When the pandemic shut down whole urban communities, a great many employees changed to remote work for the time being. Many individuals didn’t have the opportunity to get their office plans or task notes before they needed to set up a workspace and get to work on their productivity tools.

The uplifting news is, we adjusted and remote work is getting more straightforward as individuals figure out the way that they can make it fruitful. A similar Upwork study discovered that 68% of hiring managers concur that work is going more flawlessly now than when the pandemic began.

One justification for this is that teams have taken on tools to finish work. Yet, in addition to any tools, however, the right tools are expected to make their organization flourish. To ensure you have what you really want to make remote work for you, we’re sharing our top tool choices.

When you’ve gone through this rundown, do a review of your current toolset and figure out what necessities to go, what can remain, and what you want to add to ensure your team is working productively.

Thinking About “Productivity Tools”…Don’t try to forget Productivity on it.

List Of Productivity Tools

  1. EmpMonitor


EmpMonitor is one of the leading employee monitoring software that addresses significant expert in security and monitoring solutions. EmpMonitor helps you with making issue-free cooperation for small to large organizations sizes. They help you with making a strong and part rich response for your business to screen the employee’s activity

EmpMonitor’s essential goal is to screen employee activity on a PC remotely anyplace all over the globe in 100 percent imperceptible mode and get regular screenshots, keystrokes, user logs, and get comprehensive details regarding employee PC to increase employee and company productivity.

Action monitoring, site impeding, content separating are a piece of the components introduced by EmpMonitor. Moreover, the product can make applications and websites use reports that license overseers to discover with respect to unequivocal web-based exercises and use dreary contraptions, diminishing employee productivity. EmpMonitor licenses users to redo its settings to suitably follow their employees’ devices and online activity.

2. Slack


Slack is a bunch of collaboration tools and services, where you can undoubtedly communicate with all your colleagues.

You can create various channels for numerous ventures and topics, and afterward welcome every one of the significant individuals to join these channels. Then, you can send each other messages, texts, images, videos, and other important files.

Slack is particularly useful for remote teams since it empowers correspondence as though all colleagues were in a similar spot.

For far better efficiency, this tool permits you to incorporate north of 1,000 different tools, like DropBox and Google Drive, inside the essential Slack.

3. Google Drive (Docs, Sheets, Slides)


Google Drive makes team collaboration and counsels with respect to a venture more straightforward and quicker. With it, you can make reports, alter, and share them with your colleagues.

This tool is ideally suited for collaborative projects, since all colleagues can work on similar reports simultaneously, from their devices.

Contingent upon the authorizations given by the individual who’s made the archive, individuals who have the link to the document can see it, straightforwardly edit it, or add suggestions.

You get 15GB wide open the images, videos, and texts you want to store and share, however, you can likewise upgrade to a larger plan.

4. Google Alerts 

Google Alerts is ideally suited for individuals who need generally to be fully informed regarding their most significant topics. You never again need to physically look for specific keywords or stress over neglecting to search for them.

You simply need to characterize your ideal keywords, and you’ll get notifications about new content for these themes straightforwardly to your email.

You can likewise set the recurrence of when you need to get these alerts, for example one time per day, or whenever new content shows up.

5. Dropbox 


Dropbox is ideally suited for keeping every one of your data secure and in one spot. You can store every one of your archives on a cloud, and later access them from all of your devices, whenever you need them.

This tool allows you to create team groups, share files, delete files remotely on stolen devices, and restore files you have incidentally deleted.

Assuming you’re keen on an earlier version of a document you’ve made, you can reestablish that as well.

6. Google Calendar – online calendar


Google Calendar is a basic internet-based calendar that helps you create and keep a weekly schedule for only a couple of snaps. You can make plans for yourself, or with your group.

You simply need to enter your assignments by day and hour, and this tool will inform you when you should begin chipping away at these exercises, and when your deadlines are close.

With Google Calendar, you’ll likewise have the option to schedule meetings, coordinate events, add connections, and settle on Hangout video calls.

This tool is additionally accessible as an iOS and Android application.

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7. Streak for Gmail


Streak for Gmail Managing your messages is generally tedious and seldom useful, yet to accelerate your email work, you can go to Streak for Gmail.

This tool permits you to follow your emails, so you’ll know when and regardless of whether the beneficiaries have opened them. It additionally permits you to compose emails now and naturally send them later.

Assuming you’re truly keen on saving time, you can utilize the “snippets” choice, which permits you to create shortcuts and templates, for dull messages.

The “Mail Merge” choice permits you to send various modified emails immediately, utilizing the information you give through Excel files.

8. Trello


Trello is a web application for collaboration and team correspondence. However, it additionally goes past that, by permitting you to deal with your errands and tasks.

This tool chips away at the concept of boards; each board is a venture, and in it, you can add cards that address errands.

Then, you can add individuals to these undertakings and keep tabs on your progress; you can make daily agendas, demonstrate what errands you’re right now dealing with, and move them to the “done” segment when wrapped up.

Colleagues can examine projects and undertakings, add comments, and vote on thoughts. You can likewise upload attachments, characterize due dates, and add marks, for faster route through the tool.

Trello likewise permits you to incorporate it with Google Calendar and Gmail, for a more smoothed out work schedule.

9. Hootsuite


HootSuite If your responsibility is to deal with various diverse social media platforms, then, Hootsuite is the best tool for you.

This tool assists you with saving time by permitting you to schedule multiple posts on various stages simultaneously. With it, you can likewise add contributors to your social media accounts, share data safely, and examine your social media outreach.

You can likewise screen all notices of topics relevant to you via social media and show that you want notifications only for mentions from experts on the topics.

10. LastPass 


LastPass is great in the event that you have accounts on various sites, and you continue neglecting and changing your passwords. To save you time, this tool permits you to store every one of your passwords and login information in a protected spot, so you’ll never get locked out of any of your accounts again.

LastPass chips away at a comparable rule as a vault, just on the web; simply enter your login information and secret data you’ll need speedy admittance to, and pick a master password to secure it.

All your information is encoded and made confidential, even from the actual product. Aside from the master password, you can pick a 2-step process of authentication, for additional security.

11. Sketch 


Sketch is an ideal design toolkit: it’s easy to utilize, offers various helpful elements, and you can welcome collaborators. It’s one of the most mind-blowing productivity tools for Mac aimed at designers.

It allows you to create shapes, pick tones, add different components and later reuse them, export images, and that’s just the beginning.

This tool additionally permits you to turn your thoughts to reality quicker, by giving aides and networks that assist you with planning quicker, yet with accuracy.


While choosing productivity tools, teams regularly leave the “productivity” part out. Tools are consistently picked considering the most extreme voices or shared characteristics.

Nonetheless, would they say they are really the best tool for work or life? Accepting productivity is your target, use that as a part of the framework choosing the tools. Do whatever it takes not to think about productivity as a thought everything considered – put it forthright in your choice.