Keyboard tracker is a scheme of keeping a close watch of the keyboard typing or usage of a system. It basically refers to monitoring and managing the keyboard of any device even if they are at a distant place. 

Keyboard tracking or keyboard capturing makes it easier for the users because it works behind the screen of the system without the other person knowing about it. All the data captured later gets stored in cloud-based storage so that it can get retrieved whenever required.

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Keyboard capture program also supports its users to observe the activities of the other without even letting the person know a bit of it. Certain keyboard tracker also extends a screen recording feature which holds a record of the projects on the screen of the employee’s system, which assists in adding accurate monitoring and managing of the employees.

The data gets accumulated in the file so that the employers can get reached to it later or is immediately conveyed, to the concerned employer responsible to receive the information via email.

Why Use a Keyboard Tracker?

why-use-keyboard-trackerThe employees should not consider keyboard monitoring as a matter of distrust or disbelief. It is just for the sake of maintaining and managing the productivity of all the employees so that they will be able to take necessary actions against unproductive ones.

The higher authorities track the employees to make sure that the information related to the organisation is safe. 

Parents maintain the records of the activities of their kids to make sure that they are safe on the Internet.

Adults keep an eye on the keyboard systems of seniors to ensure that they do not become a victim of the frauds on the Internet.

Hence it proves that there are enormous reasons to make use of a keyboard tracker.

How Does the Keyboard Tracker Work?

how-does-keyboard-tracker-worksA keyboard capture program can get implemented in any system by using various techniques. So if the employers or the IT department is holding access to the employee’s workstation, then they will be able to establish the keyboard capture program to the employee’s system. 

Now it becomes more accessible for the higher authorities to implement the keyboard capture program to the employee’s system if they are working on the system presented by the organisations. The IT department of a corporation can get access to the personal system just by demanding permission to do that. 

Types Of Keyloggers

Looking forward to the sorts of keyboard trackers, so basically they are of 02 types.

1. Hardware Keyboard Trackers

As the name implies, the hardware keyboard tracker is an external tool, so it does not demand access for implementation in any system. Even if the employees are making use of a particular hardware tool, then also the employers can monitor and track that specific device and perceive the data on any other system. 

The operating systems utilised in this procedure of keyboard capturing is self-supporting. It cannot be discovered even if the employees make use of any security scanners or anti-virus tool to uninstall it.

2. Software Keyboard Trackers

The software keyboard capturing program demands access to the system for its establishment as it needs to operate invisibly. As the name suggests, the operating system applies to only a single type, and the operation of this software tracker is limited to a specific device only. Unlike hardware keyboard trackers, it can get recognised if the employees make use of protection scanners. 

Benefits Of Using Keyboard Trackers

benefits-of-using-keyboard-trackerPrecisely a keyboard capture program extends the following bonuses.

1. 100% Invisibility Mode

A keyboard tracker is a perfect hidden keyboard recorder operating in the background of the system. When a suitable option is permitted, the employees can identify it neither in the Task Manager nor in the Taskbar. It means if an employee does not acknowledge that the employers are tracing the keyboard of their system, then they will not be able to modify their behaviour of working accordingly.

2. Keyboard tracking Made Uncomplicated

Operating a keyboard tracker is easy as ABC. Start running it then the employers have to turn it to the invisible mode, which is highly necessary then generate an original password to block unwanted people from understanding the tracking keyboard tracking records. Then, the keyboard tracker does the job silently and provides the employees with an understandable report which is essential.

3. Captures Screenshots at Regular Intervals

real-time-screenshotNot just a keyboard typing tracker, Keyboard Tracker can also capture screenshots of the screen usage of the system. It provides the higher authorities with a definite picture of how the employee is working during the employee hours. The applications that are getting used, and what projects and assignments the employees are working on is also displayed.

4. Produces a Detailed Report

The keyboard tracker would become completely unnecessary if it does not furnish a detailed report that the employers can analyse after the keyboard tracking session throughout the working hours. A keyboard tracker holds a record of each and everything that is getting typed on the keyboard. 

It generates a statement which represents all the keyboard activities appropriately, which is filed by different applications used as well as displays the accurate time of pressing of each key.

EmpMonitor is one of the best employee tracking, monitoring and managing software that will help you keep track of your employees without any hassle by accurately monitoring their keyboard.

EmpMonitorEmpMonitor accurately manages and tracks the employees in an organisation may it be in office employees or remote employees working from any corner of the world. It presents a detailed report of all the activities, assignments and projects of the workers throughout the employee hours.

All the data recorded gets stored in cloud-based storage. It is a vital characteristic for the employers as they will never miss out on any information related to the employees.

Who Can Use Keyboard Trackers?

who-can-use-keyboard-trackerA Keyboard Tracker gets extensively used by operation executives in several companies and organisations, as well as by municipal, state and central bureaus having different goals. It can also get practised in computer departments in institutions and academies. 

Other than the employers in organisations, there are many users who make use of a keyboard tracker each day to monitor the activities of their kids if they are alone. It assists them to keep a check on the computer usage, to track keyboard typing or to clearly store all mentioned texts automatically despite where they have entered the data.

Some extra added features of EmpMonitor:

1. It provides detailed Productivity Reports. 


2. The tool also offers Productivity Alerts so that the employers will be aware of the productive and unproductive employees.


3. The tool captures Real-Time Screenshots of the monitor of the system used by the employees. 

4. It offers the employers Advanced Access Control. 


5. The higher authorities can have appropriate Productivity Analysis & Measurement of their employees.

6. It offers detailed information about the visited Web & App Usage Reports.


7. It also has an amazing feature that is Stealth mode.

8. The software also acquires Flexible Monitoring Mode features.


9. The higher authorities can have a Detailed Timesheet of their employees.


10. EmpMonitor also provides Role-Based Access.



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Final Words

Keyboard tracking is a feature that can assist the higher authorities in numerous ways. If they are making use of a keyboard tracker for professional requirements, then the employers can conveniently rely on it. It will furnish the employers with all the information without the employees being aware of it. 

The employees will start remaining more careful about the accomplishment of their work as they must be bothered by the activities getting registered. Consequently, the higher authorities can take unavoidable steps against the employees if required to intensify their productivity during the working hours.

Do you think using a keyboard tracker can ease your way out? What do you think about its features mentioned in the article? Do let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear it from you!EmpMonitor(2)