In the era of computerization, we are digitally surrounded and dependent on machines for our survival. Whether it’s our memories or professional data, we have molded our minds to rely on technology.

But apart from personal use, crucial data got misplaced or misused, causing a massive loss that is incapable of reverse. Technologies are developed from time to preserve and shield vital information from unfortunate incidents and named it Data Loss Prevention DLP Software.

Data loss prevention software is rapidly gaining popularity as many firms conclude it as a sure shot way to decrease the leakage of sensitive data outside restricted areas. According to the studies in 2021, 90% of businesses will implement at least one kind of integrated DLP, up to 50% in 2017. 

In this article, we will talk about all the different DLP technologies exercised by every organization today. Before getting into the discussion, let’s understand what DLP software is? Why do we need them? & And apart from the highly restricted area, why is it necessary for casual purposes?

What is DLP Software?



Data leak protection software is the technology acquired to control and assure the safety of sensitive business information. A fundamental element of the DLP solution is distribution control, which ensures users do not transmit individual data outside of corporate enterprise networks. Data loss prevention solution originally available released as free and open-source software.

DLP tools often control data on both channels and endpoint levels to ensure policies remain consistent over the company. This software guarantees the protection of data and prevents leakages by internal sources.

In simple words, Data Loss Prevention software defines the technologies which deliver both content inspection and contextual analysis of data sent over the network. 

These strategies execute based on policy and rules defined to address the risk of unpremeditated, accidental tasks and exposure of sensitive data outside the authorized channels. Data prevention strategy ensures end-users aren’t able to destroy or steal data intentionally.

How does DLP Software Operate?


After defining the term DLP, the next question arises: How do DLP software work? 

Three types of DLP software are focused on a specific purpose but with an identical goal; to prevent data loss.

Network DLP Software

Once installed software, monitors, traces, and reports all data in transit on the network. An ideal kind of DLP software scans all content passed through the ports and protocols of the company.

Network DLP software extracts critical reports ensuring the security of the information in the organization. For instance, what data is being used, by whom is it access moreover the spot they are going?

Storage DLP Software

Majorly it resolves the major problems related to what data employees store and share, how much information is confidential, and are at risk of leakage.

This software allows you to view confidential files stored and shared by those who have access to the network. It effortlessly keeps track in the cloud and creates storage.

Endpoint DLP Software

External tools are the most comfortable and easy way for transporting files in a practical and fast way. Although they put the company’s security at risk causing accidental or intentional data leakage. Endpoint DLP software works by installing in the workstations and devices used by the employees for monitoring and preventing the output of crucial data.

Why Do We Need Data Loss Prevention Software?


Besides all the security facilities in the organization, why will anybody need this kind of software?

Apart from security reasons, DLP helps to keep the unfortunate circumstances at bay in the organization, such as accidental loss of crucial data, encryptions, unintentional sharing of confidential data, and many more. 

It’s a good saying, “Prevention is better than cure.”

Hence, it is imperative to adopt a data prevention policy in the enterprise covering data loss prevention tools, intrusion prevention systems, information, event management, endpoint protection, and anti-malware systems.

Insider Threats

One of the superior specimens of insider threats is a disgruntled employee who willingly plans to create harm to a company staying from within the company. Emphasize the facts that are already accessible to the sensitive information about diverse departments and attacking proves to be more hazardous than a breach.

In the most unfortunate scenario, if they are the high-ranking administrator accessible to twice sensitive information parallel to other employees. 

Incidental Data Sharing

Uncertainly, the person in question might not want to harm the company might be the dummy of the social engineering most adopted method by the data thieves without knowing that they expose the sensitive information.

Imperfect BYOD

Bring Your device (BYOD) policies have helped numerous businesses operate more efficiently. There are still industries that have either not embraced BYOD or have inadequately controlled one.

Cloud-Based Storage

While addressing the challenges of BYOD, another issue that emerges is an employee uses their storage device or online service for storing company-owned classified data that is otherwise not supposed to leave the company chain or foundation.

Complexities originating from the more technologies invented to subdue man’s effort, same challenges can be solved by the advancement of technologies. There have been many options for data loss prevention to reduce the challenges companies have been suffering currently.

You will get numerous options when it comes to DLP solutions. Hence investing in the right will strengthen the immunity of your firms.

Here 08 DLP software is designed to help avoid data breach risk;



  • Productivity measurement permits you to investigate potency effectiveness and emphasis with insightful charts for individual teams and organization,
  • Browse the track history and record their single visited websites and web page title and the number of the times employee have been
  • Check what your employee is typing every keystroke of your employee,
  • View what was typed previously and in which program or window it was typed and get the history of the keystrokes of around 180 days.



  • Risk indicator and response for the collaborative and remote enterprise.
  • Speed up the time taken to detect and respond to data risk from insider threats.
  • Detection of how data is being used and shared across the computers, clouds, and emails.
  • Risk detection lenses to support you to focus on large insider threats scenarios concerning the organization
  • The depth and history of our data allow you to decide and act.
  • Deploying and being up running in just a couple of weeks.

VIPRE SafeSend 


  • A manageable Microsoft outlook add-on to restrict misaddressed email or inadvertent autocomplete email blunders requiring the sender to confirm external recipients and file attachments before sending the email.
  • Scanning the attachments for sensitive data permits companies to develop their DLP rules.
  • Scalable, easily deployed and doesn’t demand a server.
  • Advanced features like DLP content scanning, trigger email encryption, logging of email activity, and connection to corporate security policy.



  • User-centric security approach to monitor your employee digital behavior.
  • Streamlines employee data collection to identify suspicious activity, 
  • Develop employee productivity, detect possible threats, and ensure industry compliances.
  • Offers alerts, warnings, redirects, and user locks outlook to keep your business running and efficient.



  • Combines technology and processes to revolutionize 
  • Helping business to pre-emptively protect the sensitive data from unintentional loss
  • Instructing the users on proper data handling policies
  • Allowing to remediate incidents in real-time.

Symantec Data Loss Prevention


  • A combination of user activity tracking with data risk controls.
  • Monitor data held on servers, desktops, mobile devices, and in cloud storage.
  • Initial progress on installation identifies all the locations that sensitive data held and gives you the option to remove all top central management servers.
  • Sensitive documents are encrypted and can only be accessed by authorized users.
  • It contains documents with sensitive data by using encryption and identifies the intended recipients by fingerprinting every copy.
  • Equipped with the user activity tracking and encryption protection with HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI DSS compliant.

SecureTrust Data Loss Prevention 


  • A good option if you are having difficulties working on your DLP security strategy.
  • After installing the software, it will present you with 70 policies, which you can activate.
  • It includes reporting and auditing facilities that will help you prove standards compliance.

CA Data Protection


  •  Controls all your sensitive data to protect it.
  • Coordinate and define your protection strategy through pre-written policies.
  • Describing and modeling to get insights into your security strategy and confirm compliance with data confidentiality standards.
  • With limitless boundaries, it will protect data at all your sites and also cloud storage.
  • The process involves three steps; Locating sensitive data, protecting, and reporting on unauthorized attempts against it.

Why Choose the EmpMonitor?


Launched in 2014, it is an early entrant in the game of employee monitoring and became the highlighted name in the employee monitoring list. Get insight into user-behavior analytics, threat detection, and data loss prevention for the unharmed workplace environment. 

Provide 24×7 customer support for both exciting and potential customers, EmpMonitor is no doubt a better option for employee monitoring and data loss prevention software.

Prioritization Of DLP Policy In Your Organization 

The crucial and evident segment to deal with when trying to prevent data loss is to control access to it. Although neglect to protect the data can cause extensive loss, unable to be recovered. It’s a fact that data held by your company is a potential moneymaker for hackers. 

So you have to prioritize the DLP protocol like preventing the copy of the data into other portable devices, or a printout or sending data out through email or another app is necessary. In the absence of an effective data loss prevention policy, you will block out future opportunities.

It will manage the confidential data leakage and will keep the firm working more accurately. Hence it is far more vital to implement the data loss prevention software to limit access either open source DLP software is less vigorous rather than the paid ones.

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Never Underestimate The Data Loss Prevention Software

Data loss events are an unfortunate risk that needs immediate resolutions. Although, it recognized that no IT system can ever be 100% secure. But with modern and improved technologies, firms monitor all the confidential data properly and more strictly.

Data Loss Prevention software and protocols are no longer optional, implementing them is necessary. It will be a risk and damage if not developing a data protection strategy. Some of the listed are free DLP software for free trials and demo which lets you judge better.

However, investing in beneficial and efficient ones is still a matter to contemplate. I hope this article will help to make your decision a bit better.