As a result of the pandemic, we have discovered and adjusted ourselves with infinite changes and moderations. So are our working schedules and timing! During this flexible and remote working time somewhere, we have lost our best office time to work, which somehow assists us to be productive and manage all our active life in just 9-5 duration hours.

However, with the corporations going entirely remotely and our offices and favorite cabins shifted to our homes, numerous employees suffered from declining productivity levels and disturbances in the harmony of working and personal life. Isn’t it true?  

Flexible working hours and comfort zones like our homes and comfy spots disturbed our working focus, messed up our entire productivity routines, and caused stress and pressure. 

I prefer office time to work as it makes my routine more manageable and strict. Also, create my schedule more productive and focused. What are your thoughts on this? What is your preference: Remote working or Office working? Let us know in the comment section and see how many of us like to work in our comfort zone, and I will be delighted to know that the majority are like me. (Weirdo)

So with all these going on, how to be productive while remote working? Because when it’s time to work, retaining the productivity level to its best is what every employer looks at.

With this, we are coming to our next segment, in which we will discuss the best times to work and the best working solutions to keep every minute of working to be productive.



Ask yourself what the best times when your productivity is at its peak are, and we are sure that you will get different times of productive levels. 

Discover Your Peak Time

Every human being has their peak hours of productivity; discover your best timing for the utmost level of productivity. Some like to work late at night, while some favor early morning working hours. Paying attention and noting when you are the most productive can help you find the preferred time to work

Stumble Hours with a Fixed Schedule 

This frame of time to work, all you have to do is shift the time frame to the next best time yours. Instead of 10 -7, work 9-5. Depending on your comfort, the productive hours will be the same, despite the clock in and out.

Core Hours Within Variable Schedule

BEST & PRODUCTIVE TIME TO WORK: WHEN FLEXIBLE TIMING IS THE NEW NORM       1Instead of the fixed arrival and departure time, you can shift your timing work by the different timing day by day, but the working hours should be the same each week as the organization’s core hours. 

Some of the main benefits of working in variable schedules; 

  • Working in flexible schedules gives a level of satisfaction on motivation. 
  • Reduced stress level and unnecessary fatigue
  • Extended office hours and extra productivity
  • Better fit of working hours
  • Higher productivity reduced truancy, and lateness
  • Attracting more top talents as most employees want to opt for more flexible working arrangements. 

Flexible time to work sounds very comforting, but it demands utmost discipline and management to keep your productivity high and complete the tasks. Keeping track of your working schedules and break time becomes an obligatory factor because indefinite, surplus breaks and idle hours can tamper with your deadlines and project management. 

Our recommendation is to invest in a monitoring solution to track and monitor your time on your behalf. A monitor working solution can track the arrival and departure times, idle hours, unproductive times, etc. 

You can get numerous monitoring solutions in the market, but we have one of the best cloud monitoring work solutions entrenched with tracking and monitoring features.                                                                                                                                                                                                    


best-[practice-for-cloud-monitoringEmpmonitor is a cloud-based monitoring solution that became the early entrant of employee monitoring. With the updates and latest version, it’s specialized in productivity tracking and insider threat detection. It also helps improve and track computer activities, user behavior analytics, data loss prevention, and productivity tracker. 

  • Empmonitor provides the best caring solution for the customer with a 24X7 customer support team for both existing and potential customers. 
  • Easy user interface and simplifies the user’s task concerning data security, protection, and usage. 
  • These working solutions increased the current standard of quality and installation with budget-friendly pricing and functionality.
  • Empmonitor gives the perfect boost to productivity by optimizing the peak performance and eliminating wasted time.
  • Well-designed features make it efficient to block insider threats by tracking employee usage of company assets and identifying the threatening activities and any malicious acts. 
  • Empmonitor is perfectly capable of unleashing the hidden productivity killers. Provide insights into the individual process and project management while increasing the efficiency for effortless productivity. 

To know more about EmpMonitor and how to set the productivity rules, watch our YouTube tutorial at the link here.

Whether you’re giving your projects on time and meeting your deadlines, sometimes working in flexible hours, or the office timing, passing the time can be daunting. You might feel like time is passing seconds like the entire world. 

Suppose you are not focused on your work or find the office timing quite uncomfortable. In that case, your mind will keep ticking around the opportunities to pass the time as quickly as possible, precisely during office hours.

To keep this article more entertaining and helpful, we present some of the best tips on making time go faster at work. So hop along with our last segment of this article. 



Say No to Clock

Keep your clock away from your vision! Constantly looking at the clock can distract you from your work. 

We know it is hard to stop looking at the clock because they all are present around us at all times, like computers, phones, tabs, and other systems. But, if you want to make your time go faster, it is the most important thing to do to avoid the clock and think about how to pass the time.

Make a Strict and Disciplined Routine

Try to stick to the proper routine and discipline. It might seem uninteresting, but clinging to the appropriate practice can help focus on the work and project management. 

Adhering to the proper discipline and routine can increase productivity, improve engagement, and meet the project needs. It will make your office timing go faster, like seconds!

Break Time Into the Blocks

After the recommendation of not focusing on the clock, try to break your time into blocks and finish your tasks according to that time only. Technically the formula is to take small chunks of breaks. Make a routine of working 30 minutes constantly and taking 10 minutes off, then working 30 minutes constantly. 

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As time shifts, the working culture is also changing; organizations are shifting and ditching the traditional office times. At the same time, employees struggle to find the culminating time to work in their comfort and official zones. Investing in the monitoring work solutions can assist in monitoring productivity and gain insight into the wasted and idle time.

Analyzing your time to work according to your comfort zones and when your mind is in productivity. Sometimes even when you are at your preferred time to work, your mind cannot set and produce your best shot. At that time, try to practice some of the tactics like; 

  • Try to find a peaceful place, relax your mind, and meditate on your mind for a relaxing break. 
  • If you are incorporating some issue with the colleague or co-employee, try to have a talk and confront the circumstance confidently. 
  • Try to walk outside office premises or home and watch and admire nature. It will give your mind a much-needed relaxing break.

All these tips and tactics in this article help you relax and mark your time with your best level of productivity and engagement. We hope you like this article, and it might help you with the betterment of working schedules. If you have any suggestions, please let us know in the comment section below.