, people will envy your Instagram stories, so don’t forget to post about it. 😉 

Here are some of the team building activities that you can perform with your distant staff on this lovely day: 


10. Skribbl 


This one is going to get everyone ROFL. 

Skribbl is an online multiplayer draw-and-guess game. You get a white screen with brushes and erasers. You draw the object named on the screen, while your peers guess and type what you draw. 

This one gets all the heads up due to all the random, hilarious (and sometimes explicit) guesses. 


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11. Share a Picture 


If you don’t have time for a long, problem-solving game, then you can go with this one. 

Ask your team members to share one random picture unrelated to work at the very beginning of the day. It may contain a pet, hobby, friends, garden, etc. 

Ask the team member to explain what’s going on in the picture and why they chose to send it. Let your team members talk about their personal life. It facilitates in building a better bond among them. 


12. Office Trivia 


Nothing’s better than a good ole trivia session. 

It lets you understand how well your staff knows about the inside-jokes and random stuff about the workplace. Ask your employees to pick one employee who represents their department and organize a face-off quiz. 

Include random topics and questions. To make things more interesting, let them ask one question to any of their opponents in the bonus round. 


13. Build a Story 


Everyone loves a good, spicy story. But it gets way better when the stories make no sense. 

Ask one of your team members to begin a story with an opening sentence. Ask them to finish it off with another incomplete sentence, and let someone else continue adding their bit to it. 

You will develop a story at the end of your round, but it may not make any sense. But that’s the best part about team building activities- they never have to be perfect. 


14. Show & Tell 


Each team member gets two minutes to show something that they own and talk about it. The possession may be your favorite collection of shells, an elementary school trophy, or a gift you saved from years ago, etc. 

Save a bit of your time after every turn for conversations. You will be amazed by the nostalgia and sweet, happy feeling of connection that you’ll feel after this round. 


15. Crack a Simulation 


A simulation is exactly what you read- a simulation. 

To make it happen, come up with an imaginary problem- an attack by clowns, a gorilla rampage, alien invasion, etc. Give them all the necessary information and leave the rest to their imagination. 

Let your staff think outside the box to come up with a solution as a team. It’s a great way of building their communicative skills and complex thinking. 


16. Guess my Emoji Board 


One of the shortest team building activities is to guess a person’s recently used emojis. 

Provide your team members with a list of the participants. Then ask them to draw and present the emojis they think the person uses the most. Set a time limit of ten minutes. 

The employee who makes the maximum correct guesses wins! 


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More Team Building Activities 

Team building games, for sure, require a bit of planning and management. But the execution is worth all your efforts. Here is a list of a few more Valentines day activities that you can perform with all of your staff- it doesn’t matter if they are working from the office or from their home. 


17. Never Have I Ever (E Rated) 


It was one of the best team building activities during your college trips, and it still excites us all. 

Ask your team members to name something they have never done- but don’t make it a drinking game. Make some way for the teetotallers. You can ask everyone to stuff marshmallows in their mouth instead. 

You will always get to learn new and interesting stories from your colleagues. 


18. Dumb Charades 


It’s a classic game for movie lovers, and it never gets old. 

Divide your colleagues into a team of four. Let one person come forward who can mime and act. Give them a movie name and ask them to explain it to their team. But they won’t be allowed to say a word before participants. 

It’s fun and always gets the team going. 


19. Office Debates 


An argument might be the last thing you’d want in your workplace, but low-stake debates are healthy for understanding your staff’s perspective. 

Consider it. Let your staff discuss critical issues like politics, economic issues, recent developments in the industry, the health sector, etc. 

See who makes the most valid point! 


20. Two Truths & One Lie 


This game is one of the best team building activities for bonding with your peers. 

Ask your colleagues to tell three things about them- two true and one false. Let others figure out which one’s the lie. 

It can be a great way of knowing unexpected stuff about your team members. 


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Building a team is no easy task and comes with A LOT of challenges. 

Sure, you need to work on a lot of stuff- communication, flexible shifts, and many more. But your goal should be to strengthen the bond that exists between every employee. And to cultivate a team that supports each other, you need to reinforce a healthy relationship among all. Team building activities rush into play here. 

Did you like the blog? Would you like to drop a suggestion or query? Drop your thoughts in the comments. I would love to hear from you all. 

Here’s to a happy and prospering team!